A Pep Talk with The Tennessee Stitch

hard crochet patternFinding inspiration can sometimes come as a real drag.  At times, I find myself searching for something to spark my desire to crochet again.  It’s like when I am hungry and look at every single thing in my kitchen, yet nothing seems appetizing.  I have great news!  I have found a few things that ALWAYS renew the spark that I have for crochet and want to share them with you.

Find a harder project

Most times, when I don’t have a challenge I can get bored quickly.  Using this source of inspiration sometimes back fires on me.  Once, I chose a difficult pattern.  It was so beautiful and I thought that I could take it on.  Boy, was I wrong! It brought back to reality quickly.  The pattern that I had chosen was way too advanced for me.  I didn’t even know half of the stitches they were wanting me to do.  So when using this inspiration, make sure it’s not too advanced, but enough to still give you a challenge to further your skills.

yarnMake Donations

Crocheting can be a little daunting when what you are making is only going to join the 500 hats waiting to go to charity. You may have 42 pairs of socks and 15 afghans laying around your house.  I always get a fire lit under me when I have to make something for a friend or customer though.   What better way to spend your time crocheting.  I don’t always have orders or requests to fulfill, but when I lack inspiration and am sitting in that dead zone, I love to make items for donations.  One out of every nine babies are born prematurely.  Why not make a few preemie hats or baby blankets? Mikey provides you with great patterns.  If you need help finding a place to donate, contact us and we can send you in the right direction.

Explore a New Type of Yarn

There are so many yarn companies, large and small, that sell yarn.  There are thousands of types of yarn.  Pick one that you haven’t used before and hook away.  Make something new!  Create, imagine, play and hook away!  I like frilly yarns sometimes.  I like cotton yarn sometimes.  But when I want to get excited, I use a new yarn that gets me excited to make something completely new.

Teach Someone To Crochetchild crocheting

A few weeks ago, I was asked to come to a local event and teach young kids to crochet.  It was a heritage day event in which the children did crafts such as quilting, crochet, and making apple butter by hand.  It was a blessing to see all the little faces wanting to know how to crochet.  It made me want to crochet all the time for the next week, because I taught a few people how to crochet.  I even had a few of the parents stop by to learn.  Passing on the craft is a quick and efficient way to boost your inspiration and drive.

I hope these put some inspiration back into your lives as the cold weather approaches.  Happy Hooking!

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So my questions to you are:
  • Have you ever fought with inspiration?
  • What other advice about this topic would you share with others?

About danielledyer

I am in my late 20's. I live in the hills of the Appalachian mountains in Tennessee. I love to crochet and invite you to join in on the fun!
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