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Instructions Overwhelm Me: Crochet Patterns

One of my personal barriers in life is the ability to read and comprehend instructions. I share this information freely because I know I am not alone. I would describe myself as ‘monkey see, monkey do’, in my case, ‘Mike … Continue reading

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Update to Changes to Challenges & Giveaways

To serve you better, we have done a few changes to The Crochet Crowd Website earlier this week. You will notice the home page is a lot more photographic and not very heavy on content. Like a Google Search Engine … Continue reading

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Organization Makes for Hyper Speed Crochet

Many people comment that I crochet fast. I’m not really a fast crocheter as I have seen women totally bulldoze me over with their speed. My friend, Onzelle from Pennsylvania who I met on the crochet cruise, is the fastest … Continue reading

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99 Cents For A Pattern Enrages A Crochet Crowd Fan

This may be a bit controversial as you may think I am being rude… but this is one of those comments where someone is outraged and I, in turn, are outraged at the person who is outraged! Say that 10 … Continue reading

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Get More Out of The Crochet Crowd & Other Facebook Pages You Love

Did you know that Facebook changed their algorithm a while back? You might have noticed that your news feed and notifications of pages that you appreciate may not be showing up for you anymore. You know how it is, you … Continue reading

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5 Fabulous Tutorial Video Channels & Their Hosts

Being a tutorial host is hard work. For those who attempt to try, they are quickly schooled that the process to create is only a small fraction of the work it takes to run a successful YouTube Tutorial Channel. Over … Continue reading

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7 Inspirational Blogs for Crocheters

Crocheters want to be inspired and it’s up to bloggers / designers to sometimes help with the push to get crocheters beyond a mental block or lull. Today, I’m going to share with you 10 Inspirational Blogs that will help … Continue reading

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