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All New Charity & Live Crochet Groups Locator

In our commitment to community and the need for outreach. We’ve been wanting to create a map locating service to help The Crochet Crowd find groups and charities locating near them. We understand that it is not practical to ship … Continue reading

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New Google Play APP for Android

Minutes ago we were just officially confirmed that The Crochet Crowd APP for Android has been approved and ready for you. This APP is designed to help you with locating the latest content for videos, updates from our Facebook from … Continue reading

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Google Controversary: The Crochet Crowd’s Opinion

You may be unaware that we have a community outside of Facebook that is run on Google Plus. Our Crochet Crowd Google Plus Community currently has 1,230 members. Fans share ideas, photos and basically much of what can be done … Continue reading

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100’s of Patterns and Photos Stolen by DIYPatterns.com

In the world of patterns, DIYPatterns.com has been accused of stealing patterns and photographs from websites such as ETSY and are selling them on their website. This action removes the authors and designers from being compensated for their work and … Continue reading

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New Holiday Learning YouTube Channel

If you are a hardcore Crochet Crowd Fan, you may already know that we have an exclusive Holiday Projects Channel on YouTube. This channel’s purpose is to help our fans find the videos they care about. I have kept this … Continue reading

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Seriously? You are emailing me for that?

As I get bigger online, so does the inbox. I’m not upset about that fact… but it seems to reel in more and more emails that get right under my skin.  Check out this video… See the first 10 – … Continue reading

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Trade Shows / Festivals – Working With Organizers

Having only done a few shows, I’ve been spoiled with the level of organization of some events and the disorganization of others.  I’ve worked with the Creativ Festival in Toronto Ontario. It would be the first show I ever worked … Continue reading

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