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#crochetcrowdselfies – Pictures of You Hooking

Yesterday, our very own Cathy created a new concept. It’s called #crochetcrowdselfies. I love when Cathy takes ideas and runs with it. I had no idea this was coming and/or even what it involved. Crochet Crowders joined in the fun … Continue reading

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Crochet by Numbers: Crochet Portraits

Introducing Todd Paschall of Crochet By Numbers. I learned of Todd Paschall through a friend, Veronica, who was working on an heirloom portrait of her parents at the dinner table at their wedding. The picture dated back to the 50’s. … Continue reading

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Mikeyssmail Added To WonderHowTo Worlds

WonderHowTo Worlds is merely weeks old and is a brand new platform. I need to get used to it myself. It’s very much like Facebook but this allows us to play like Facebook but without giving our entire identity away of personal friendships and family members! Continue reading

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