Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan Project – YouTube

Brand new video tutorial was just released called the Corner to Corner Afghan. This pattern is by Red Heart and really quick and amazing.

Without any further delay. See what all the fuss is about.

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About Michael Sellick

Mikey is the Creative Director of The Crochet Crowd.

4 thoughts on “Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan Project – YouTube

  1. I saw on one of the Crochet Crowd’s pages what yarn you used for your project (the full piece not the tutorial) and I really loved the colors but I can’t find it again!
    May I ask what yarn you used again?

  2. Mikey. I love all that you are doing but I cannot find out how to get to the pattern section – I would like to make the corner to corner afghan for some vets. My class (in a local sr. cntr) get donations of yarn… we never make anything for our selves only to donate to the local hospitals and the VA center. So your patterns come in very handy. I have started to bring in my I-pad to show the ladies what you are doing now… and they love it. thanks for doing all of this… & good luck to you in the future.

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