728 Entries Received for the Spring has Sprung Challenge

Mikey, Crochet Crowd Hooker Mugs

New Crochet Crowd Mugs. 3 modern designs to collect. Share your love of crochet.

In March, we started the journey of the Spring has Sprung Challenge. This challenge was unsual as crocheters had 1 pattern that they could do in 1 of 3 ways. The pattern couple be completed as a Cowl, Scarf or Afghan.

It got off to a rocky start as some crocheters struggled with the pattern. It was a learning curve for those to understand stitch sets for starting a project. Truth is, that’s the way you learn and for many, they felt like they had accomplished a new skill with a fabulous project at the end to share. Congratulations to you!

One of the 728 pictures will be randomly chosen to receive a fully loaded Red Heart Yarn Bag with Crochet Crowd Gifts.

Mikey is throwing in the Hooker Cup on the far left as an added prize within the gift package. Check out the amazing photo gallery and take a moment or two to appreciate the hard work each crocheter did!

Visit the Photo Gallery

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New Communication Console / Email Submission

Mikey, Emailing The Crochet Crowd

How to Communicate with The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Crowd Website has received an upgrade to allow our fans to communicate more effectively with us.

You might not believe how many people email us and forget to give us details to help us out when answering questions.

  1. Some people email in Challenge entries forgetting to attach a picture.
  2. Name and addresses are missing from the challenges so we can identity who the picture belongs to.
  3. Yarn giveaways are missing information for us to identify the winner.
  4. Questions pertaining to a pattern where we are not told what pattern they are referring to.
  5. People don’t use a Subject Title and it slams into our junk mailbox because our system thinks it’s spam.
  6. We are emailed constantly on how to submit a photo for our challenge.

Our new contact form is at the bottom of every page on our website. Our new system will allow us to be more effective in helping you fill out the information we need to help you without playing email tag.

  1. Our system will identify which web page you were on when you emailed us. This helps us narrow down the pattern you are struggling with or something pertaining to the item on the page if that is an issue.
  2. It will identify each email with a Ticket # so that we can keep our tickets in order and respond in a timely fashion. Many people email us with CAPITAL LETTERS – HELP ME NOW… URGENT HELP… OPEN IMMEDIATELY… We still respond in emails in priority of when they come in, regardless of the capital letters. Sorry to burst any bubbles. We have a lot of email and need to treat everyone equally. The ticket numbers will help us know how old an email has been waiting.
  3. For challengers, you can upload up to 5 photos with a maximum of 5 megabytes for the submission. The form requires your information for the submission so we are not playing email tag with you.
  4. Your subject line is still important. Please be specific. When we ask for a subject title to be something, it means our email filters are looking for that name to sort itself out. It helps the emails stay out of the junk mailbox.

Though we cannot guarantee a response to all emails due to the number of emails we do receive. We skim through and try our very best. Challenge and Giveaway Emails always take priority as there are deadlines associated to it.

So if you are looking for how to submit your challenge picture, enter a giveaway (when we are running one) or just need to contact us over another issue. All you need to do is look at the bottom of any of our webpages and find the contact us button to push.


Walkerton & Hanover, Ontario Flood, April 2014 with Pictures

Flood of Hanover and Walkerton Ontario

Hanover Ontario Flood. April 2014

Flood in Hanover

April 2014, Hanover Park Flooded. River is supposed to be at the tree line in the far distance.

In April 2014, Walkerton and Hanover Ontario experienced flooding along the Saugeen River. I’m not a weather man but I will say this was one of the worst winters for snowfall I have seen in years. I was expecting this flooding as there was no melting occurring throughout the winter.

The Town of Walkerton is the home of The Crochet Crowd.

The Town of Walkerton Flooded many years ago and levy’s were created to protect the town from being over taken by the river. While the levy held up, it didn’t stop the water for finding it’s way through the ground to seep up within the town.

Flooding in Walkerton

Town of Walkerton, Flooding 2014

Water started popping up on the roadways and basements near the river. Many roads were closed and you can see hoses coming out of basement windows trying to drain the water.

Businesses and residents are being affected. There are 3 pumps trying to push as much water out as possible. At Andrews Place, the basement was filled to the 4th Step going down. The pumps cannot keep up with the water that is coming in. The water line appears to be matching the river’s height.

Flooding of Walkerton Ontario

Basements Filling Up and Being Drained

The bridge crossing the river to Lobies Park and north end of Walkerton has the water line hitting the bottom of the bridge. Lobies park was completely submerged.

Flood in Walkerton, Ontario

Business and Residents Flooded by the Saugeen River. April 2014

Flooding of Walkerton.

Lobies Park, Flooded in Walkerton, Ontario.

Walkerton, Ontario

Lobies Park Flooded, April 2014. Walkerton, Ontario


Walkerton Ontario Flood

Walkerton Dam. Flooded in April 2014


Flooding in Walkerton Ontario

Flooding April 2014, Walkerton, Ontario

At this time, we have to wait for the river to crest and start going down. Unfortunately, there are going to be a lot of damages caused by this flood. Hopefully the town can rally together to assist residents affected by this.

While Diva Dan and I are not directly affected by this. I cannot say the same thing for the good residents of Walkerton Ontario who live near the river. Our thoughts are with them at this time.

The Spring has Sprung Challenge Ends Tomorrow

Mikey, Crochet Crowd

Michael Sellick – Mikey

Ending tomorrow at 11:59 PM (Midnight) Eastern Standard Time is the Spring has Sprung Challenge. This challenge focused on 1 pattern that could be done in 3 different ways.

At this time, there are 664 confirmed entries with more in our inbox to go through and submit into the gallery. You can view them all at our Official Spring Has Sprung Challenge Gallery.

Crocheters really out did themselves with excellent colour choices and ideas for embellishing.

Sorry to say, we are really strict on the deadline time… be sure to email it in before the cut off time. Remember that posting the picture on our Facebook wall is not an entry… we love to see your creativity on Facebook but you must email in the photo to qualify. Be sure to leave your name and address with the photo. Many people forget to tell us who they are.

Good Luck!

The Next Afghan Challenge Begins Tomorrow


One lucky person will be randomly selected to receive a Fully Loaded Red Heart Yarn bags compliments of Red Heart and The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Crowd begins another afghan challenge starting tomorrow, April 15th, 2014. This afghan will go quickly and is not an afghan that needs to be pieced together at the end.

If you are up for a challenge to make a cheerful project for spring… this may be it. Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon 2pm EST for the release of the next challenge. A fully loaded Red Heart Yarn Bag with Crochet Crowd Gifts will be awarded to one lucky person who completes the challenge!

Materials List

  • 4.5 mm or G-6 US Crochet Hook.
  • Yarn Suggested by Red Heart recommends Super Saver or Red Heart With Love using 1 ball each of 7 different colours. As with all of our challenges, you can substitute the yarn and/or use as many or as little colours as you prefer.

Good Luck!

Your Feedback for the Crochet Mystery Adventure would be Appreciated

Crochet Mystery Adventure

Your feedback is really important. If you have a few moments, can you take the survey questions below?

We are now at the half way point of the Crochet Mystery Adventure. I’ve been watching postings, seeing enthusiasm and seeing our project come together. We find that our community loves to work on projects together at the same time. It’s great to see each others creativity as we work on it.

Daniel and I have been talking behind the scenes and we are wondering if you mind taking a brief survey. This type of challenge is new for us and I want to gauge reaction half way through so that we can measure if this is a success in the end.

If you have any additional comments, you can find the comment box at the bottom of this blog to leave me your thoughts.

Stop Wishing… Start Organizing

Creativ Festival

Michael Sellick, aka Mikey, teaching at Creativ Festival

Last year, I ran into a woman in a live show. She was on The Crochet Crowd Facebook last year where she ran into one of my comments. People were expressing displeasure with not having crochet groups to attend. In a blunt comment I had made, “Stop waiting and start organizing to create what you want!”

This woman was expressing gratitude for a kick in the pants with my comment. She had been wanting a group and realized it’s never going to happen unless she starts putting her wheels in motion to create it. She was so excited and glad that she had started it. Her group is now her favourite part of the week. Others in her group love it too and it’s become a great success story.

While I can go ahead and list so many reasons why I shouldn’t do a group. Lack of time, unknown location, how to market it and who will show up. It’s so easy to come up with excuses not to organize a group, but it’s this thought that has made finding crochet groups hard and/or people don’t want to support the group be attending. It seems to me people are waiting for others to make the effort. I see a need for these types of groups but it has to start by someone who desires it enough to put thought into action. Groups can never be formed with pessimism and if they are, I can guarantee it won’t last. Maybe if you build it, they will come if you plan yourself right. Sometimes, it may take a while to build up the group and get it started… but someone cannot attend or think about attending a group if there is no groups in the first place.

All it takes is 1 person, which may be you, to put your desires into motion to start investigating, reaching out and strategizing to put a group together.

Putting together a group is the hardest part, once it’s in motion and you find a few key people to count on, it becomes easier.

Here are some tips when putting a group together:

  1. Where to meet? Look around your city/town for a location. Smaller coffee shops, public libraries or even someone might be willing to have their home as the meeting location.
  2. Are there fees for the meeting locations? You might need to pay a fee to use a space as you are using up someone’s area for your own personal use. In coffee shops, it might be a cup of coffee and a dessert for everyone to pay. You might have rent to pay. I know many of the churches in my area you have to rent the rooms and cannot just meet at the churches. They need to cover their costs too. Expecting a space for free shouldn’t be expected but it is a bonus if you do get it.
  3. Organize at least 3 people to be leaders. In case you cannot make it, these other people can support you while you are gone.
  4. Meeting location, time of day and the day of the week are the most critical elements to a successful group. You may need to play with the days of the weeks and gather info to determine which is best. You will not please everyone… if you try you won’t be meeting at anytime and the group will collapse.
  5. If you are going to meet at a location where drinks / snacks are NOT served by the place. Make a plan rotation to share the responsibility to be in charge of providing snacks and beverages. This means that one person, which may be the organizer, isn’t always paying for snacks and drinks each week. Providing snacks is a great conversational ice breaker as people tend to compliment food and it’s a social human thing to do.
  6. Have an established show n tell. It keeps people creative in between the meeting times. It will inspire the group further.

What is the main purpose of your group:

  1. Are you meeting for charity goal reasons?
  2. Are you just wanting a social fun time? Hook, talk and be merry!

Avoid Group Disasters that Lead to Failure:

  1. No one likes a cliche group. Make effort to welcome new people and include them in conversations.
  2. Ensure that everyone in the group gets a fair chance to share, listen and participate. I have seen in some groups where a few people nearly take the group hostage with talking throughout the entire time not giving others an opportunity to share. The entire meeting becomes about 1 person instead of a group of fabulous people all sharing.
  3. Times and locations are flip flopping all over the place. Try to be consistent.
  4. Include beginners and beyond in your group. The experienced people can offer advice to those who are beginning. Generally, people like to share their knowledge.
  5. Avoid talking crap about a member of the group who aren’t at the meeting. When you are away, you can bet your boots they are probably talking crap about you if you have allowed this type of conversation to be a regular routine. Have some guidelines to avoid this type of behavior. I know several groups who have collapsed over this.
  6. If you are willing to pick people up with a car, be sure you are committed to doing it. If you are being picked up, a few extra yarn balls from time to time or even some gas money a nice gesture for someone making the effort to help you out.
  7. Avoid using local newspapers to advertise. Speaking from experience, newspaper advertising is really expensive and you most likely won’t see your investment of your ad ever being returned to you. Best way to get people in your group is through word of mouth.

So if you are wanting a group… Put out some feelers and start the motion to create. Putting together a group is active, social and a great excuse to get out of the regular routine each week.

I’m not saying that creating a group is going to be easy. If it were, there would be one in every neighbourhood. It takes work and self determination to see your goals through. When you have a hurdle, don’t give up… figure out a solution and keep going. The Crochet Crowd Community was based on determination. Today, The Crochet Crowd is massive, I wasn’t always this way; however, when something stopped me, I figured out a solution and kept going and going and going. Your groups will not be as hard as it was for me to create The Crochet Crowd… but keep thinking, keep planning and make sure that your group is interesting and fun.