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Are Yarn Trimmings for The Birds or Is That An Environmental Problem?

I was thinking about something I read, as well as people I know about yarn trimmings. It occurred to me as I walked by my bedroom and I seen a trimming of yarn from my latest project on the floor. … Continue reading

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Crochet Cruise 2015, Questionairre

We are strongly thinking of running a Crochet Cruise in 2015. Planning for this cruise must be done a year in advance which will begin in March 2014. Factors for a Crochet Cruise are as follows: Cost of the cruise … Continue reading

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Your Opinion on Granny Squares… Please Vote

I am currently doing a pattern which is getting me think about my audience. From what I can tell, I think I have an audience that likes granny squares to be solidly attaching to each other. The pattern I am … Continue reading

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Gift It or Trash It?

Here’s an opportunity to share your opinion…. NO OPINION IS WRONG… so let’s not be harping on anyone for their honesty. Here’s the scenario: You have worked on an afghan for a gift for Christmas and you are nearly done. … Continue reading

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Crochet Hook Tips Debate: What do you Prefer?

Fans are bringing up a great point about the tips of the crochet hooks. For some people, it’s not even about the comfort handle or material of the crochet hook. It’s all about the tips of the crochet hook. Leave … Continue reading

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Evolution of The Crochet Hook: Let’s Compare

This is a topic that tends to be very controversial due to the price points of crochet hooks, materials and designs. You may agree or disagree with my findings. The point to this article is to expand your knowledge on … Continue reading

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Crochet Pet Peeves Confessions

There are some things in crochet that bug me a bit. Some of which has turned into a pet peeve. For fun, I am asking Crochet Crowders  to post a comment below telling us what your crochet pet peeve is. … Continue reading

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