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Instructions Overwhelm Me: Crochet Patterns

One of my personal barriers in life is the ability to read and comprehend instructions. I share this information freely because I know I am not alone. I would describe myself as ‘monkey see, monkey do’, in my case, ‘Mike … Continue reading

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Diva Dan Reveals His Inner Colours, 70 Mixes of Colours

One of Diva Dan’s amazing gifts is the ability to blend colours together. It comes from years of reading Home and Garden based magazines as well as working in the garden industry. He has a sense of colour combos and … Continue reading

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Winter Blues Got You Down?

I got off the phone a few minutes ago with a business associate and someone I have come to trust. I’ve been going to bed frustrated and feeling like every waking minute is a test of patience. Though I will … Continue reading

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Crochet Hooks, Why Does The Entire Hook Change in Diameter even Though It’s Harder for Us To Hold?

A great question has been posted onto The Crochet Crowd. It’s even given our friend, Laura Jean, some food for thought. Cynthia Asks: I am a beginner crocheter. Can you explain to me why when the hook gets smaller, the … Continue reading

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I’m Really Loose… Loose Crocheter That Is!

A new video is causing crocheters to be alarmed! How do I say this nicely with no puns intended… I’m just a little ‘loosey goosey crocheter’ as I would say to others. My yarn tension and stitches are loose generally. … Continue reading

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The Biggest and Most Impactful Lesson of 2013 for Crochet: Finishing Technique

In September 2013, my technique and the way I finished my projects was forever changed. The way I was finishing off my projects with just a simple slight of hand and weaving in my ends was okay but I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Going the Extra ‘Minion’ with Minion Homemade Projects

In case you haven’t noticed, Minions I believe are the next craze for this year. I can tell many of our fans are now going into minion overload to produce things based around the Minion craze. Many fans are intending … Continue reading

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