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Learn how to create stitches and patterns by following along with Mikey through YouTube Videos.

In Love With Colour Afghan with Video Tutorials

That crazy fun design I have been crocheting this week is nearly complete. Lots of fans are wanting the video tutorial for it. Firstly, here is the free pattern, In Love With Colour Afghan. Secondly, the best teacher for this … Continue reading

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How to LINK Double Crochet

To shake things up a bit… I’m going to do my first ever pictorial tutorial. The video is posted at the bottom. I know due to bandwidth that videos aren’t always ideal. In today’s blog, I’m going to show it … Continue reading

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Someone Call The Doctor, I’ve Just Checked My Gauge… I Must be SICK!

I cannot believe how many projects I have screwed up due to myself quickly reading directions. I say to myself every time… I know to pay attention to things like brackets, especially when multiple sizes such as clothing are involved. … Continue reading

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Drastic Makeover: The Crochet Crowd Deleted 900 Videos from YouTube

Earlier this week, in the effort to better myself, upgrade The Crochet Crowd and meet the demands of our audience, it was time to seriously look at my YouTube Channel and get serious about cleaning out the cob webs, poor videos … Continue reading

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The ‘Amazing’ Topiary Trees, 50% off Lion Brand Yarn

I learned last week that Lion Brand has a 50% Discount Yarn Shop on their website. I had no idea and when I was shown the link, I was flabbergasted on the prices. My contact at Lion Brand said to … Continue reading

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Just Released: Mikey’s New eBook on Learning to Crochet

Learning to crochet would have been a lot easier when I was fourteen if I would had someone actually ‘show me’ the techniques instead of just reading patterns and seeing diagrams. My mom was great with teaching me double crochet … Continue reading

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Take It, Make It & Love It

I love it when our fans get an idea and personalize it to make it their own. Lynn Niehaus, fan of The Crochet Crowd, saw a different concept in one of the patterns I made. This came across across Facebook … Continue reading

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