When Yarn Sales Get Personal… Mikey Loses Control at Spinrite

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Yarn Deal at Spinrite Causes Mikey to Lose Control

I cannot even believe of what I am about to admit… During last week’s visit at Spinrite Factory Outlet, I turned into a raging yarn fanatic!

I was stationed beside the cash. When the store opened, there was a few boxes of Bernat Mosaic Yarn that is normally priced between $6 – 7 per ball. In the box, 1 bag of 3 was only $9. At certain points of the day, these two boxes turned into a football huddle and there was a lot of grabbing. It is one of my most favourite brands by Bernat.

I kind of laughed at it watching everyone get crazy. At some point in the day, I heard the Spinrite Team say they are nearly out of yarn in the truck. You might as well just slapped me in the face and kicked me in the crotch! My brain went from being calm to absolute yarn insanity!

The Spinrite Team were constantly topping off these boxes in dumping the yarn as people were diving in before the balls could hit the pile. It was crazy!

I knew people were picking and knew the colours were winding down. A bus load of 30 people arrived and this bin turned into another football huddle. It was like a shark feeding exhibit. The gloves are off and people are grabbing, snatching and stashing their jumbo garbage bags. To hell with reason… I’m going to get into this action!

Though I had reasoned with myself that in the morning that I didn’t need the yarn. My brain was seeing yarn balls, discounts and my car stashed with yarn… Mr Mikey greeter turned into Mikey the Yarn Hoarding Fool! I ran and grabbed a bag and started stashing as much yarn into a garbage bag! There were people grabbing and I was grabbing. There was a lot of people saying stuff but all I heard in my brain was “MINE MINE MINE MINE, put that down woman! It’s Mine!!!!” I’m surprised I just didn’t jump into the boxes and pull out my crochet hook to fend these women off!

I thought I was done when I could barely lift my bag but my brain is looking at the price tag of the bag of 3 for $9 and you could get 1 Bag Free with every 3 you get! So I thought I would get even more greedier and start ramming my bag some more… geesh the bag isn’t ripping… it must mean it can hold more!!! I became the yarn rammer! I know the yarn will never be that price again.

By the time I had lost control and checked myself out… I had spent $125 bucks! I am like Whoa as my brain starts to come back into reality! But then the cashier says to me, “You just saved a ton of money!” It would work out that if I would have paid full retail price, I would have paid $375 plus tax! I thought to myself, “I am the queen of the yarn! That’s what I am talk’n about!”

I don’t know what hit me… I seen people grabbing and my brain said get over there and start grabbing too just because they are! It’s so crazy as I am usually more reasonable but I think when it comes to yarn sales! Better stay out of my way because I will throw down the crochet hook and start ramming my cart full!

Spinrite does sell online and the deals are just as fabulous. You don’t need to fight off a crowd and the deals are too good to miss. Check out the E-Tent by Spinrite Factory Outlet.

Have you ever done anything like this? Tell me your story by leaving me a comment below.


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I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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72 Responses to When Yarn Sales Get Personal… Mikey Loses Control at Spinrite

  1. mattsmadre says:

    Thanks for another giggle Mikey. Had to explain to hubby and son why I was giggling! They didn’t get it! Hhahahaha! They will when they see ME in the sprinrite factory!

  2. Verlinda Rankin says:

    Hey Mikey, I’m with you. A couple months ago there was a sale @ Michael’s. I tried to be civil, but, when I saw a beautiful ” turquoise blue” in Lion Brand Heartland for $1.99, I went berserk. Leave NONE FOR NO ONE!!!

  3. Kathlyn says:

    That was just a fabulous image you gave us…grown man in the yarn bin fending off the grannies with his dual wielded crochet hooks! Mwahaha!

    My equivalent is the oddments basket at my LYS. I dive in hands first every time I go in. It’s about 200m from my front door too! Shame most of my stash doesn’t match cos it’s made of little balls of prettiness. I take home anything that’s too lovely to stay lonely in the shop!

  4. barb roeder says:

    Mikey, I’ve never been to one of those sales up there in Canada. But I live about 35 miles from Herrschners yarn sales. And their sales are just what you described. a feeding frenzy I call it. I look forward to those sales every spring and fall. In fact I think one is coming up real soon. Hum, better start making room for more yarn. hehehehehe.

  5. Sherrilee says:

    Mikey I had to slap my hand that day. I saw some gorgeous yarn that was light, fluffy and the colours I know my youngest son would LOVE! However I was completely restrained that day and got out of Spinrite having only spent around $40. I kept telling myself I had to leave enough $$ in the bank for the rent. If I could have I would have jumped in a bin too! 😉

  6. Angie says:

    Great story Mikey. Sounds like you had the best day ever! I’m jealous

  7. Von Vonne says:

    Naturally you were overcome by yarn fumes…it’s okay; happens to us all 😉

  8. I had shopped in the E-Tent during the free shipping promotion in February, and then recommended the E-Tent’s “buy 3/get 1 free” promotion to an acquaintance on Ravelry who was looking for a certain colorway of Bernat Mosaic. The night she tried to shop at the E-Tent, however, the E-Tent’s server crashed for the first time ever — doubtless due to all of the hordes of online yarnaholics taking advantage of the “buy 3/get 1 free” sale! (She ended up shopping elsewhere that night.)
    Unfortunately, I’m currently going “cold sheep” for Lent, so I probably won’t be shopping again at the E-Tent until at least Easter. 😦 (More yarn for the rest of you, though!)

  9. Irma says:

    Loved your story, Mikey! Thanks for making us all laugh a little and help us deal with our own guilty yarn obsessions!

  10. nemeanleo says:

    Oh Mikey I love you and your stories! The way you tell them I can picture it happening as if I were there. That deal was just too good to pass up. I love the crochet crowd! I’m just sad that I didn’t join sooner! You keep crocheting exciting for me. So keep up the good work!

  11. Sherri Brandt says:

    I live in a very small apartment with my husband and have a stash of wool all over the place in every nook and cranny I can think of. If wool is on sale, or even if I see some I really like, my addiction comes into play and I am purchasing it. Love to crochet. Don’t spend alot of time at it, but every opportunity I can I am making something. Love your group Mikey, please keep the stories and tutorials coming.

  12. Marlene blackall. says:

    First time I am reading your blog (is that what it is called) laughed so much, because I could just picture it, I would of been in the bin with you.
    My wool stash story goes like this: I am addicted to yarn , I make for children’s hospitals, rugs &teddy bears. They supple the teddy stuffing to me to help out., with cost.
    Crochet afghans for nursing homes, also scarves and hats. Also crochet teddy s for th police and welfare groups,my fingers go non stop.
    I keep my buying secret from my partner & daughter, they know I have a BIG stash , but not how big.
    Well we just moved house because my daughter wanted me to live in the same suburb instead of 1 hour drive away.
    My secret came out when we had to get the moving truck.
    I have 22 of those huge storage tubs with a clamped down lid. It was all safely hidden in my craft room.
    I had to almost fight to the death to keep it. All I was hearing was “you have half filled a moving van, you don’t need so much.”
    I was only allowed to pack it in the truck on condition that I donated it to charity once we moved here.
    I promised (like hell)…………………….. Now it is here it only goes to charity as. Finished piece.

    Sad to say ..but.. I have a little problem now all has been revealed..
    I have lost most of my mobility, only have 20 percent body movement left….so my daughter or partner have to take me shopping (darn)
    Got enough wool for this year…..then how do I beg & get their sympathy to let me buy more.
    I am evil I will find a weak spot.
    I live in Australia, the only time I slow down with the crochet is when the tempterture is extremely high, then the hands have to be constantly dried.
    Going to love doing some of your patterns.
    First will be new winter dresses for my 2tiny grand daughters.
    Thank you for the enjoyable stories,
    God Bless, marlene.

    • barb roeder says:

      Marlene, Could you have the yarn mailed to you? You could shop thru the catalogs or on line, that’s what I did when I had my surgery and couldn’t get out to get yarn on my own. And NO you never have to much yarn. And you are a sweetheart for all the work you do , giving everything away. Tell your family to back off this is my life’s work, this is what keeps me going. Lots of love and hugs to you. Barb from the States

  13. Maureen Rose says:

    Mikey thanks for sharing, that story is priceless, made me laugh out loud. I wish I lived near enough to get to that sale! My sister does and she was there. She got lots of awesome deals! Thanks again!

  14. Sandra S. Williams says:

    Thank you for the vision that you planted into my head!! I can see myself doing something similar!

  15. Diane says:

    Mikey, you are a hoot. Thanks for being such a real person and for sharing it so openly. I love your posts.

  16. Nora says:

    Lolololololol. OMG!! That is funny!! I was there on the first day & all the way there I was telling friends “ok, I’m not going to go crazy today!” But my friends where laughing at me. They know me well!! 3 overly full bags later!! 🙂 Ok here’s the funny part, Spinrite isn’t far from me and almost all my yarn comes from them lol

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