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Dealing with Colour & Purchasing Remorse

Have you ever come to regret a project midway through? More times than I can count, I have regretted two things in a project. Not investing in a better yarn. Realizing the colours weren’t exactly what I was envisioning. As … Continue reading

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Going the Extra ‘Minion’ with Minion Homemade Projects

In case you haven’t noticed, Minions I believe are the next craze for this year. I can tell many of our fans are now going into minion overload to produce things based around the Minion craze. Many fans are intending … Continue reading

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Why Listowel Ontario for the Huge Annual Tent Sale?

Question after question, request after request for The Spinrite Factory Outlet Tent Sale to happen all over North America… so the question is why Listowel Ontario? Unlike many stores that claim to be a Factory Outlet Store when merely it’s … Continue reading

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Tips for Selling Crafts: Through Hard Earned Lessons

One of the hardest lessons for me and struggles for success has not been the building of The Crochet Crowd, in fact, it’s been trying to market selling my finished goods. I needed extra money at the time and so … Continue reading

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Global Limitations of Product Selections

I have decided to make a public announcement to reiterate the following points. We live in an era where the Internet Reaches Global Proportions.  I serve the globe wide where YouTube and Video Affiliates are not blocked by countries.  The … Continue reading

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Being Honest To Your Audience – Tips

A personal failure I had was experienced at a show in the Spring of 2011. I was caught not being authentic, or honest about a product. There were reasons for this that the public didn’t know. I was given a … Continue reading

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Crafting Show Tips To Create Interest & Sales

I think people miss the mark when it comes to real live shows and craft presentations. You will notice when we are out at shows that we are different from many vendors. Consider This: You have paid money to be there. … Continue reading

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