Crochet Challenges

Our Monthly Challenges – Overview

Be part of our Crochet Challenges that run nearly every month here on The Crochet Crowd. We receive a lot of email regarding how it works and how to participate. This article will detail a general overview.


  1. Participation and entries are open to the entire community of The Crochet Crowd. This includes all regions of planet earth. 
  2. Though we are sponsored by Red Heart Yarns, you may use any yarns you wish to accomplished the assigned project.
  3. The project is generally announced between 1 – 2 weeks before the launch to ensure people can gather materials or check their supplies.
  4. The project is shown here on this page with specific information.
  5. You are not required to register or sign up for the challenge. You can complete it and send us a photo when you are done.

Avoid Disappointment – Read Challenge Guidelines

After a year of running these challenges. Here are some guidelines to avoid being really upset with yourself and avoid disappointment.

  1. Each challenge has its own instructions and guidelines. Read through them to ensure you know the rules.
  2. Our deadlines are firm. We do not make exceptions for late entries as it’s not fair to others.
  3. Pay extra attention to details pertaining to the pattern. Some crocheters believe that cutting corners and reducing the size of a project will qualify. In some cases, we give options for making smaller sizes. This sizing difference is stated on each challenge and not a general rule.
  4. We have discovered that some people love to do a camera trick where the item isn’t actually finished but do a zoomed in photograph or intentionally cut out sections of the project from being visible. Such things like folding a project or hanging it over an item where a portion cannot be seen. This will automatically disqualify your entry. If you have done this in error, you are welcome to take another photo and re-submit.
  5. In projects such as afghans, we count squares or rows in a project. The photo must be clear enough for us to examine.
  6. Pay attention to stitches. Most of the challenges, we have rules where the base pattern must be the same stitches. It’s only after the pattern is actually completed where you may embellish or add your own personal touches. For example, in some cases, crocheters don’t like the look of a stitch and substitute or use an existing project they already have to photograph that isn’t the actual pattern. To keep our challenges fair, the base patterns must be followed.

Photo Submissions

  1. Please read the photo submission rules before sending in your item.
  2. There is no photo changing after submission. If you realize afterwards that you don’t like your photo and want it changed for a different one, we will not change it. Ensure the photo you want in the gallery is the photo you send to us.
  3. We receive a tremendous amount of email. Please follow the rules of the Subject Line of your email. Our email filters are looking for the words stated in the challenge to pull your email out from the thousands of emails we get. We are not responsible for emails that are mis-directed in our email system as a result of the subject line not being correct.
  4. Submissions are to Do not send your emails through Facebook or to Mikey, Diva Dan or Cathy’s private emails.
  5. On occasion, some contestants complain their item isn’t in the gallery. 99% of the time, it’s due to the email not being received at The Crochet Crowd. If we don’t get your email, we don’t know to look for it before our challenge draw is made. You need to double check the photo gallery within a day or two of submission to ensure it’s there.
  6. We do not verify that we have received your email due to the thousands of emails we receive.
  7. We do not upload your photo to Facebook to showcase to fans. If you want to show’n tell your work, please upload it to our Facebook on your own.
  8. Uploads to our Facebook Wall do not count as a submission, you must email in your entry.



  1. Winners will be announced on Facebook and in our Newsletters.
  2. The winners are 100% Random. It’s anyone’s challenge to win.
  3. The winners will receive their prize packages between 1 – 6 weeks of the announcement.


After the Challenges

  1. After the winners are announced. All Challenge Emails we received will be deleted.
  2. We will accept photos after the draw. Some of our challengers don’t get it done on time. We will still accept the photos for our gallery but they will not qualify for the draw.
  3. We do not use your challenge emails for marketing campaigns. We do not rent, sell or exchange our email lists with anyone.
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure your photo is in the gallery before our draw. Our draw is usually 2 – 3 days after the cut off date. If you have discovered after the draw that your photo isn’t in the gallery, that isn’t our responsibility. We do a final call beginning 2 days before the cut off to ensure people check to see if their entry has been received. If your email has been misdirected or had an error while sending to us, we won’t know to look for your email. It’s not personal, it’s just the nature of electronic transfer.

What do you think? Is Mikey bang on or out to lunch? Leave your thoughts here.

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