Hear My Words… Feel my Passion

The Crochet Crowd, Michael Sellick

Michael Sellick, Mikey of The Crochet Crowd

On Sunday, April 20th, 2014, the massive reveal of the Mad Hatter Content. The gallery has been finished behind the scenes and it will blow your mind. Can I be blunt? Some of the hats absolutely floored me. I have seriously said to others, “After seeing some of these hats, I cannot crochet worth a damn!” But I was reminded that my creativity and skills are my own and not to cross compare my skills to others but I was reminded that there is a bigger picture here and not to forget it!

Some of you may say to yourself… “Why did I bother to make a hat when I see some of the others go to extreme levels of creativity?”

Diva Dan and I can honestly say to you, we know everyone pushed their own abilities within this. All of you exercised your free thinking of theme creation and expressed them onto the hats. You told us the story of Alice in your own unique way. A part of you is within the hat. Of all the Cheshire Cats, there is no twin cats… each of you took him and poured your creativity into him. Some made him cute and cuddly, some made him look real and some really captured the devious side of the Cheshire Cat.

The contest was a two fold deal. Win a $500 gift pack but with the side mission of providing such a phenomenal hat that it could be sold to raise money to educate post secondary students.

Hear me when I say… ALL LEVELS of hats were required for this contest to make it successful. For most of the hats, people are going to look at the hats and say “I can do that!” which means you have inspired someone to crochet that may have never touched a hook in their lives before. You have instantly given the gift of creativity right there! You will get experienced crocheters creativity jump started just to see what you have done. There is nothing worse than attending a show and everything you see is beyond your reach for accomplishment. It is so important to showcase crochet creativity from a true perspective.

The Crochet Crowd, to me, is a crowd for the EVERYDAY crocheter. We are average people who have an ability to share our passion through yarn.

So to answer the question in the very beginning of why bothering to make hats if some are really over the top. The answer is simple! “You have empowered a student to receive educational through your creativity. The way out of poverty and hardship is through education… you are helping to give a student get a better start in life. You have given an opportunity in life to another that you may never meet in your lifetime!”

Take a moment and celebrate what you have done instead of others being better or worse than you. Together, all of you stood up and made a decision to empower others by this campaign. Together, The Crochet Crowd Mad Hatters made a statement in 2014 to enrich others. Together, which includes you, we decided to make a change instead of waiting for others to make things happened! We did it… together we did it… and together… let’s take an opportunity to raise our hooks in the air and really share the power of community. Your hat made a difference in ways that you may never even realize.

Thank you for being a part of my Crochet Journey… Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your creativity!


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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39 Responses to Hear My Words… Feel my Passion

  1. April Ramirez says:

    Very well put Mikey! Making my hat was so much fun and even though with a really busy life running around me, it pushed me to finish and get out of my comfort zone. Soooo happy that our hats will be going to scholarships. I had a blast and really hope you have another crazy-cool theme that will inspire millions soon!

  2. Bobbie A. of Kernersville, NC says:

    I too did my hat for the Charity.. I know from seeing all that everyone else can do before this challenge began that my creativity is minuscule to the others here at The Crowd.. So I told myself to make something that was cute as hell and hope that someone would buy it!!

  3. Sheri goad says:

    I loved this challenge! Win or lose it definitely advanced my skill levels. Knowing the competition would be fierce it pushed me to think outside of the box and step outside of my comfort zone with my hook. I discovered new media and techniques I might have never tried. I’m excited to take the new things I discovered and create more projects. I never imagined I could have so much fun taking the ordinary and working to make it extraordinary!

  4. Diane says:

    I agree with Mikey. Everyone’s hats challenge me – and keep me crocheting. FANTASTIC JOB, EVERYONE!!

  5. After seeing the other hats, . I wish that this contest had categories for all levels. Beginner, intermediate, and expert levels. I guess the best thing is I had a great time making it. Well good luck all. Ps the hats I have seen are amazing you all deserve to win.

  6. Pam Dow says:

    Thank you Mikey , I have been crocheting and knitting and sewing since I was a very younge child , but honestly , I only new the basics and didn’t realize the talent I do have in crochet until I joined the crochet crowd and learned a lot of stitches and tricks of crochet from watching you on your tutorials , I am 49 yrs old Mike and could never read a crochet pattern , until I met you . Now I prefer to use paper pattern , and use your tutorials for when Im stuck on something , YOU are my crochet teacher .And you are so awesome at teaching . THANK YOU

    • Lori Kirkland says:

      Mikey has been Bang on since day one when I discovered The Crochet Crowd! Not only has my crochet skills improved but I enjoy crochet so much more now and it is all thanks to Mikey and The Crochet Crowd team. I can’t leave out all of the Crowd fans who help each other in more ways than any book could ever do. Thank you to everyone for helping me keep my sanity by expression through yarn!

    • I agree! Mikey has become my crochet teacher too. My Grandma taught me to crochet when I was little, but by the time I could really get into crochet, she was starting to slide downhill. She made nothing but the same pattern baby blanket for the last 15 years. Everyone we know who had a baby got one, it’s almost like a cult now. 😉 Since she’s gone now I find myself wanting to make all kinds of things. The Crochet Crowd has become my source of inspiration and help when I need it. A great big THANK YOU to Mikey, Cathy, Dan and everyone who encourages us to do our best! 🙂

  7. Lori DeLap says:

    Thank you, Mikey.

  8. Sherry says:

    Mikey you are such an inspiration to so many people! Thank you having this group & I feel honored to be a part of it… I’m so excited to see all of the entries on line this Sunday! You always seem to have the perfect words for your crochet followers & it is a wonderful thing that you are doing!

  9. Cathy Kenny says:

    What a wonderfully encouraging & empowering post! I’m so happy to see how successful this contest has been & can’t wait to see all the hats! Thanks to everyone in The Crochet Crowd!

  10. I think this is my favorite post ever. I didn’t get to go to college, but if crocheting a hat would help someone else get there, I was bound and determined to do it and if my hat inspires someone to pick up a crochet hook and start crocheting, that’s fantastic too! I’m thrilled to be part of a community willing to volunteer time and resources for such a great cause. Thanks a million to you and your team for all you do!

  11. nora says:

    I’m so excited for everyone!!! I just can’t wait to see all the fantastic work!!

  12. Cathy says:

    I’ve only been hook’n for a little over a year now. So, given my skill level, I’m pleased with what I created and I’m thrilled to help others in need. Thank you for your tireless efforts keeping The Crochet Crowd alive with fun and new adventures.

    • livingxdeadxgrrl says:

      Me too! I wanted to do the hat because of the charity and a way to celebrate one year of crochet and the change it has made in my life. I have been floored by the sneak peeks of the hats and can’t wait to see all of them in a few days.

  13. Sandra S. Williams says:

    I admire the craft, skills, creativity, and stick-to-it-ativity of everyone who made and submitted a top hat. I had other things on my list of things to do, so did not participate except through mentally cheering on everyone else. Great job all around!

  14. Nanci says:

    Right on! After I saw the first hat I said…well I made a hat for charity..lol! I have learned already that I put limits on myself creatively…it’s ok to stretch out of the hat so to speak. Can not wait to see all hats on Sunday!

  15. Judy says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to help others learn in the textile industry. I earned my papers in design after I was married with 3 kids. It was tough being a wife , mom , working full time and doing courses via correspondence – no web back then – but it WAS worth it.

  16. Julia says:

    You are so right. This challenge took me soooooo far out of my comfort zone! I had only done dishcloths and afghans before this hat. Now I have learned that I can do so much more with my crochet and have ventured into clothes and amigurumi!
    We are all our worst critics and when I first saw some of the sneak peeks I thought “I don’t have a chance at winning this” but after your post above I have turned that thought around and remembered that since I made that hat 2 friends have asked me to teach them how to crochet! So not only did your challenge inspire me but my hat inspired others! Throw in that my hat will help to fund an education and I realized I am already a winner here. Anything else is a bonus!
    Thank you Mikey for challenging me, teaching me and inspiring me.

  17. Pat McKay says:

    Well said Mikey, excellent points made & shared in your blog, especially those that talked about all skill levels being valued & needed for success.

    A favorite quote I’ve seen about teamwork:

    “Teamwork makes the dream work” Bang Gae

  18. Chris says:

    WELL SAID. You have such a gift of bringing out the best in each of us and making us feel good about ourselves. I love that you look at the projects as they are and do not judge them against each other. We all are at different places in our lives and our talent. And, we all like different things. Some like complicated and overt the top and some like simplicity done extremely well. Put me in the last catagory. I lean to classic and simple lines, all one color or monotones but put my heart and soul into making it as perfect as I can.

    You are a gentle soul with a kind heart and a creative mind. We are so lucky to have you bringing us all together and inspiring us. Thank you.

  19. Alethia Douglass says:

    Way to go! We are a community of sharing ideas and talent. Jealousy has no foothold here. Being willing to share is important. Thanks to those who participated and those who couldn’t like me can always send financial support to help the scholarship fund and Mikey’s work for Crochet Crowd.
    Happy Hooking!

  20. Squinn says:

    Mikey, this is what I call team work. We love the crochet crowd and if we can make a difference in a child’s life or anyones life we will stand together and make things happen. You are the best crochet teacher and if it weren’t for you and your tutorials some of us may not be crocheting. I personally want to thank you. I sent in a Mad hatter hat and if I don’t win anything I know my hat is going to a good cause. Everyone keep on hooking.

  21. Carmen Hudgins says:

    Thank you, Mikey. I was touched by your post. The challenge inspired me creatively. The auction offered the opportunity to make it worthwhile. Watching my hats develop was almost pure fun. My friends and family enjoyed them very much. Submitting my hats was like sending my children away to college….an over reaction, but true….saying goodbye to them forever. Your coverage is like you sending us pictures of our kids. I never cared much about winning, but, I wouldn’t complain if I did. The shear enjoyment of creating the hats and taking part in your Creative Festival was enough for me. Having my rabbit hat chosen for a sneak preview was MY WIN. When I criticize my efforts too much, my husband tells me that regardless of how well a person does things, there will always be someone that will do it better. He’s right, of course. It inspires me to work on my skills. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this event.

    • Julia says:

      Carmen, your rabbit hat was AMAZING! I loved it so much and thought it was very creative!

      • Carmen Hudgins says:

        Thank you very much, Julia. I appreciate your comment very much.
        He and my Cheshire Cat were the only ones I was really attached to because somehow, they had personality crocheted into them. I am making a very angry Queen of Hearts right now–she is very angry because she didn’t get to go with the others. I will post a picture of her when she is finished.

  22. Jeanne says:

    Thank you Mikey for reminding us whats its all about. God had truely blessed us with you! ♥

  23. Leslie Hammer says:

    Gee, and I didn’t enter for the reasons you cited. Maybe next time. ❤

  24. I’m just so happy to be a part of this huge event, I know each and every hat will be special. This challenge pushed my creativity in ways I could not have imagined. I can’t wait to see all the hats and the finished display, I know it’s going to be so awesome! Thank you Mikey and Dan for putting this all together, you are appreciated very much!

  25. Victoria says:

    Well said Michael. And well done. Thank you

  26. Fantastic! Well said!!! Puts it all into perspective! Can’t wait for the big reveal! 😀

  27. Ines says:

    I didn’t make a hat as I just recently discovered Crochet Crowd but I loved seeing all the creativity and can’t wait to see more of them. Hmmm I may just decide to make one for July 4th or something just because!! Either way all the projects here make me smile and inspire me to keep crocheting. 🙂

  28. Bill & Rose says:

    You hit the jai on the head!!!  Very well put.   Bill & Rose <

    We must learn to see our circumstances through God's love and not God's love through our circumstances.

  29. Jeanna Lynn Mcalpine-Blackburn says:

    I did this for the fun of it.I’m excited to see all the pictures of everyone’s hats.I did what I could for my skill level as of 2014.I look forward to other challenges and to lean something new.Thank You for giving me a chance to try……

  30. Teri says:

    You are spot on, Mikey! I feel my hat is nowhere as creative as one you posted but I look at it this way: I had tons of fun making it & my 13 y/o grandson got involved looking for the poofy feather I added!

    Besides, it’s all going for a very good cause!

    Love you and all you do!

  31. Lori Johnson says:

    Your welcome was very glad to do this challenge. Really pushed myself to try new things ,I had such great ideas,and they really came to life off my hook!!! I for one am very proud of the hat I made it truly is one of a kind and I doubt I will ever be able to copy it all was crocheted without patterns except hat of course so it was all that jumped out of my free thinking!! Thank you for the opportunity Loved it!! And my my Jabber-wacky crochet on 🙂

  32. Cindy says:

    This is my thought exactly. Many times I have worked so hard on something and poured my heart into it only to knock myself down because someone else did so much better than me. As I have been crocheting more and even redone previous projects I have been amazed at the increase in my ability. Just do your best and know that you have done yourself proud.

  33. Susan Peck Knueven says:

    You arw so right, Mikey! Spme might crochet better than others, some might not crochet as well, but be more creative. We are all so different and that ia wonderful. I really appreciate all the time and love you pour into The Crochet Crowd. God Bless you and Diva Dan for all you do.

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