New Crochet Afghans with A Slant


New Slanted Afghans by Lion Brand

No it’s not your eyes, it’s the afghan! The afghan it’s topsy turvy and really really fascinating.

While at CHA in California in January 2014, I see scarves at the Lion Brand Exhibit that looked like this. I was really impressed as the scarves were crooked but really slick at the same time. Clearly the designer has figured out the match to make this work.

This is a new free design by Lion Brand. It’s like scarves but working together to make an afghan. This gave me the idea of fans who like Dr Who… can you imagine would a “Who-vian” afghan would look like?

Without teasing you much further, you can access this free pattern called the New Slant Afghan. Remember, you will need to use your free membership at Lion Brand’s Website to access this pattern.


About Cathy - The Crochet Crowd

Cathy is the Executive Assistant of Mikey from The Crochet Crowd
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1 Response to New Crochet Afghans with A Slant

  1. Tena says:

    Cathy, I really like your idea of a “Who-vian” afghan! Have you ever seen the Van Gogh like pictures of the Tardis? Starry Night Tardis pictures? If you “Google it” it will bring up lots of images. I think using the New Slant Afghan pattern, but using using “starry night” colors would make a perfect throw for Doctor Who fans to snuggle under while watching their favorite episode(s). Great idea for a Doctor Who afghan – Thanks Cathy! Really appreciate all that you do for the Crochet Crowd community! 🙂

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