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Announcements and updates regarding the fans and ideas shared on The Crochet Crowd.

What’s Coming Up on The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Crowd has and always will be an evolving community. While building ‘The Crowd’, I have taught myself, sometimes through the help of mentors, to create a community that has limitless possibilities. As ‘The Crowd’ grows, so do I … Continue reading

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Update to Changes to Challenges & Giveaways

To serve you better, we have done a few changes to The Crochet Crowd Website earlier this week. You will notice the home page is a lot more photographic and not very heavy on content. Like a Google Search Engine … Continue reading

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Live Interview with Mikey, Hosted by Bryan Allen of CKNX Radio

I’m heading to CKNX Radio on Monday for a live interview. Hosted by Bryan Allen. Mikey’s live to air interview will start around 11:05 am and go to about 11:30 am, eastern standard time. You can listen live from any … Continue reading

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Good Golly Miss Mollie… What Did You Do?

If you subscribe to Crochet Today Magazine, you will notice the magazine in your mailbox doesn’t say Crochet Today… it’s says Mollie Makes. I got wind of this change last week when a fan announced that the Crochet Today Magazine … Continue reading

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Sweet Ruffles Blanket and Pillow Crochet Pattern

In the latest trend of adding Sashay to projects as an embellishment, I give you the latest new pattern called Sweet Ruffles Blanket & Pillow Crochet Pattern. This afghan is designed for a twin size bed. The added Sashay gives … Continue reading

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Creativ Festival Exhibit for Mad Hatter Challenge: 2 Day Outline

While at Creativ Festival, all of the Mad Hats will be exhibit for the general public to see and purchase. Here is an outline to what will be happening at Creativ Festival in reference to the Mad Hatter Contest.

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Hear My Words… Feel my Passion

On Sunday, April 20th, 2014, the massive reveal of the Mad Hatter Content. The gallery has been finished behind the scenes and it will blow your mind. Can I be blunt? Some of the hats absolutely floored me. I have … Continue reading

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