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Are the Crafting Coupons Changing Your Shopping Behaviour?

Daniel and I have been debating today whether most of the crafting based stores have actually changed our shopping habits with the introduction of coupons. I think we are both in agreement that I think crafters themselves have changed what … Continue reading

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Are Yarn Trimmings for The Birds or Is That An Environmental Problem?

I was thinking about something I read, as well as people I know about yarn trimmings. It occurred to me as I walked by my bedroom and I seen a trimming of yarn from my latest project on the floor. … Continue reading

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Yarn Discovery: Fluormania by Regia

You will not believe your eyes on the Schachenmayr Regia Yarn. This is called Fluormania. Diva Dan has been bugging me about this yarn. He’s been raving about the colourlines of being bold, beautiful and florescent. To satisfy his curiousity, … Continue reading

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How To Find Mikey’s Videos & Use YouTube Channel Searching

Every day, we are asked to Google or use YouTube to find content for our fans. It’s a never ending question. Most questions would not exist if the knowledge of search engines and how to use different platforms were embedded … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Red Heart’s Website is Bilingual? Let me tell you a few tips!

A great question came in from a fan asking about Red Heart Patterns Terms. The question pertains to the choices of words used in patterns. Is a Single Crochet actually a single or is it actually a Double Crochet if … Continue reading

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Flash It to Win It: Free Yarn from Red Heart

So we all know that the new Reflective Yarn by Red Heart is taking North American knitters and hookers by storm. It’s crazy fun yarn. I just got mine delivered yesterday and I am in love with the colour line … Continue reading

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Don’t Mind Me… I’m Just Monkey’ing Around The Afghan

A brand new free afghan design is this Monkeing Around Baby Blanket. It’s bold colours make this a fabulous play-ghan or something really special for the little child in your life. You could have a lot of fun with exploring … Continue reading

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