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Manly Colours of The Day: Road Construction

We all know how much we love Road Construction. NOT!  Diva Dan has come up with colours that are typical of what you can find in a construction site. These colours are in the Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Line. … Continue reading

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Diva Dan’s 70 Red Heart Super Saver Color Combos

Don’t you hate when someone has a gift of putting colors or items together to make thee perfect combo. It’s like an art of matching items or colors together to give an item a kick. I will admit, I don’t … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Gift with A Free Color Scheme Generator Program

I am sure I am not alone when it comes to gift giving. I stand in front of a store shelf confused, dazed and second guessing my thoughts to determine if the gift is appropriate. For me, either the gift … Continue reading

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Mikey’s Colours of The Year

If you have been following me all year long. You may have picked up a trend of colours that I accidentally stumbled across. I have done more projects have been done using these three colours than any other colours this … Continue reading

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Traditional Christmas Patterns

What’s Red, White and Green? A traditional Christmas colour theme of course! While I am an odd ball, I prefer the Victorian Christmas or original old fashion Christmas colours over anything else during this time of year. At the same … Continue reading

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Dealing with Colour & Purchasing Remorse

Have you ever come to regret a project midway through? More times than I can count, I have regretted two things in a project. Not investing in a better yarn. Realizing the colours weren’t exactly what I was envisioning. As … Continue reading

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