Mad Hatter Crochet Challenge Results


The Mad Hatter Contest Results

Mad Hatter Hat Challenge was a great adventure…

Alice Hooks in Wonderland represented by a Top Hat. Mikey from The Crochet Crowd along with sponsor’s Creativ Festival & Red Heart with secondary prizes provided by James C. Brett & Schachenmayr Yarns came together for this great Challenge.

Contestants crocheted the Top Hat, per given instructions, and then incorporate the theme Alice In Wonderland by embellishing the hats. There was an overwhelming 341 submissions of these hats and was I in total awe at the creativity that was represented.

Free Top Hat Crochet Pattern. Note that Alice in Wonderland themed hats are crocheters free choice. This pattern is just for the basic hat that the crocheters used.

Video to Follow


The best 5 top hats were awarded $500 Prize Packages and the next 10 runners up were awarded $50 Yarn samplers.

Kimberly Kostesca

Kimberly Kostescu & Theresa Baxter, 1st Place

Challenge Winners

Tuesdi Harmon, 2nd Place Mad Hatters Challenge

Miriam Quiroga

Miriam Quiroga, 3rd Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Heather Tooill 2

Heather Tooill, 4th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

The Crochet Crowd Mad Hatter Challenge

Fawn Georgina… 5th Place

Runners Up

Mad Hatters Challenge

Alison Schieltz, 6th Place

The Crochet Crowd

Sheri Goad, 7th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Mad Hatters Challenge

Marjorie Medsker, 8th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Sherry Maye2

Sherry Maye, 9th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Crochet Crowd Mad Hatter Contest

Shelley Clarke, 10th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Aina Ferris

Aina Ferris, 11th Place for the mad Hatters Challenge

The Crochet Crowd Challenge

Shannon Halsaver, 12th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Mad Hatters Challenge

Sol Cassel, 13th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Mad Hatters Challenge

Esmeralda Patino, 14th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

The Crochet Crowd Challenge

Elizabeth Williams, 15th Place for the Mad Hatters Challenge

Mikey’s Comment: Remember, that being in person and examining the hats is a different perspective than just viewing a photograph online. Many guests examined the hats by reviewing all sides when casting their votes. 

The rest of the hats were available for auction and sold during the Creativ Festival and the money goes toward The New Crochet Crowd Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance in the form of Academic Awards for ‘creative based’ post secondary students.

I made a board on my Pinterest to show all the great work that was done. You will be amazed! View the entire Pinterest gallery.

The winners submission pics are marked to show the 15 chosen. Enjoy!

Guest Blogger for The Crochet Crowd,

Bobbie Asche, Kernersville, NC


About Bobbie Asche

Hi my name is Bobbie Asche and I'm a guest blogger for The Crochet Crowd. I was born and raised in the Northern Kentucky area and hubby and I moved to North Carolina in 2010 and have had one adventure after another since then. I've been crocheting off and on since I was 11 years old. My paternal grandmother and aunt taught me how to crochet, quilt and anything crafty. For years as a young child my grandmother would always give me yarn, a new pattern and a new hook and a bag of Grippos BBQ chips for my Birthday and Christmas... Boy were those the days. :)
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32 Responses to Mad Hatter Crochet Challenge Results

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  2. delila says:

    I enjoyed the tutorial to see how you all made the hats. I get the hats, but how in the world did you do all the decorations? You all are awesome!!

  3. Linda D. says:

    Congrats to the winners! Although my hat was not in the top 20 hats, I feel as though I won for Mickey excited my creative side and challenged me to think outside of the box. I did not enter to win, but to help raise money for a great cause. I agree that each and everyone of the entries are a work of art and will be a part of our legacy.

  4. Willow says:

    Congrats to ALL hat-makers, they are each works of art!!! I wish I could have seen them in person, and I hope tons of money was made for the scholarship fund!!!

  5. Monica Rose says:

    I enjoyed watching the creative festival from afar all the way down here in Louisiana (thanks to The Crochet Crowd and there Facebook page)! You’ll looked like you had so much fun wearing, selling and auctioning off all the Mad Hatters Hats. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the hat artists for giving me new inspiration. To Mikey, Diva Dan. and all the volunteers thank you so much for you hard work. I am extremely new to crocheting (I have only been crocheting since December 2013) and crocheting my hat was the biggest crochet project I had ever completed. Even thought I did not win anything I feel like a complete winner in my own book I hope all you other hat artist feel the same!

  6. Out of curiosity how much did we (and by we I mean everyone who is part of, follower, or even just stalker of The Crochet Crowd because this was truly a team effort!) raise for the scholarship fund so far? And will there be a chance to purchase the remaining hats on-line? If you need help setting up an online store, I have the “hook-up.” Since he’s my kid, I will ask him to donate his time as his contribution to the Scholarship Foundation. 🙂

  7. Joan K. Davis says:

    Awesome creativity, awesome response~! Love being part of this great community~!

  8. Lori Johnson just gave a good idea for next year. “Tickled Pink” Think of the many, many ways that tickled and pink could be used.

  9. Carla says:

    Well my hat is not even pinned. Thanks a lot.

    • I just emailed you… The Crochet Crowd did not do any pinning. It was Bobbie. Did you reach out to Bobbie to give her a nudge. She missed a few and people have been politely asking her and she has been really good about it. It took her 6 hours to do all of the hats.

      I’m sorry you need to give a sarcastic remark instead of reaching out politely.

    • Carla, I just checked and you are there in the Pinterest Gallery. Am I missing something?

    • Joan K. Davis says:

      I sure understand your feelings….hoping you are feeling better now. Looking at all the work that has been put in these hats in this contest, I am sure that no one would deliberately leave you out!! I would love to see your creation…can you post it back to me?

  10. Ann Dennis says:

    Looks like you had a great success! Congratulations! I’m ready to do another one 😀 (Challenge, that is, not necessarily a hat. ) I stepped out of my comfort zone on this one and while I did not ‘win’ I was pleased with what I did. Hope all the hats eventually sell for you Mikey.

    • Angela Boysel says:

      I completely agree with you, though my hat was not chosen either, I am happy to say I completed a goal and entered my first challenge ever. Thanks Crochet Crowd, it was so much fun!

  11. Eileen Cervantes says:

    Couldn’t wait to see the winners…they were spectacular!

  12. Johnc900 says:

    Very energetic blog, I enjoyed that a lot. Perhaps there is a part 2? daeegceaedkd

  13. Cindy says:

    I cannot understand how the judges decided on first, second, etc. I thought they were all beautiful and extremely creative! I am so glad I wasn’t a judge…..if I had been, well…..everyone would have received first place! The hats were incredible!

    • The judges didn’t decide on the final numbers. The judges narrowed it down to 20… The general public of the festival casted their votes for 2 days on their favourite. The order was determined by the number of votes in the ballot box. 😀

      • CJ says:

        That was a great way to make the final decision. i think all of the hats were absolutely amazing. Hats off (no pun intended) to all of you who took part. It was so fun seeing all of the different ideas that were out there for this project and so many smiling faces. Thanks so much Mikey, Dan, Cathy and I know there is one more gal but I am so new to the group I don’t remember the name yet-sorry- for all the awesome work and time you put in to making this Festival and this Web group work. You are all awesome!!!

  14. Pam Dow says:

    A BIG CONGRATS to all who won, excellent job everyone . and again I’m happy to have had the chance to enter, thank you again to Mike and Dan for all your hard efforts and work put into making this happen and to all who helped you .

  15. Linda Paulette Romig says:

    Thank you Bobbie, for showing us all the intense creativity and awesome efforts of all the contestants as well as the winners. That was just spectacular!

  16. I have to ask: did all the hats sell??

  17. livingxdeadxgrrl says:

    I hope all of the hats sold.

  18. Lori Johnson says:

    Looked like everyone had a Great time!! Was happy to take part and tickled pink that so many people got to see something I made,and that it was sold to someone who enjoyed what I made,and all for a Great cause!! Thank you for all you do 🙂 Looking forward to the next challenge!

  19. Sheri goad says:

    Thanks for posting these Bobbie. Congrats to all!

    • Bobbie Asche says:

      Y W.. I was amazed at all the creativity that was put into the hats.. Viewing the gallery of the pics I just kept saying WOW WOW! So I couldn’t resist on making a Pinterest board of them all.

  20. fran Hartman says:

    Congratulations to every entry. You are all winners! And inspiring!

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