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Where In the World Are You?

Let me tell you about a new challenge that will get your camera phone busy! Firstly, I am so excited about this. I was privy to this back many months ago and I loved the idea. I don’t mind crocheting … Continue reading

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Yarn, Yarn & Lots of Yarn

The Crochet Crowd exhibits twice a year at Creativ Festival. It is the only time we sell yarn, crochet tools and more. I know that yarn and money doesn’t grow on trees. You may even have an addiction for yarn, … Continue reading

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When Did Yarn Get So Addictive?

I stayed up way too late last night hooking in bed. I’m listening/watching to House MD on Netflix and I am enjoying the moment. The creativity is sparking off in my head and suddenly minutes turn into 3 episodes and … Continue reading

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Are Canadian and USA Crocheters Different from the Rest of the World?

Have you ever noticed that pictures posted by others of their finished works tell the story in where they live? I may be stereotyping a bit but in the latest contest of the Mad Hatters, you can almost tell without … Continue reading

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Are Yarn Trimmings for The Birds or Is That An Environmental Problem?

I was thinking about something I read, as well as people I know about yarn trimmings. It occurred to me as I walked by my bedroom and I seen a trimming of yarn from my latest project on the floor. … Continue reading

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Yarn Discovery: Fluormania by Regia

You will not believe your eyes on the Schachenmayr Regia Yarn. This is called Fluormania. Diva Dan has been bugging me about this yarn. He’s been raving about the colourlines of being bold, beautiful and florescent. To satisfy his curiousity, … Continue reading

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Flash It to Win It: Free Yarn from Red Heart

So we all know that the new Reflective Yarn by Red Heart is taking North American knitters and hookers by storm. It’s crazy fun yarn. I just got mine delivered yesterday and I am in love with the colour line … Continue reading

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