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Crocheters Have Gone Mad… April 20th Reveal & Creativ Festival

Does this gob smack you? On January 1st, 2014, we launched the Mad Hatter Contest. Crocheters from around the globe were given a mission to use a top hat pattern by Red Heart Yarns. Everyone had to complete the basic … Continue reading

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When Did Yarn Get So Addictive?

I stayed up way too late last night hooking in bed. I’m listening/watching to House MD on Netflix and I am enjoying the moment. The creativity is sparking off in my head and suddenly minutes turn into 3 episodes and … Continue reading

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10 – $50 Prizes Added to the Mad Hatter Contest

Just off the phone with our friends at Schachenmayr and James C Brett. We have been sharing with them some of the examples of Mad Hatter excellence by our audience. They quickly realized that it’s going to be a really … Continue reading

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The Point of Appearing at Creativ Festival?

Our fans are always asking me why I keep choosing Creativ Festival as one of the only places where The Crochet Crowd comes out to play. It’s simply due to location and the amount of people that show up. Attending … Continue reading

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Free Red Heart Shopping Bags to the 1st – 300 Purchasers

We are weeks away from Creativ Festival. It is Canada’s largest consumer show for crafts. It’s a mega shopping experience, try before you buy experiences, seminars and inspiration coming out of the wahoo! This will be our 8th show and … Continue reading

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Yarn Bomb No More – Free Presentation by Mikey

From YouTube to the Creativ Festival, here’s a presentation you won’t want to miss… Free Form Crochet Artistry Yarn bomb no more… discover Free Form Crochet Artistry! Yarn bombing randomly covers objects with cookie cutter shapes, forcing the fibre to … Continue reading

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Mad Hatters Crochet Challenge

The Crochet Crowd has officially gone ‘mad. That’s right… we are launching the Mad Hatters Challenge beginning right now to April 1st, 2014. This spring’s Creativ Festival theme for The Crochet Crowd is Alice ‘Hooks in Wonderland. An entire exhibit … Continue reading

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