Who believes that knitting and crocheting has long-term health benefits?


Have you ever notice that the repetitive movements while knitting or crocheting can relieve stress for some?  I’ve read that for some people that have medical issues say that the rhythmic movements help relieve pain and even depression.  I know by personal experience with having arthritis and Fibromyaglia, crocheting helps me calm my mind and I can concentrate more on my projects.

I’m not promoting any one newspaper that’s out there today, but I read a great article by Amanda Mascarelli for the Washington Post which states ” Crafter’s have long recognized the therapeutic value of activities such as knitting and crocheting.”

There was a survey done last year by The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, which also stated that “Knitting has significant psychological and social benefits, which can contribute to well being and quality of life. As a skilled and creative occupation, it has therapeutic potential – an area requiring…

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About Bobbie Asche

Hi my name is Bobbie Asche and I'm a guest blogger for The Crochet Crowd. I was born and raised in the Northern Kentucky area and hubby and I moved to North Carolina in 2010 and have had one adventure after another since then. I've been crocheting off and on since I was 11 years old. My paternal grandmother and aunt taught me how to crochet, quilt and anything crafty. For years as a young child my grandmother would always give me yarn, a new pattern and a new hook and a bag of Grippos BBQ chips for my Birthday and Christmas... Boy were those the days. :)
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29 Responses to Who believes that knitting and crocheting has long-term health benefits?

  1. Lisa Robertson says:

    I have TMJ and I discovered that when I crochet I don’t grind my teeth at all something I do almost all day. On the days I can spend a few hours crocheting my jaw feels much better and looser without all the clicking and and difficulty opening my mouth.

  2. I just started a very stressful new job a month ago and when I get home I catch up with my family, check Facebook, your website, turn on the food channel, and pick up my needlework. It helps so much.

  3. RC Mann says:

    I have arthritis in my spine and after physical therapy I sit and crochet. My Mom-in-Law taught me how to knit and crochet and it is so relaxing. Keeps my mind off the less important things in life, and my friends & family love handmade stuff 😄

  4. julierose says:

    Dear Mikey–(if I may call you that?): I sent away for some –what I thought- were a few small balls of Bernat Christmas yarn to make a holiday afghan two weeks ago during your tent sale:. Welllll, I arrived home today to see this HUMONGOUS box sitting on my counter. My darling hubby said–:”What’s this??” (all innocence) And i said “I have no idea”..thinking just a few small skeins of Bernat —–.then I opened it…holey moley–HUGe balls of red/silver, white/silver and multi/silver Christmas yarns–
    SOOOOO: I guess I’ll be making Holiday afghans for my WHOLE family & friends …what a deal and only $20.00…Freakin’ amazin’…I have just started to learn to crochet (I have been one of those rabid knitters for my whole 70 yr life!! and have fallen irretrievably in love with crochet through your videos) WOW! Thanks for the tip—I think…hugs, Julierose

  5. Sandy says:

    I had back and neck pain the other day. I started crocheting and it took my mind off of the pain. Crocheting is therapeutic for mind and helps with pain.

  6. Sue says:

    I agree. I think it helps to take your mind off things that you are worrying about. While you are concentrating on the project, you aren’t thinking about the stressful things. At least it does for me!

  7. Luisa Pinho says:

    Totally agree. I’ve been crocheting since I was 10 and I still crochet every day for, at least, 1 or 2 hours before going to bed, I think it makes sleep better, I feel more relaxed… But when I really realized that the use of crochet had therapeutic value was back in 2012.
    It was a black year… I lost my father, my mother in law, my father in law and 2 very close friends and honestly my levels of stress went up…up… and away. In total, I spent almost 8 month at their bed side in hospital and I don’t know what I had done if it wasn’t for crochet.
    By the way… Like you I’m completely addicted to yarn. Thank God for the Internet, now I can buy my yarn from allover the world!!!

  8. Susan Ursprung says:

    I usually find that when I go to a doctor’s office or other waiting place with my knitting, I attract the conversation of someone who I would not otherwise get to know. Sometimes it’s someone obviously stressed and short-tempered with the front desk, and that no one wants to make eye contact with. Once we start talking about the knitting, everyone relaxes and realizes this person is just nervous and is actually fine. Makes everyone’s day much better, and YES, that is very therapeutic for us all!

  9. JCG1224 says:

    Not only has crocheting got my arthritic hands working better, it is a wonderful stress reliever. During a very upsetting family period crocheting was the only think that kept me going for a while. Now I am just addicted to it and I crochet every day unless I am not feeling well. I take it with me often and love to recruit others to join our crochet group.

  10. Shirley Milne says:

    Both knitting and crochet have always felt therapeutic to me. When I bought a second hand knitting machine to knit the childrens’ school woollies, I noticed a big difference in how I felt about the activity. It turned into a chore.

  11. cathy992014 says:

    I believe it does help. I have fibromyalgia and depression and crocheting helps me take my mind off of pain and discomfort. And finishing my first project yesterday really made my day. My head was so big until my husband came home. But I had a good time while it lasted.

  12. Becca says:

    I lost my husband almost 6months ago. Crocheting is a big stress reliever for me. I totally agree that is is therapeutic.

  13. It works, because it has fixed me through the years on many occasions!!! I Thank God for me learning to Crochet in 1972.

  14. Irma says:

    Crochet projects keeps my mind busy with creating. I take it most places with me and find that it’s a great conversation starter. Strangers, as well as friends, are always interested to know what I am making and will sit down and tell stories of their own. I always love it when a fellow crocheter stops to chat for a while. And making projects gives me a sense of purpose when I’m alone. Sometimes I need that.

  15. Loretta says:

    I believe it is therapy but constant repetition is often not good. Our occupational therapists advise to rotate crafts and I truly enjoy using various yarns and colors. A completed project is good for the soul.

  16. Ann says:

    I personally crochet as it is relaxing for me after a stressful day, and I also like
    the fact that I make things that I can give to people that appreciate them

  17. Liz210 says:

    I agree totally , I’m so relaxed that I find myself in a Zone. It’s great for your mind & spirit.

  18. lizzie g says:

    Absolutely right on. I was prescribed Zoloft and Wellbutrin when my husband died. I began crocheting again and within two months I was finished witb Wellbuttrin.

  19. Yes, it helps me to focus on what I’m doing and not my anxiety I sometimes get. I just love to zone out and crochet. I’ve found that challenging patterns also pull me away from my aches and pains. Being on disability having a crochet project gives me a tangible goal I can reach and helps me feel like I have purpose. I tell everyone I crochet so I won’t go on a rampage, lol.

  20. Loretta Burnham says:

    I agree with Mikey, I find crocheting very relaxing. Can let go of whatever is on my mind and enjoy crocheting something beautiful and useful.

  21. Leslie Hammer says:

    It helps me a lot with over-thinking, and anxiety, but it hurts both my wrists. I have very bad arthritis in both wrists, so I really have to pace myself.

  22. It is great for my mind but if I do it too much I have serious pain in my fingers and wrists. Sometimes it’s worth it.

  23. Julia says:

    Totally agree. I know personally this is true. Physically, when I had elbow surgery and my recovery involved immobilization for 6 weeks my arm was very weak when I was finally able to use it again. I knit and crocheted a little more every day and because I would push myself for just 1 more row or round I gained my strength back a lot faster than if if I had just done physio alone. Mentally to this day whenever I am stressed, feeling agitated or feel the need to just relax, hook and yarn in hand and I can feel relaxation taking over. I find it almost meditative.

  24. susanne124 says:

    i agree totally. Knitting and crochet, especially when i design my own, drains a LOT of excess emotion and helps me to deal with the ups and downs of life better.

  25. Lucy says:

    I think that Mikey is right, when I’m stressed from work and have to come home and cook and clean but in between I crochet my stress is gone and I’m more relaxed.

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