Google Controversary: The Crochet Crowd’s Opinion

Mikey, Crochet Crowd

Controversy with Google Plus & YouTube

You may be unaware that we have a community outside of Facebook that is run on Google Plus. Our Crochet Crowd Google Plus Community currently has 1,230 members. Fans share ideas, photos and basically much of what can be done on Facebook can be done within this community.

Google last week did a change to the comments section of all YouTube Channels. Any comments made within our channel over the past many years, the REPLY section underneath the comment is gone. New videos created and uploaded after this change over will have the REPLY section under them.

For many YouTube hosts, including us, this prevents us with any videos created and uploaded before the change over to specifically comment to you by replying back to you only. Yes… inconvenient, but with any change we should always expect a road bump before better opportunities lay ahead.

New Feature

Google has intertwined Google Plus now with YouTube. For example, if you are in our community page and you see one of my videos posted, if you write a comment on the Google Plus Community where this video appears, the comments appear on our YouTube Videos inside YouTube. This helps maintain the data better and keeps everything in one place instead of having different properties under Google to be maintained separately. In fact, it’s going to save all of us time.

Why The Change

As a major channel on YouTube, we receive some pretty nasty email messages which include hate oriented content, threats and frankly some comments that are so inappropriate and/or non relevant to the video itself. Part of the change over to use Google Plus as a form of commenting within videos is to remove anonymity of users to make people more accountable for the comments they spread. YES… some people are going to go around the system and potentially create fake names, we see it all the time on Facebook and is something that will always exist.

While many people are outraged by this change over and some people prefer their identity remain a secret. Reality is this… and this is my opinion… you can be tracked regardless of the name you use. This is the internet after all. What you say online can greatly affect your own personal life at home, in ways you may never imagine.

Comments Are Being Resorted by Loyalty

The comments are now being sorted by relevance and subscribers. Example. We have over 1100 people on our YouTube that makes comments or likes a video more often than the rest. The more you comment or like the videos, the higher up the rank you go. YouTube has identified those users as being loyal fans and automatically pushes these people to the top of the list now in the comments section. Simply means these people are fans and are most likely to share relevant information or content.

You will see TOP COMMENTS at the top of the comments list but now there is a new box where you can click NEWEST FIRST if you wish to see the latest comments. The top comments are based on YouTube’s sorting algorithm.

I’m on the fence about this change myself. Sometimes a comment is made that is useful but the fan may not be a loyal fan or even a follower. However, their information or comment may be for the greater good. Cathy and I will need to keep an eye out for these emails as we are notified every time a comment is made about a video. We quickly review it and determine if a response is required. We don’t respond to everything posted in the comments. Sometimes a question is asked that is non relevant or a user may need to do some digging on their own.

Dealing With Change

So for now, sit back and see what the changes will bring. According to some informal research I have done on this topic. Some people are being way over dramatic. I think for the majority of us use the internet responsibly, I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

I am sure that with most changes that are done by Google, it is calculated and for the greater good of the service. I will admit, YouTube has really cracked down on the spam within YouTube. Years ago it was nothing but garbage comments with schemes of advertising and porn. Today, it’s is much cleaner than it ever was.

So for myself, I’m not getting on the fence and going to squawk about it. Truth for us is that we receive more comments than we can physically handle with our team. This may help us control our network even better.

What do you think? Should Google have changed the system? Leave me a comment to share your point of view.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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17 Responses to Google Controversary: The Crochet Crowd’s Opinion

  1. MsKat says:

    While I am happy for your well-deserved expansion, you will likely never see me in your google+ community. I attempted to join google+ a couple weeks ago; because my real name is a unique name, they would not let me join unless I scan and send them a copy of my driver’s license or passport (or was it birth certificate? can’t remember now). They do not need that information from me, especially in scanned form, so they can forget it if they can’t understand that is my real name. Sorry! Sincerely, TANGERINE-and yes, that is my real first name.

  2. Cristina says:

    I totally agree!!!

  3. Meg says:

    Sorting comments by something other than chronological order is something I’m starting to see a lot. For example, any site that uses Disqus does it; the comments with the most positive votes are at the top. I don’t really like this for basically the same reason that you stated, that it can be easy to miss really good comments. Plus, the comments at the top will probably get more votes because they’re easier to see, especially if there are a lot of comments and people don’t want to take the time to read them all.

    It sounds like Google’s system will work the same way, except it will be based on the commenter’s level of participation in their service – and that bothers me even more than what’s going on with Disqus. Some people just don’t – or can’t – participate that much. Maybe they don’t have much time to spend online or maybe they have bandwidth limits; for example, I can go over my monthly limit really fast if I watch many videos so I have to choose them carefully. There’s also the social aspect that some people – like me – don’t want to get involved in. I have 2 Google accounts right now (one personal and one for family stuff) but I don’t do Google+; it seems like just their version of Facebook, and I don’t do Facebook either. (Of course I could have been signed up for G+ without my knowledge; that wouldn’t surprise me, considering the way they operate.)

    You make a couple of other really good points – “you can be tracked regardless of the name you use” and “with most changes that are done by Google, it is calculated and for the greater good of the service”. Google wants to track everyone and everything they can, so they can better fit their ads to their users; it’s all about making money. If it happens to benefit the users that’s probably incidental; I don’t think they really care, as long as it benefits them.

    You can probably tell I’m not real happy with them these days; what they’re doing with YouTube makes me even less happy. But I really feel for you and your helpers, having to monitor all those comments. I admire and appreciate all the work you do promoting crochet with this site and your tutorials and links, and especially with featuring others’ projects (something I’m not too familiar with because I think it’s on FB? But I still think it’s great that you do that). You’ve put a lot of time and effort into this and I feel bad that you’re now going to have to spend even more time just because of what someone else has decided to do. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about others’ volume of work increasing because of something Google did (or stopped doing). I just wish someone would give them some decent competition. They’re turning into a monopoly.

  4. Debi Tracy says:

    Thanks for the update, but I don’t usually like “new and improved”.

  5. Lynne Babb says:

    There will always be haters & a–holes. It is way to easy to say anything on social media that comes into your head as it is. In print things also are different than by spoken word. I am not making excuses, just an observation. You do what is best for you. You have a talent that I appreciate. Don’t let anyone intimidate you or make you feel bad about you. That gives them power they don’t deserve. ❤

  6. Anna says:

    Good idea…sometimes I read other comments and wonder why people say certain things that I believe to be nasty, dumb and mean. A lot of comments has nothing to do with the video. BRAVO TO THE CHANGE.

  7. brenda shiley says:

    thank you for explaining; have always enjoyed and appreciated your tutorials. found them helpful and have recommended your site to others

  8. Marilyn Denler says:

    Thank you for explaining this for us. Great all around teacher!

  9. Shellie says:

    Thank you for explaining! I have heard of this change/integration but before now had no idea what it meant. Whether you are explaining crochet or tech talk, you sure are a WONDERFUL teacher. Thanks so much for all you do 🙂

  10. Pat Mckay says:

    Thnx very much 4 ur ur update, concise explanation, including pros/cons! Much appreciated! I firmly believe one of the most important skill sets anyone can have these days is “how to manage change effectively”. The changes u described have already been made & Google didn’t ask anyone for permission or input. I think we need to move forward, use the new process & see how it works. Let’s give it a chance. As u said, U & Cathy can as assess the new changes & see how they work from ur end. We, as Crochet Crowd community members can do the same thing from our end. If really serious issues emerge, we can problem solve together (our Crochet Crowd’s group’s greatest strength!) 2 find solutions. If the issues become really bad, we can let Google know how we feel. My sense is that if it gets to that level, we won’t be alone, as 1,000’s of others will feel the same way. So, let’s move 4ward & see how it goes!

  11. Great explanation of the situation between You Tube and Google. Thanks so much!!

  12. Helen says:

    Great explanation of the situation that exists at the moment between You Tube and Google. Always so grateful to you, Mikey.

  13. Vicki Linn Anderson says:

    Thanks for the explanation, and I did not know about the Crochet Crowd Google Plus Community. I’m going to head over and check it out. 🙂

    • Yvette says:

      I did not know this either. You tube is not somewhere I feel the need to comment or interact with people so the changes do not bother me in the least.

  14. Terrie Lynn Gelman says:

    I don’t know how you do it. You are always to easy to understand when you explain things to us. An inspired crocheter and writer…..and video maker….and and and….well you get the picture! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ tlg

  15. Debbie Smith says:

    Very well thought out and explained. Thanks Mikey!

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