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Confessions of an Addicted Crocheter

Just for kicks, I thought I would share some confessions or quirks I have with you all. A really dumb fact about me is that I cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. I don’t know why or … Continue reading

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My Little Cute Mermaid Story

I can’t sleep tonight but I did do a project before I did go to bed. I have since got back up and just looking at projects for future ideas. I worked on and completed this Mermaid Pattern. It was … Continue reading

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Two Naked Sissies and A Snake

Around 10:30 pm last night, we went to go look for Riverstone. We were watching Netflix and noticed she hadn’t come to bed. Daniel left the bedroom and started screaming! I am crocheting up a storm and know when Daniel … Continue reading

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Fear: Real or Psychological, Share Your Thoughts

Under my smile and excitement for crochet lies an undeniable fear. I used to listen to my grandmother comment about how bad life was getting. The 6 o’clock news wasn’t an information session but an hour long real life horror … Continue reading

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Hubby’s & BF’s Not Excited By Crochet

A viewer writes: I’m sorry but I have to bitch a little. I always get so excited with I’m about to end and project and start a new one! Well, tonight is one of those nights. I’m ending a project … Continue reading

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Meet our New Crochet Crowd Intern

A fresh new face joins me here at The Crochet Crowd Studio, meet Ian. Ian is here back home, in Walkerton, on summer break from college. He is studying journalism and is maintaining a fabulous blog called Crazy Wicked Awesome. … Continue reading

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