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The Crochet Journey of Infinite Possibilities

I consider myself a “newbie” in the wonderful world of crochet.  I’ve only been crocheting since October of 2012 and I constantly ask myself, “why didn’t I learn this decades ago?”  Learning to crochet has improved my life in so … Continue reading

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Hear My Words… Feel my Passion

On Sunday, April 20th, 2014, the massive reveal of the Mad Hatter Content. The gallery has been finished behind the scenes and it will blow your mind. Can I be blunt? Some of the hats absolutely floored me. I have … Continue reading

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Creativity from The Heart: Christmas

Last week, I talked on Facebook how mismatched afghans mean a lot to me as it’s a reflection of my mother’s creativity when I was really young. I spoke about our quilts being made from old clothes without a real … Continue reading

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Twistz Bandz – Now In Canada

I’m so excited about Twistz Bandz. My gut tells me that it’s the next Creativ craze that is coming up soon. When I first seen the product, I knew instantly that: “OMG this is amazing.” In cooperation with Twistz Bandz, … Continue reading

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Global Limitations of Product Selections

I have decided to make a public announcement to reiterate the following points. We live in an era where the Internet Reaches Global Proportions.  I serve the globe wide where YouTube and Video Affiliates are not blocked by countries.  The … Continue reading

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A Fresh Start

In 2 more days, I will be flying Solo in the world of Creativity 100% instead of just a hobby. Remarkably, I’ve been able to create a following and global presence. Many emails come in daily requesting me to do … Continue reading

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Criticism and Creativity

Just remember in creativity, there is no right or wrong answers! Use your mind, push your limits, and express yourself! Continue reading

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