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Are the Crafting Coupons Changing Your Shopping Behaviour?

Daniel and I have been debating today whether most of the crafting based stores have actually changed our shopping habits with the introduction of coupons. I think we are both in agreement that I think crafters themselves have changed what … Continue reading

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2013 Limited Edition Crochet Crowd Mugs

New this season is the limited edition of The Crochet Crowd Christmas Mugs. Available in regular size or large version. As with all of our Crochet Crowd specialty gifts, shipping is usually within 24 hours of placing your order. Though … Continue reading

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Mikey’s Yarn Storage Tips

No… this isn’t a store, this is my personal collection of yarn. As some of you may already know, I don’t refer to this as a yarn ‘stash’. This is my collection of yarn. I organize my yarn by brand … Continue reading

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New Opportunity for Ravelry, ETSY + Online Store Users

In our community guidelines on Facebook, I made a promise to research a new way for our fans with Ravelry, ETSY and other online stores to reach our audience. I am constantly asked to promote and endorse other Facebook Fan … Continue reading

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You Could Always Diet… The Sales Guy Doesn’t Even Know He’s In Danger!

I am happy with who I am… FINALLY AFTER YEARS of suffering from Body Dismorphic Disorder. Daniel has allowed me to feel good to be me… even if I am Chunky or mis-shaped! Continue reading

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Are Store Sale Signs Great or Showing Us The Extreme Mark Up Of Products?

Are Sale Signs That Great? I admit… I’m a price shopper… A NOW ON SALE sign will get my blood pumping and automatically I am thinking of the money I am saving… So what’s the problem. So what’s the problem … Continue reading

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