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Reading Between the Lines: Email Pertaining to Written Patterns

Last week, I got an email that had a tone of attitude or sense of entitlement pertaining to crochet diagrams. The woman wanted to give me 15 crochet diagram patterns so I could write out the instructions for her. I … Continue reading

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Follow up to UHaul Customer Service – I Lost

I wrote about a service issue I had with UHaul in regards to faulty readings of the gas gauge.  I wrote about this issue, showing my receipts and fuel consumption. Check it out here.  In a follow up. UHaul corporate … Continue reading

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Bernat’s New Twist & Twirl Yarn Line

Bernat is launching an entirely new line called “Twist & Twirl” Yarn. It’s is stunning and really simple to work with once you get the hang of it.  You can crochet with this but knitting is a bit easier. Knitting … Continue reading

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Yard Sales – Viewer’s Chime In On Topic

Don’t you just love when you felt you ripped off someone at a yard sale knowing you just picked up something for a nickel that was normally twenty bucks or more. You can’t help but think, pay it real quick, … Continue reading

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Yard Sale Disaster

Well I figured out it was a complete disaster! Let me back up! So I have an interact machine, I am a business, and I have packaged productss that are new. So I figured, why not have an artistic sale … Continue reading

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Working With Others

Working with others sounds really fun and dandy. You get all excited as you made a connection, only to be thoroughly disappointed in the end with other’s behavior or what the “relationship” truly meant.  I’ve had my heart broken many … Continue reading

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Email Hell… I’m Drowning In It and It’s My Own Fault

I find YOU TUBE EMAIL INBOX the most unfriendly beast ever. When viewers email me… when I go to answer… it doesn’t carry forward the email that was sent that I am answering… So if a viewer emails me back saying “I don’t get it… can you explain more!” I have no idea what people are talking about because it doesn’t show me what I said or what has been said throughout the email interactions. So usually the 2nd email from a viewer gets unanswered because I have no idea what I have said to give more clarity. I’m not that gifted to have a photographic memory. Continue reading

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