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Five Additional Awards for Mad Hatter Challenge

Diva Dan and I have decided to offer 5 additional prizes for the hats that really stood out. The hats chosen were based on reactions when opening up the boxes, a bit of sly humour and/or something about the hat … Continue reading

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What Kind of Hooker Are You? Crocheter Personality Comparisons

I was thinking about what type of crocheter am I. I began to dig around in my ‘noggin and realized there are different types of personalities based on the love of crochet. I have a cross mix of personalities depending … Continue reading

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Good Golly Miss Mollie… What Did You Do?

If you subscribe to Crochet Today Magazine, you will notice the magazine in your mailbox doesn’t say Crochet Today… it’s says Mollie Makes. I got wind of this change last week when a fan announced that the Crochet Today Magazine … Continue reading

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New Guest Bloggers for The Crochet Crowd

Over the past two weeks, I have been searching for Guest Bloggers to help me inspire you all. We have had Daniele Dyer: The Tennessee Stitch has been guest blogging for nearly a year. I would like to welcome three … Continue reading

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Wait For it… Wait for It! My Hands Are Getting Jittery!

Why does Red Heart Yarns do this to me? Another fabulous project that I am excited about. My fingers are starting to twitch and I am getting an evil laugh! I love unexpected crochet items and this is definitely one … Continue reading

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The Crochet Journey of Infinite Possibilities

I consider myself a “newbie” in the wonderful world of crochet.  I’ve only been crocheting since October of 2012 and I constantly ask myself, “why didn’t I learn this decades ago?”  Learning to crochet has improved my life in so … Continue reading

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Mad Hatter Crochet Challenge Results

Mad Hatter Hat Challenge was a great adventure… Alice Hooks in Wonderland represented by a Top Hat. Mikey from The Crochet Crowd along with sponsor’s Creativ Festival & Red Heart with secondary prizes provided by James C. Brett & Schachenmayr … Continue reading

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