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The Crochet Journey of Infinite Possibilities

I consider myself a “newbie” in the wonderful world of crochet.  I’ve only been crocheting since October of 2012 and I constantly ask myself, “why didn’t I learn this decades ago?”  Learning to crochet has improved my life in so … Continue reading

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Mad Hatter Crochet Challenge Results

Mad Hatter Hat Challenge was a great adventure… Alice Hooks in Wonderland represented by a Top Hat. Mikey from The Crochet Crowd along with sponsor’s Creativ Festival & Red Heart with secondary prizes provided by James C. Brett & Schachenmayr … Continue reading

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Who believes that knitting and crocheting has long-term health benefits?

Originally posted on kyhillbillycrocheter:
Have you ever notice that the repetitive movements while knitting or crocheting can relieve stress for some?  I’ve read that for some people that have medical issues say that the rhythmic movements help relieve pain and even…

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Cute Christmas Cozy with The Tennessee Stitch

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest.  That website is awesome for everything, From crafting to mundane housekeeping tips.  I even have workouts pinned.  One thing that I always find myself looking at on Pinterest: CROCHET!  You would be amazed at the patterns … Continue reading

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How to Read a Yarn Label with The Tennessee Stitch

How To Read A Yarn Label Yarn labels typically include most, if not all, of the following information: Article number: This is a code that the manufacturer uses to keep track of different products, and you won’t always find an … Continue reading

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A Pep Talk with The Tennessee Stitch

Finding inspiration can sometimes come as a real drag.  At times, I find myself searching for something to spark my desire to crochet again.  It’s like when I am hungry and look at every single thing in my kitchen, yet … Continue reading

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Patriotic Granny Square Bag with The Tennessee Stitch

I finished this project in a single day and I enjoyed making the pattern as I crocheted.  This project started as a granny square blanket.  I started and finished this project on Memorial Day 2013.  I was feeling very patriotic … Continue reading

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