When Did Yarn Get So Addictive?

Creativ Festival

Michael Sellick, aka Mikey, teaching at Creativ Festival

I stayed up way too late last night hooking in bed. I’m listening/watching to House MD on Netflix and I am enjoying the moment. The creativity is sparking off in my head and suddenly minutes turn into 3 episodes and I am ready for more.

I was thinking this morning, as my heavy eyes are looking at my monitors, about the addicted nature of crochet. “What has me so hooked I want to live, eat and breathe crochet!”

I messed up brain make a joke to myself!

Mommy says, “Mikey, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Mikey says, “I wanna be a hooker just like you!”

Who would have ever thought when I was a kid that I would be doing what I am doing today? More importantly, who would have thought doing what I am doing is so rewarding to help others that happiness and job satisfaction are the side affects. It’s like a dream job.

Putting away my ‘Mikey Hat’ at the end of the day for ‘me time’ usually involves yarn and a crochet hook. I hook because I love it. I am addicted because it brings me joy and I continue to be creative because I know others around me are inspired and we share inspiration back and forth… That person may be you.

When I share about The Crochet Crowd to people who are in awe for what I have achieved, my basic answer comes down to a simple concept. As a person who lives in a country town that sometimes feels isolated from reality, I get lonely and I use my crochet hook to keep me entertained. It keeps my brain exercised and, lord knows, I can count stitches like a pro. Wooohooo for me!

My story isn’t unique, there are literally 10’s of thousands, potentially millions of people in today’s society that feel disconnected. Crochet is cheaper than a therapist. The Crochet Crowd is a hub for myself, plus nearly 300,000 followers on Facebook for us to come and share. We love to hook, we are addicted to hook and The Crochet Crowd is a safe forum to do so. As much as others need The Crochet Crowd, I need it more than anyone for my own personal sanity.

Michael Sellick as a child.

Mikey, Grade 1, 6 Years Old

My mother used to cut my hair as a kid. This is a picture of me in Grade 1, 6 years old. Show N Tell was my most favourite thing in Grade 1. I would find a rock, pick a flower, and I remember clearly standing up one day saying, “My mother cut my hair!” with being all proud. I bet the teacher was like, “No Kidding Sherlock!” BUT… she didn’t, she was graceful and encouraging and made me feel good on the inside.

The importance of acknowledgement is underestimated in today’s society. I remember when The Crochet Crowd had less than 1,000 fans and I would comment and encourage on every post. Today, due to the outreach and enormous following we have developed, it’s not possible to comment and like everything. Some days I feel extremely guilty because I know how important that is. What lifts my heart is seeing others taking the time to comment.

Yarn for me is addictive because of the creative elements it releases within my brain. It gives me an outlet instead of going stir crazy and finally, it’s a great way to encourage others to be creative when I am practicing the same creativity here at home.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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45 Responses to When Did Yarn Get So Addictive?

  1. Patricia says:

    I think Mikey is bang on, say what needs to be said, sometimes, and get it over with. There will be times when one cannot do that. I tried to get crocheting with my neighbor. I found that I cannot work my mouth and my fingers at the same time. For me crocheting is a solitary activity. It’s okay though because it gives me time to think about whatever is the driving force in my life at the time. I love seeing what other people are doing and hearing their stories.

  2. Marlene blackall says:

    I just love reading every word posted by you & all the comments by your fans. I am a mad crocheters, always in trouble from my husband for the amount of yarn I have. He just does not understand. Lol
    I keep leaving comments but they don’t come out. Also cannot down load any patterns. Do not know what I do wrong.
    But I will just keep trying , I love your site, everyone seems to be so caring.
    You really bring out the gentleness in others. bless you.

  3. smamalot says:

    “My story isn’t unique, there are literally 10′s of thousands, potentially millions of people in today’s society that feel disconnected. Crochet is cheaper than a therapist.”

    Mikey, that quote is exactly why I love you & why I look up to you. I literally burst into tears when I read this. Crocheting brought me out of the darkest time of my life, so I know exactly how this is & it’s exactly why I am always willing to teach anybody that is willing to crochet. The ability to create something with my yarn and my hooks when I felt trapped in life & like I had nothing that was my own was the greatest feeling in the world. It gave me confidence when I had none.

    “The importance of acknowledgement is underestimated in today’s society.”

    Agh! I can’t stop crying! Thank you so much, Mikey. Seriously. Don’t feel guilty for not replying to everything. The great thing about this huge amount of followers you have is that we usually end up encouraging eachother now too! You brought all of us together!

  4. Ellie from Canada says:

    Love this site! I keep sharing it! I learned to crochet at “Take-A-Break” a Friday morning craft get-together through our church (United) when my kids were young. It was geared for moms to get out for coffee, crafting and chatting!! No cost involved and even had babysitting if needed. A friend showed me how to single and double crochet and gave me a little pattern for an easy Easter Bunny pin. Somehow I knew how to read it and the minute I got home practiced making them until they were perfect. What a proud moment for me! The rest is history and I love it. Thank you for sharing all those patterns with us! I’m hoping to teach my 5 1/2 yr. old granddaughter real soon, who BTW is also a ‘Lefty’, so I will save your video. You are definitely Bang On 🙂

  5. lkbweaver says:

    I have tried ~~ without success ~~ to post on your blog page “Knot Just Yarn: Blog” !! I have signed in on the WordPress, but I am still unable to post !! WHAT am I doing wrong???? Any suggestions??? Please????

    Linda LKWeaver1@cox.net

  6. Karen k. says:

    I learned how to crochet and knit, love both of them. My mom just passes away, we both learned how to crochet together. But one thing she did teach me is to good work. Now I got her stash of yarn and I will go through it, keep what I can used and give the rest to my church. Thank you for your community I was looking for a nice place to go too.

  7. ldurham2014 says:

    I about choked on my PBJ reading I bet my teacher thought, “No kidding Sherlock.” I remember giving myself and my kids a few haircuts….always a bad idea. lol I have crocheted to much last couple days, letting other stuff go then have to rush around and do dishes etc. Have I told you lately that I love YOU? 🙂

  8. Sharyn Murray says:

    I taught myself to crochet at around 18 using a Paton’s how to book and some help from some friends Mums I was off. My friends and colleagues are all used to me turning up to social occasions or meetings with my hook in my hand. I too love buying yarn and walking up and down the aisles feeling the different textures and my friends just roll their eyes when I admit to buying more yarn. I don’t often comment on posts and have never shared any of my work but I love knowing that when I’m ready to that there is a forum of supportive like minded people out there for me. I attempted my first challenge last year and tried the wristlets which were a big hit and all my friends got a pair for Christmas (I think everyone was happy not to get another scarf!). Please keep up the great work we are out here following you and hooking happily.

  9. Susan calabrese says:

    The story you told was a female version of me…..even the hair cut part except I have A?D.D and finally I found something that satisfies my creativity yet keeps my attention ( sometimes too much) I also can get lost in hyper focus and realize hours have passed as I was crocheting a project. I have to use timers to limit the time I’m hooking so I can take care of the family duties. You are a true inspiration to me and now I’m teaching myself to write patterns too…Thank You

  10. Carlyn says:

    Hello Mikey. first let me tell you I taught my self to crochet by watching my mother. She taught me how to hold the yarn and the hook.My Mom was always making beautiful things, tablecloths, baby clothes, doilies,and etc. I have a few addictions but crochet is my present one. I am retired now and can stay up as late as i like to crochet and get up when I like. When I was younger and working night in a factory there were night that I would come home after midnight. To unwind I would sit down to crochet. Some nights I would do “1 more row”at least 2 or 30 times. there seemed to be not stopping place. the bad part was I had 3 children and a husband I needed to get up and fix breakfast for them before school and work.My latest projects have been making hats for the homeless shelter and chemo hats for our local cancer center.I love to do afghans in the winter because they are warm as you go.I love you Youtube stuff. I am more of a visual learned but can read patters.You are very good at explaining your videos. Over the years my addictions have includes yarn, fabric, books, sewing patterns,sewing accessories,crochet hooks, sewing machines, to name a few. I am glad to say i no longer have a hoard of books as i gave them away some years ago, I purges all my sewing patterns a few years ago and gave them away, as for fabric I am in the process of giving away a lot and using a lot for chemo hats and sewing for a new great grand baby.as for yarn I am using some I have had for a number of years and am buying new but I have to say I am using it up pretty fast. I can part with my crochet hooks.I still love to read but now I a Nook,less clutter. My husband tells me I am a nester. At this present time I have a nest of yarn by my couch that I am working on for chemo hats. Yesterday I took 35 hats to the cancer center.As you can see i understand your mind and what drives you to create pretty things.By the way all of my kids could have stood at the front of show and tell and said my Mom cut my hair and the teacher would have said No kidding Sherlock

  11. Julie Wallace says:

    I am left handed. I taught myself how to crochet when I was 10 years old. I struggled to crochet for the last 45 years but they never came out right. I could never figure out what I was doing wrong until I came across Mikey’s “how to crochet” videos for left handed people. Oh my goodness! It has opened up a whole new world and I am now able to crochet almost anything with Mikey’s help! Thank you!

  12. Fiona stubbs says:

    Of mikey, dr house would have an alternative theory on your addiction, most likely linked to pressure on your hypothalamus,,, oh what do i know!!!! I regularly crochet while watching house, i also live in the country and my mental unwinding takes the form of yarn n hook….i have had a few addictions in my time, this one seems to be the less destructive, i have finally found my release….

  13. Debra Thomas says:

    You are so right on when it comes to crochet being therapy. I was up till 3 last night crocheting. I have cancer and am very much stuck in bed, so it gives me therapy in more than one way. Taught by my grandmother at age 13, I have been crocheting now for about 44 years and still have the afghan she made me back then. I have made many different things from afghans, to clothing, to Easter baskets and more. I love your patterns and would love to one day join a cruise with you guys. You were a cutie pie then and still are to this day Mikey. Keep up the good work and know that you give pleasure to so many of us. Hoping to meet you in person some day. Love all you guys at The Crochet Crowd. ❤

  14. Linda says:

    Mikey you are on the money. I learned to knit when I was 8 years old. Knitting made me feel special since none of my friends (at that time) knitted. I could only knit simple projects.

    I learned to crochet during my 20’s. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC with my ex-husband and attended a crochet class and you are right….I was a hooker!!!!!. I began to crochet layettes for the Navy Relief Society aboard the base as they provided the pattern and the yarn and money was very tight.

    I have continued to crochet for people and also knit. I never charge for my handiwork as I feel this is a gift from God. He has provided me with so many people along the way to encourage me. Now I have found this wonderful group!!!!!! What could make me happier. I have passed my love for knitting along to my daughter and hopefully, I can make her a “hooker” too soon.

    I enjoy the blog. Keep it coming. Your the best!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. lunaas62 says:

    Yes, I never thought I would never wanting to put a project down. I also get so depress because I have no yarn to work on a new project. I am so addicted to yarn and have the need to want more yarn with me. I just started working on a project this weekend and I just could not put it down and wanting to sleep and still could not put it down. Yarn and crocheting is so addictive, but yet, it helps my level to relax and stress to tame down. just the love of yarn and crocheting.

  16. Judi says:

    Sometimes your blog entries bring a tear and sometimes they make me laugh. Today, I did both. Your crochet and creativity is a gift, but your true talent is touching something in other peoples lives that makes them connect with their own feelings and with you! Good on you, Mikey! Keep up the good work!

  17. Karin Jamotte says:

    I first encountered crochet without knowing what it was. I had a ball of string, and I idly made a loop, then I pulled another loop through it with my fingers, and another, and another ….

    Later on, in my teens, I learnt some basic knitting and eventually became quite good at it. Then I saw a lovely crochet afghan and thought I would like to try my hand at making one. Bought myself a little book on crochet, and then I realised that I had already started learning it as a child, with my ball of string and my finger.

    I am now a crochet addict, and proud of it! Love your Page, and am always looking at the wonderful free patterns …

  18. Alethia Douglass says:

    Thank you for your commitment to crochet as an art. It is the one God -given talent that has healing and accomplishment combined together. I love to create my art work thru crocheting. I was denied art classes in high school despite pleading for them. The counselor said it would be too many classes and wouldn’t let me trade. When I picked up the Coats&Clarke How to Do booklet too many years ago, a skein of yarn and my first crochet hook, it has been the joy of my life. I like envisioning what the article would look completed, using a different color or type of yarn, or just feeling the yarn come alive in my hands. Enjoy always and Happy hooking!

  19. Diane says:

    What a cute little guy you were!! And, I love the man you have become! I hope that you are proud of all that you have accomplished and get to really enjoy this journey. I have learned so much from you. Love your excitement. You have that special way about you that makes me feel like we’re buds.. Me and 300,000 other people! LOL That’s just one of the special gifts you bring to this world. Thank you.

  20. Jean says:

    Your even more precious today. If not for you I would be setting around depressed. Now I’m a hooker making things for others. Thank you.

  21. Cathy Starr says:

    Such an adorable picture of you as a little boy and now here you are inspiring us with your creativity! I really am amazed at what I have learned through the crochet crowd that I was afraid to try. I have been crocheting since my mother in law taught me when I was around 20, so 15-16 years of crocheting. I was “Hooked” instantly! 😉 I have had a hard time putting down a hook since learning. I began making afghans, scarves and purses. Everyone would go on and on about my new creation. I have never loved reading patterns, not that I can’t, just it takes too much of my time up, I want to get with it and know how its done! I am usually a patient person though, just patterns vs your videos, well your videos are SO much better for me. I am so happy that through your videos I’ve learned to do entrelac, amigurumi, waves & chevron stitches. I love learning new stitches. The Crochet Crowd since liking the page, I look at it every single day. I am continually just in awe of the creations people post and always looking for something new to learn. Thank you, Mikey for a wonderful way of inspiring people!

  22. dancinggirl75 says:

    Mikey, I feel like your sister but just from a different mother. I am totally addicted to yarn and crocheting. My mom taught me over 60 years ago, and I just cannot stop. I awake each morning, wondering what blanket am I going to start today, and I go to bed at midnight thinking that I have to finish the blanket before starting the next one. And this is all before breakfast. I went to Walmart’s store the other day to purchase a lid for one of my pots, which I needed. I walked pass the lids to the yarn section to see if they had Red Heart Aran, and they did. My husband asked me how many I wanted, because the skeins were on the top shelf. I asked him how many were up there. There were 12 skeins. Not that I needed anymore yarn, but I bought all 12. Addiction crept into my brain. I have to crochet at least 6 hours each day because I do not like idle hands. Baby blankets always, for hospitals, women shelters and daycare centres. Loving every moment, and learning from you is a blast. Thank you for being there when I need information. Never too old to learn. My motto: Crocheting is good for the soul.

  23. Sharon says:

    There is something about wool that makes you just want it all. Since I found The Crochet Crowd and all the videos on YT, it has me back at wanting to hoard wool again. I had a respectable stash, but got on ebay one day and next thing you know, I have 16,050 grams of Decor arriving, not to mention the other 108 skeins I bought. I really will have to knuckle down and get some afghans happening. I crocheted a blanket for my new grandson aover 18 months ago and other than some towels, I hadn’t been doing much. You give me the incentive to get back at it and its a nice break from genealogy. I really enjoy your videos. It starts my day with a smile. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to find inspiration and get some too.

  24. Debi Shipman says:

    I think you’re bang on, but my family thinks I have a severe obsessive disorder. lol On those rare occasions when I get to go yarn shopping it takes me forever to decide on which ones I want to take home with me. Why?? Because I want them ALL!!

  25. Sheri goad says:

    First I love House MD, second I am so with you!!! I have only been hooking for about 3 years, the moment I picked up that hook my life changed! That is no exaggeration.

  26. Mikey, you and “The Crowd” are awesome! I learned to crochet when I was 12, just the basic single crochet, a neighbor of ours taught me. I got married a few years later and my ex refused to allow me the funds to purchase yarn and I wound up not doing anything for 16 years. When I was 40 my brother had his first child and I went to the store and bought a hook and yarn to make my brand new nephew a blanket and have not put them down since. I discovered your videos in 2012 and have learned a lot via your tutorials including how to read a pattern, which was a huge issue for me. THANK YOU for creating this awesome place where we can come and share our creations and seek advise and learn new things. Once again Mikey, you and “The Crowd” are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Cathy says:

    First, I LOVE your photo, the bow tie and wide lapels! Adorable. Second, I again thank you for sharing your addiction; you’ve brought me back to a past hobby that I so enjoy. You open me to try new techniques, more challenging patterns, other yarns. Know that you are appreciated beyond what words can express.

    • Barbara Jacobs says:

      Mikey, I am 100% with you, bang on. It’s a wonderful addiction. Cathy, I too have bern challenged to broaden my creativity with the tutorials, yarns, stitches, patterns, you name it. And to hear that there are 300,000+ on the facebook sight is thrilling. I might need to mention that next time somerone says it is a “dying art”. I don’t think do.

  28. Gloria Coyl says:

    This story had me laughing !! thanks love the “I wanna be a hooker just like you comment” too funny—- great story!!

  29. Heather says:

    Here is one person for whom you were THE inspiration! My grandmother taught me to crochet and knit when I was very young. I never really “got” knitting, and especially since I am a lefty and she was not. I figured out how to crochet, somewhat backwards and upside down but it never really caught on in my head. She passed away several years ago, but I miss her very much. I could never read a crochet pattern at all, so I was limited to a few basic stitches. It had been YEARS since I picked up a hook, and back in January I decided to try to make a few crochet dishcloths for myself. My auntie always made them for my Mom while I was growing up and we all loved using them. She has since passed, and I’ve never had a set of my own dishcloths. Anyway, I searched YouTube for a “lefty crochet” video and came across one that you had made. And it has all taken off from there! I made 20+ dishcloths and shared them with friends. Then I tried a baby blanket, which ended up being a whole set with a matching Sweetie dress and slippers. My 2nd son asked me to make a blanket for his birthday, which I did using another of your videos. Now they ALL want a birthday blanket, and I am pleased to say that they will get them. My husband’s birthday was next and I made a gorgeous afghan for him in his college colors. Then the Oreo afghan fro the youth auction (and a matching pillow, because I had enough confidence to try it). I just finished making a BEAUTIFUL afghan for my living room. AND I READ THE PATTERN TO DO IT! I have made a conscious effort to try something new with each project, so I’ve learned new techniques and new stitches and even learned a different way to hold my hook that doesn’t hurt my wrist. I’m working on another baby blanket right now, and making Easter baskets for my kids. I feel like I know what I’m doing, and I dare say that I might actually be GOOD at crochet! I’ve never, EVER felt like I had a real talent. I don’t think I stink at everything I do, I just didn’t really think I had something to share and bless other people. Now, because of you and you patient, entertaining teaching. I do! Mikey, thank you again and again. You have enriched my life more than I can put into words. Don’t ever stop being JUST MIKEY, because you are absolutely perfect. And you were a seriously adorable 6 year old!!

  30. Mikey, you are an inspiration to so many. With your ability to connect and relate to so many of us, it’s no wonder you are Loved by us all !!! Thank you so much for opening your heart and soul (& Mind) to us on a daily bases !

  31. Allison says:

    I’ve been watching/listening to House M.D. this week while I hook, too! Love it!!

  32. Jeanne says:

    The bangs are more trendy now the it was back then. Your Mom was ahead of her time and may have set the “side bang” trend. You were just as adorable then as now! Love those cheeks.

  33. Betty Plemmons says:

    I was so glad to see this blog this morning Mikey.. because I totally understand the addictive nature of yarn. I HAVE to have my hands in it every single day, almost all day long most of the time. AND, even with a right nice “stash” on hand, I’m never satisfied and have to have a new color, a new brand, a new texture, etc. constantly. But sometimes I do worry that something is wrong with me because of this! My husband thinks I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to yarn because I have it all around me.. literally!! Do you think I have gone too far, or is it okay to truly love something this much?!!??

  34. Jan Waldschmidt says:

    So exactly right!!! I have always said Crochet is my therapy. Half joking, and half for real.

  35. Jodi says:

    H Mikey, I too live in a small town where the only people I know are co workers and the residents of the nursing home where I work. When we moved here a year ago I got back into crochet since I hadn’t found a job yet. With your help I now challenge myself with new patterns and stitches. Crochet also lets my husband watch all the syfy he wants without me complaining LOL I hate that channel it’s all blood and guts I get lost in my projects and brain storm for the next project I will make. I don’t keep what I make, friends on fb will comment how they like it or need it and I mail it to them. I’ve been trying like mad to get this blanket done for my granddaughters bed (entrelac) sizes what a yarn hog and long process. I keep saying how I will never do this pattern again yet just a few minutes ago I was thinking hmm if I do this or that so I quickly slapped myself and said snap out of it lol

  36. Heidi Speciale says:

    the story about the haircut pride brought tears to my eyes..sweet story!

  37. Mancy Pants says:

    You were such a cutie pie even back then! I wasn’t always addicted too yarn, I was thought too knit at around age 14/15 but never really cared so much for it so I let it go., a long story short, It wasn’t until after I went through a rough time in life, part of pulling myself through it was being shown too crochet , once I got it I flew with it for a while…. ( I wasn’t that good lol ) . really wasn’t until husband talked me into going too a creative festival 🙂 and I saw someone I’d seen on youtube and got excited and well never looked back ! now I am full time hooker 🙂

  38. Kathy Neff says:

    And yes, I agree that you were and are very cute

  39. Kathy Neff says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Mikey. I appreciate this forum so much. And crochet, just can’t stop. Praise God that he gave us creativity to bring joy to our lives.

  40. Angela Reese says:

    I could not possibley identify with anyone more. Crochet is positive and keeps us active and our brains happy and is therapy for us all.

    Keep on being you.

  41. Ahhh you are soooo adorable and it hasn’t worn off! My kids would occassionally get a bad haircut, either by scisssor experimentation, self inflicted, or by guilt by association, and once by grandma.
    Your story is BANG ON, and what a wonderful community you have created! Thank you!

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