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Going the Extra ‘Minion’ with Minion Homemade Projects

In case you haven’t noticed, Minions I believe are the next craze for this year. I can tell many of our fans are now going into minion overload to produce things based around the Minion craze. Many fans are intending … Continue reading

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5 Fashion Crochet and Knit Scarves Patterns

Are you looking for some fashion oriented scarves that are meant for accessorizing your wardrobe? Try one of these 5 patterns. They are either crocheted or knitted. I’m really partial to Red Heart Boutique Yarns as they are really nice, … Continue reading

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Now Accepting Ideas for Celebrating 100,000 Fans on Facebook

The Crochet Crowd has really surged this year in popularity on Facebook. We started this year off at 17,000 fans and are now quickly approaching 80,000. It is predicted that we will be at the 100,000 fan mark in October … Continue reading

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Mod Log Cabin Throw Crochet Pattern

Have you ever done an afghan that looks like this? I will admit, I haven’t myself. I’m not sure why but patterns like this intimidate me. I’ve not ever tried the pattern to know but it’s one of those things … Continue reading

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30 Colorful Examples of Yarn Bombing

I’ve been thinking a lot about yarn bombing lately. It’s because we are working on our Crochet-Arium Exhibit. I find it’s a bit addictive because it’s creativity unleashed. The bike above is one of my ultimate crochet masterpieces and I … Continue reading

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Free Pattern: Amish Puzzle Balls

If you noticed yesterday, I posted a photo of an Octopus done by a fan for Crochet-Arium. Truth is, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before. I have definitely missed the boat somewhere. I did some searching … Continue reading

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When Upset… I Do 2 Things

A bad habit of mine when I am upset is to do two things. The first one is a really bad habit of giving my refrigerator a work out. I’m the classic, “eat my feelings” kind of guy. I search … Continue reading

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