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I Think I Would Have A Bird: Extreme Couponing

Just for kicks, Daniel and I starting to watch Extreme Couponing on Netflix last night. As many of you already know, I don’t subscribe to real television services out of choice. However, we thoroughly love Netflix for choice and price … Continue reading

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Two Naked Sissies and A Snake

Around 10:30 pm last night, we went to go look for Riverstone. We were watching Netflix and noticed she hadn’t come to bed. Daniel left the bedroom and started screaming! I am crocheting up a storm and know when Daniel … Continue reading

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Fear: Real or Psychological, Share Your Thoughts

Under my smile and excitement for crochet lies an undeniable fear. I used to listen to my grandmother comment about how bad life was getting. The 6 o’clock news wasn’t an information session but an hour long real life horror … Continue reading

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The InBox: What Do You Listen To All Day?

Roxy Asks… Mikey, I know you work a very long day. Do you sit in an office quietly working or are you distracted by TV or Radio? I listen to internet radio primarily. Right now I am listening to 1.fm. … Continue reading

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Parking Wars: Life Lessons

I’ve just finished watching all 4 seasons of Parking Wars on Netflix. What a highly addictive show about watching people get ticketed, booted and going through hell at the impound lot.  Firstly, I think I soaked up the drama on … Continue reading

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