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10 – $50 Prizes Added to the Mad Hatter Contest

Just off the phone with our friends at Schachenmayr and James C Brett. We have been sharing with them some of the examples of Mad Hatter excellence by our audience. They quickly realized that it’s going to be a really … Continue reading

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Crochet Talk: Yarn Weight

Sarah London has figured out the comparisons of Yarn for Australian, USA and the UK. I know this is a very common question on The Crochet Crowd. Sarah has the answers…

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Surreal Moment this Week… When a Photo Wasn’t A Photo

This week I had a heart breaking situation happen to me. It was more about me being me and not realizing it’s me… I had a couple system crashes this week. I’ve been having them a lot over the past … Continue reading

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New ‘Hooker’ Collector Mugs from Mikey of The Crochet Crowd

Just released are the newest collector mugs from The Crochet Crowd. Designed by Mikey to share your love for crochet. Now available at Mikey’s Promotional Store. Some of the logos are available on other merchandise to collect as well. Mikey … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Red Heart’s Website is Bilingual? Let me tell you a few tips!

A great question came in from a fan asking about Red Heart Patterns Terms. The question pertains to the choices of words used in patterns. Is a Single Crochet actually a single or is it actually a Double Crochet if … Continue reading

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Drastic Makeover: The Crochet Crowd Deleted 900 Videos from YouTube

Earlier this week, in the effort to better myself, upgrade The Crochet Crowd and meet the demands of our audience, it was time to seriously look at my YouTube Channel and get serious about cleaning out the cob webs, poor videos … Continue reading

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Red Heart Yarns allows 50 More Crochet Cruise Tickets

Due to overwhelming received emails of people disappointed that they missed the registration of The Crochet Crowd Cruises for Feb 2015… we decided to ask Red Heart if we could have more guests on board. Red Heart provided us yarn … Continue reading

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