Mikey & Cathy Go To Hollywood!

Michael Sellick, Cathy Cunningham, Crochet Crowd

Mikey & Cathy of The Crochet Crowd under the Hollywood Sign in Hollywood.

For the 3rd time, Cathy and I got to visit to each other. Many people say we both look like brother and sister but I can assure you, she’s not. I don’t have the wounds of childhood from being punched or scraps we might have had as a child. Trust me though, we both have the same goals but sometimes a good slap in the head from Cathy is just what I need to put me back inline.

Today, we went to Hollywood. It was really interesting and partially the magic of Hollywood in my brain has changed. Cathy pointed out so many cars were wandering the hills of Hollywood with license plates being from different states. YES… even plates from Canada. I think as a resident, that would drive me nuts! Lord knows, the roads in the hills are really narrow and I know we were grabbing onto the car handles as Cathy’s hubby navigated his way through. We did make it out in one piece.

We had lunch in Beverly Hills at the Cheesecake Factory… we were too stuffed to have cheesecake though. Seems kind of silly not to have the cheesecake. Their servings were a bit much for all of us. We did some window shopping but didn’t buy anything. To end the day, we went to Barnes & Noble to had a drink to end the day. Took us forever to get home as the congestion on the highways are crazy! We did go down Rodeo Drive and certainly it’s not in my budget to shop there.

Over all, fun day hanging with Cathy and her man.


About Cathy - The Crochet Crowd

Cathy is the Executive Assistant of Mikey from The Crochet Crowd
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2 Responses to Mikey & Cathy Go To Hollywood!

  1. Sandi says:

    Very nice Cathy & her husband took you both sight-seeing in L.A. We sure do miss So. Cal. everyday. My husband knew every freeway (he was in sales @ cable t.v. network in Ontario, Ca.) We lived in Glendora, Ca. We’re desert rats. On our weekends off of work, we headed to the Eastern Sierras. Only “4hours” out of L.A. (that became a joke). w/heavy traffic, we left on Thursday instead of Friday to avoid week end traffic.
    So happy you had a fun time.

  2. Kathy frazier says:

    Mikey, you were right next to UCLA,. This past fall when i moved my daughter into the dorms, i took a sight seeing trip up in the “hood”.. Remember Fresh Prince of Belair? I drove all around there getting lost! And its just like you say! Small curvy roads! Now i got this stuck in my head… ” now this is a story about… “Lol!

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