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Getting Featured on The Crochet Crowd Facebook

Two questions are common and related to each other. I will address each by themselves. “I have been posting my pictures and you haven’t been sharing them on Facebook, is my crochet not good enough?” This is a very common … Continue reading

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Facebook Pages VS Business Facebook Pages

A viewer asks: I am looking to create a business page for my crafting projects. I want to sell them and gain followers using Facebook. I’m confused. Do I create a Facebook Personal Page and then A Facebook Business Page? … Continue reading

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Lost Opportunties/Jobs Due To Online Searches

A friend from our Mikeyssmail community has lost out on a job opportunity due to what is searchable online. The questions are: Does this person now try to remove what is searchable from the internet? Does this person delete Facebook … Continue reading

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Facebook Privacy Verses WonderHowTo Worlds

I Can See You… More Than You Realize! I was approached by WonderHowTo to create a brand new social network for Crochet world Wide. It’s known as WonderHowTo Worlds. Fabulous concept and I really liked it from the moment I … Continue reading

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