About Mikey and Diva Dan

Mikey and Diva Dan live in Ontario Canada. What has started as a little hobby has ballooned into a global outreach of free video tutorials on crochet and loom knitting demonstration. Mikey has a website called http://www.mikeyssmail.com where free patterns and linkages to many things involving creativity can be found.


3 Responses to About Mikey and Diva Dan

  1. Denize Machado says:

    Eu não falo inglês, mas gostaria de cumprimentar esse grande artista do crochê, Mikey. YOU ARE THE BEST. CONGRATULATION and thank’s.

  2. mary says:

    mikey im mary my grandmother tought me how to crochet but i never took it seriously till 2 years back when i had problem at work (im a nurse) and they had to let us go cause they couldnt pay us to cut it short i went into depression and i was on you tube one day and sow a picture of you holding a hook so clicked on you and there you are crocheting i went and bought me some yarn and size 6mm hook and started remembering all what granny thought me.but i started watching your videoes and doing the project
    i discovered that crochet was my passion all this time and i didnt know it your videoes and crocheting your project made get over my sever depression and be normal again back to life and my 2 kids and my lovely husband thanks to you ,i dont know if you really read this or not please i would like mikey to know how gratefull im to him and i love him and i love his humer and his big heart,thank you again mikey

  3. sherrie henderson says:

    I love this new site, and love you all, would love to be on your show if only I lived closer! Sherrie from KY

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