Quick Thinking Mom Rescues Child from Loom Knitting Ring

Knitting Loom

Quick Thinking Mom Rescues Child From Knitting Loom

As parents, we can appreciate how quick kids are to grab our crafting tools and before we know it, we have an urgent matter on our hands. Truthfully speaking, I would have never thought of something like this with a knitting loom.

We can be easily distracted by setting our equipment down as we make supper or go answer the front door.

Jennifer, from Missouri, had a scare yesterday as her child grabbed her loom and forced it over her head and pulled it down around her neck. Quickly thinking, she was unable to get the loom off her child’s head. She even tried butter and lotions to try to slip it off but wouldn’t come off.

Jennifer demonstrated quick insight and thought to take her daughter to the local Fire Station to have firemen cut off the loom from her neck. Though, we cannot prevent all accidents or have foresight for things that could go wrong, quickly thinking of alternative methods to get help is just as important.

Jennifer reports that she won’t be buying any looms in the near future, or at least until her daughter’s head gets bigger so that this won’t happen again. Probably a good idea as children do learn from experiences. Luckily for everyone involved, this didn’t turn out to be more serious than it was.


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6 Responses to Quick Thinking Mom Rescues Child from Loom Knitting Ring

  1. Diane says:

    My Mom still shutters when she remembers the time she heard a loud clatter down the stairwell. When she got there she saw my sister, about 15 years old, and me, about 4, at the bottom of the stairs. My sister was attempting to carry me down the staircase with her skates on.
    Me, I landed on top and said, “Whee, lets do that again.”
    Glad that all turned out well for baby and Mama!! It’s nice she got a gentle reminder about keeping things out of reach of small curious hands. It’s always a challenge.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Why not make a loom that snaps open?

  3. Almarie de Villiers says:

    It wasn’t life threatening and was probably scary enough so she won’t try it again. You seriously shouldn’t have to make your home child proof, your child should be disciplined/ respectful enough to know when to leave stuff that they shouldn’t be playing with. Do you only keep plastic spoons and bowls around when your grandchild come over? Probably not, teach the child manners and it is not necessary to “hide” stuff that may cause harm from them. Besides, kids will be kids.

    • My sister used to stick hair clips into the light socket. Repeatly told not to but then she realized if she puts one in each hole, the voltage will go right through her. Put an end to that quickly. As much as Mom tried and as much as the house was child proof, things like this occur. I can still remember, which is odd in itself, falling down the stairs several times as a kid. I think I may be four or five but I can remember it clearly. I climbed over a gate… was my own fault. I could have been seriously hurt as there was a heavy wood bannister at the bottom that you had to turn at the bottom of the stairs.

  4. This is in the distant past as there are now no kids in the house and I can leave out my projects. If I had been this mother, I would have taken a pair of pliers and broke the loom myself. It’s just plastic and can be replaced. Kids can’t be. Glad the tot is fine.

  5. Rosalie says:

    I have to admit that is scary situation. Just like everything in life we always need to be aware of our surroundings and child proof our craft areas ….my granddaughter will be visiting soon and I am already reorganizing my craft room to make it child proof and rechecking other rooms in the house too.

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