My Holiday Gift to Myself with The Tennessee Stitch

image_1My man and I decided that we would have a semi-formal event for Christmas this year, instead of giving gifts to everyone.  You have to understand that we both have REALLY big families, all of which live within an hours drive.  Gift giving can be a little frustrating for me.  I never know what to get the guys and it’s hard to buy for members of his family when I haven’t known them for a full year yet.  So, we decided to gather our closest family and friend couples and go to a dinner theater.

There will be a 3-course candle lit dinner, followed by a Christmas comedy on stage.  I am so excited and recommend dinner theaters to everyone, even if you don’t go near the holidays.  Support the Arts.  I have already picked out my black dress and jewelry.  I am stickler for shoes.  It took me all day to find a pair that I liked.  I went with a candy apple red stiletto.  I just had to have a little color pop in there.  I am also wearing a red lipstick.  I wanted to look elegant but not like I was attending a funeral.

Sticking to the red, I thought I needed a little more color in between my feet and my face.  Not too much but just enough to have a soft theme going on.  Also, my dress has short sleeves.  It is December and in Tennessee, it can get quite chilly.  I had some yarn lying around (don’t we all lol), in variegated reds.  It’s also a slightly fluffy type yarn.  Sensations Rainbow Boucle.  The yarn matched my reds and would make a beautiful warm accessory.

I searched for something that wasn’t going to be too gaudy and overtake my dress.  I found the perfect pattern for an Infinity Scarf.  Tamara Kelly had posted the pattern at

Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

I sat and finished my scarf on Thanksgiving weekend.  I had a blast making this.  The pattern was so simple and easy to understand.  She even provided pictures of different ways to wear the scarf.  The end product is beautiful.

image_3As you can see, the pattern is like a web.  The scarf is in a large round, which allows you to twist it various ways.  I love my new scarf and suggest making one of your own.  It’s a great easy pattern and makes a wonderful winter accessory for your wardrobe.

So my questions to you are:

  • Have you made a fashion item before?
  • What other advice for this would you share with others?

Connect with Danielle on her blog CrochettoDani and on Facebook Crochetto.

Leave me your comments below on any other tips you may have? Also, if you have another topic you wish for me to investigate, leave me a comment sharing your ideas too!


About danielledyer

I am in my late 20's. I live in the hills of the Appalachian mountains in Tennessee. I love to crochet and invite you to join in on the fun!
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