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New Communication Console / Email Submission

The Crochet Crowd Website has received an upgrade to allow our fans to communicate more effectively with us. You might not believe how many people email us and forget to give us details to help us out when answering questions. … Continue reading

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Mikey & Cathy Go To Hollywood!

For the 3rd time, Cathy and I got to visit to each other. Many people say we both look like brother and sister but I can assure you, she’s not. I don’t have the wounds of childhood from being punched … Continue reading

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More About Cathy Cunningham, Mikey’s Assistant

There’s not a lot of photos of Cathy, my assistant. Yes… she’s a real person and I thought I would take an opportunity to introduce you to Cathy and how we met. Firstly, meet Cathy and her husband Pete. Cathy … Continue reading

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Cathy’s Mega Pattern Discoveries – Free Patterns

Last month, I asked our Cathy to help me find some links where Crochet and the Under The Sea Theme would be connected in some way. As usual, Cathy exceeds expectations when it comes to helping me out. She was … Continue reading

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Getting Featured on The Crochet Crowd Facebook

Two questions are common and related to each other. I will address each by themselves. “I have been posting my pictures and you haven’t been sharing them on Facebook, is my crochet not good enough?” This is a very common … Continue reading

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Meet our New Crochet Crowd Intern

A fresh new face joins me here at The Crochet Crowd Studio, meet Ian. Ian is here back home, in Walkerton, on summer break from college. He is studying journalism and is maintaining a fabulous blog called Crazy Wicked Awesome. … Continue reading

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