9 Crochet Hand Bag Patterns To Choose

I really like purses. It can really say a lot about a person I think as well. There are some women who like a purse to carry the minimum and then there are the women who love to carry everything, including the kitchen sink! I think if I ever used a purpose, I would have way too much in it because my brain would be thinking ‘What if I need tissues, eye glass cleaner and etc. I can be the queen of way too much.

Of the nine free crochet patterns below, I would probably choose the brown one in the middle. It’s felted and I really think felting is crazy fun. My second choice be the grey one, upper left corner.

I’m a guy, so I don’t carry a purse… Does a yarn bag count though?




What kinda girl are you? Are a minimal purse girl or a maximus purse girl… When searching for a crochet purse, what are the things that you look for the most in a pattern? This will help me in future editions to locate patterns that might hit your fancy!

Share your comments with me below!


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31 Responses to 9 Crochet Hand Bag Patterns To Choose

  1. Elaine Benton says:

    I like a midsize bag. Of course I line them so they hold their shape and add pockets for cell phone and anything that I would need quick.

  2. Lisa says:

    Love all the purses!!! I’m a the bigger the purse the better!! Kind of girl. Love, love , love your patterns!!!

  3. Katheryn Cox says:

    Before having a kid, I used a medium sized purse, but now, I am a minimalist, just my wallet thrown in the diaper bag (and I thought that after she was potty trained, we would lose the diaper bag, but alas, no.)

  4. Maria says:

    I have a purse on the smaller size that is way over stuffed and then I carry a messenger bag with more stuff! hahahaha I should have a BIGGER purse or carry less stuff… I have been called a bag lady from the folks at work..

  5. Sue DiMartino says:

    I like a small cross-body purse so I don’t really have to carry it, I just wear it. If I have my chapstick, checkbook, keys, and phone, that’s all I need.

  6. Mimi Smolevitz says:

    I made the cupcake purse for my granddaughter. It turned out adorable. However, she loves to stuff it with gobs of paper & the weight stretches it. I would line it next time to avoid this problem. Lining seems to help to avoid the stretch with any pattern.

  7. junemooney says:

    I’m not sure i would crochet a purse, but i do like tote bags. I have purses both large and small. I would prefer totes that dont need a lining and are fairly large. I also like small crocheted bags for specific purposes and did make one for my phone.

  8. Monica says:

    I carry a smallish sized bag, BUT I also have a diaper bag that could hold a small child in it! My daughter is almost out of diapers – I may have to change my purse philosophy!

  9. I LOVE PURSES! I use a mid-size purse. If it’s to big I end up with tomuch stuff in it & can’t find anything!
    I crochet purses. It is my passion! I usually just look at photos of purses, get a feel for what I want to make, then I pick yarn type, hook & color and go to town. I rarely use a pattern, but do check them out.
    I find with purses there is inspiration everywhere, my notebook is full of designs. I think I am looking for my perfect fit, so I just keep designing!
    Looking forward to what you can find us!

  10. I have the same problem as others seem to. I like to have a big bag , so as to not forget anything . Then I like a small bag to run into the store with. I guess that’s part of being a girl. We don’t have to make up our minds we can have both. One in the car and one on our shoulder. LoL

  11. Patricia says:

    I love the crochet hand bags, but I do not use them myself, I have made them for others. I am just not comfortable with them. I worry about how easy it might be for someone to steal or cut out the bottom, and get my life history. I have not had one stolen, I just worry about it. When I am out and about I see so many women that just seem oblivious to the people around them, and I protect mine even more. I sound paranoid. My bag has to have short handles that fit over my shoulder so that I can hold it close to my body. It also has to have a compartment and/or pockets for everything and be stylish to boot, I don’t like hunting for things in my bag. I have lots of bags, big and small. I always end up using the one in the middle.

  12. Rachel Gaede says:

    The size of handbag I carry all depends on my mood and where I am going or what I am doing. My purse of choice is a medium size one. All my children are grown so no need to carry all the “extras” around anymore. 🙂

  13. I love a mid-sized bag with an interesting shape and/or pattern. A purse should be something fun, not just functional!

  14. I love a mid-sized bag with an interesting shape or design aspect to it. I want something fun to carry my stuff in!

  15. Sandi says:

    I guess it depends on where I’m going. If I go to grocery store, I have a small pocketbook.
    If we are going away for the weekend, then, I take a large pocketbook. Sometimes take both w/me.

  16. Debi Shipman says:

    I like a medium size purse. The one I am currently carrying is a pop tab purse I made during one of my “try something different” crafting phases. It’s not the right size either and needs more inside pockets and compartments. I don’t like having everything just thrown in so you have to dig for an hour to find a nail file or something. 🙂

  17. Sheri goad says:

    My purse has to serve as both a yarn bag and a necessity holder. I like roomy with practical compartments. If it’s big enough to hold crochet projects, it also needs to have a compartment closer to the top that will hold wallet, maybe separate for sunglasses and keys. As is, I carry a pouch on a lanyard with my cards and cash. That way if I need to run in somewhere I can grab that out of my bigger bag, throw it around my neck and go. If I’m going to be anywhere wher I will be waiting or standing in line, the entire bag goes so i can crochet. 🙂

  18. Mary G says:

    The gold-ish one next to the brown felted one is the shoulder-strap length and size I usually go for. The ones under my arm just get in my way and feel bulky and cumbersome. However- I like a purse with a little more structure… a definite bottom and sides, etc. Honestly, I haven’t made a crochet purse or larger bag (made a small one to carry WIPs to dr office, on the road, etc) because I am so afraid that they won’t handle the weight I demand of my purses. You get a bottle of water in there, and I start getting nervous that it’s going to lose it’s shape, etc- and then there’s the ‘mom’ wallet and everything else. Am I just a nervous Nellie, or is that a valid concern? 🙂

  19. Karen says:

    I need a big bag, I have to carry too much things, since I live the house at 7:00 am and come back at 10:00 pm. So I’m going to try the grey on the top left. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Linda says:

    I would rather carry a clutch when I am out running errands; then again I like my HUGH purse when I travel. That way, I carry all my “must have’s, and my crochet and knitting in one bag.
    I look for the handle direction when I choose a pattern. Many patterns have handles that do not support the weight of the purse when in use; so many times the purse sags which I do not like.

  21. Lori Johnson says:

    I use to be a real purse hound the bigger the better!! But after having my purse stolen twice ,and having my first child gave them up :(. But now my daughter 14 has my love for purses lol and is always finding one’s she would like me to crochet only problem there is the one’s she picks are all knit(sadly I don’t knit) so I will be showing her this post and see what strikes her fancy 🙂

  22. Pat McKay says:

    Correction: cost less than $35 to buy

  23. Jeanne says:

    I like a medium sized shoulder bag. Not to fancy, not too plain.

  24. Pat McKay says:

    I tend to favor the larger sizes; tho I know the smaller ones are easier on my shoulder/arm & look better too (I’m only 5’3″, so a big purse can overwhelm me). The challenge I have is to find really upscale, quality wooden handles for the purses that aren’t too hard to find & won’t cost less than $35 to buy. The cheaper ones (in the generic, big craft stores) look cheap to me & seem to ruin all that beautiful handmade work! Locally owned craft stores don’t stock tthem, so that’s the challenge.

  25. Melissa Cromwell says:

    I was never happy with purses until I figured out how to make my own. I’ve even been toying with incorporating macrame handles instead of crocheting them for something different. If I was going to carry one of the bags featured here, I would likely combine two of these patterns and make a loopy hobo bag. LOL (my creative side rarely ever lets me just follow a pattern to the end without changing it)

  26. Denise says:

    I depends. If I am going to be gone for the day or a weekend, I want a bigger bag to carry more junk. If I am just going to a class or to Church, I use a smaller one with just a few things.

  27. Jennifer Crewe says:

    I made and sold the middle one top row. The one with ruffles. It was easy to make. I stwitch around with my purses. I have a big one and feel annoyed because everything gets lost in it. Then I buy a small one and don’t like that, there’s no pleasing me!

    • Pat McKay says:

      Same w/me Jennifer! I have some smaller purses because the weight is easier on my shoulders; but wind up using my bigger, more tote sized purses as I sometimes carry a Kindle or mini iPad too. Can’t please me either!

    • Barbara Jacobs says:

      I have the same problem. Big is too big, small can’t hold all I need. Can’t seem to find a happy medium. I also like pockets or compartments in my purse, which is never in the patterns.

      • Joy says:

        I am with you guys, I tend to go with the larger bags, but I really need to scale down as the large bags are hard on the back with so much junk in them! Have yet to find a purse that I just love, love, love and is not too big or not too small!

  28. Laura says:

    It’s hard to say. Some days I like a big bag, and some days I like a small bag. The only problem with me carrying a big bag is that I end up with too much junk in it!

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