I’m Struggling with Weight Gain and Energy, I’m going to try Isagenix

ISAGenix Weight Control

Isagenix, 30 Day System for Body Weight Control and Cleansing.

This blog is “Knot just Yarn” which means it is also a personal blog for me to share with you other things that are trapped within my brain and spiraling around.

I know that when you see that celebrities are suffering from exhaustion. Many laugh and think how can that be when the job looks so cushy. As much as I don’t feel like a celebrity, many claim that I am. I am suffering from exhaustion from trying to keep up to the pace of what I have created. I’m a people pleaser and try to keep up without taking time out for myself or my personal life.

With being in the public eye, you can tell when the videos are filmed as you can see me progressing in weight gain. I have only myself to blame as I have created a habit that is allowing me to gain the weight. My habit is going to Tim Hortons, for my international friends, it’s a Coffee Shop. It’s easy to add on a donut or muffin or something else to my order of Tea. When I have a tea, I crave the snack that goes with it. Tim Hortons is not responsible for my weight gain, I am because I have allowed it to be part of my life.

Daniel and I went to a mall the day before we left for North Carolina. A man’s vest is XXL fits me? I still dispute that fact but it’s what the clothes say. I still don’t believe it. We quickly left many stores as the fashion stores like Le Chateau don’t fit Daniel and I any longer. This means the bright shirts we wear are a memory on the path we are going on.

Truth is, I’m working up to 14 hours per day. I sit at my desk for the majority of that time frame. I quickly eat lunch and supper and get back to work. I need to seriously have a quitting time and stick to it. I can’t see that happening anytime soon. I’ve got myself into a habit of working this hard for nearly 6 years.

While in North Carolina, it came to our knowledge that a few crochet designers were on Isagenix. One of them, Tammy Hildebrand is an Isagenix representative. You can see some of her designs on RedHeart.com as well as  The pictures of her only 3 months ago compared to now are phenomenal. Another designer who Tammy was coach with the program were seeing results quickly and it’s incredible the weight loss from the face and neck.

Are the results too good to be true? The evidence is right in front of us with some of the designers we had met. We did some deep searching online and haven’t really found anything that terrible about program. It is designed to cleanse our bodies and remove 2 meals a day with a IsaLean Shake that has Chocolate Flavours.

Can I be really honest… Garbage In, Garbage Out… I’m eating garbage due to not taking the time to take care of myself and I am suffering from weight gain and exhaustion as a result. Due to the over pressure both Daniel and I have, we eat out or choose the wrong foods out of convenience of speed to make.

Everything we are eating is genetically modified. Daniel and I are convinced that it is nearly impossible to eat properly with so many foods having ingredients that are engineered. Packages say 50% less sugar but the original package may have been 4 – 8 times more sugar than needed. Essentially you are still making a poor choice. Obesity is on the rise and I think there’s really not much we can do about it. I’m trying to be real but nearly everything we are eating has been so modified. Lettuce used to have Vitamin C but it’s been engineered where the Lettuce no longer has it naturally… All in the sake of growing our foods, including livestock, quicker for the sake of more profits and out of control population growth of humans.

We’ve been kicking the idea around for nearly 2 weeks of trying this Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing Program. We are both in a position where we need to do something to reclaim our bodies and health back. Simple activities are leaving us breathless and trust me when I put on my Mikey’s Shirt and it’s not fitting me today when it fitted okay 2 months ago… it’s a really terrible and disappointing feeling. It’s time for a cleanse to put myself back on track and to make better choices.

I’m doing good as I haven’t had a Coca Cola in nearly 2 weeks! That is a huge improvement for me alone. Daniel and I have made a conscious decision to drastically cut McDonalds out of our meal plans with the intention of stopping altogether. Jamie Oliver released an article about the fats and processes within foods offered by McDonalds. It left us horrified and we cannot see a Big Mac the same way. We need to make better choices.

The price of the 30 Day Cleanse Starter Kit is approximately $450 for each of us. We factored in our eat out expenses as well as groceries for 1 month,  we will most likely save money with this system. It is expected we will loose between 10 – 18 pounds in the first month. We will also save even more money without having to buy new clothes to fit our growing sizes. Daniel and I usually go for a 45 minute walk in the evenings already to get away from the computer.

Part of the program is to bring your energy back which I am in severe need of.

This system has a two tier opportunity:

  1. You can be a user of the system to benefit from the cleansing… This is what I am going to do.
  2. If you think you know others that would like to try this system, you can be a distributor of Isagenix and make commissions off of the kits you sell. Home based business.

How to Get Set Up on an Isagenix System and/or Be A Distributor

I’m too busy to be a representative so I am going to give you my Isagenix Representative’s Information. If you are interested in trying this cleansing program and/or being a distributor, Tammy Hildebrand can be contacted. Email her at THilde5939@aol.com. Tammy will get back to you and most likely make an arrangement to speak to you on the phone to go over your options.


Tammy Hildebrand, Crochet Designer and Isagenix Representative. 3 Months Results!

As mentioned, Tammy is a crochet designer and I trust her judgement after meeting her in person. She is also on the program and showing incredible results in just 3 months alone. I prefer to trust someone that is on the program and can give encouragement and real advice. There’s many aspects that I respect Tammy for, what you see is what you get. She tells it like it is, even if the truth sucks!

There is also a support group on Facebook that you will be invited to when you sign up for your first starter kit where people are on the system. The results people are showing are incredible.

YouTube Results – 30 Day Real Trial

Daniel and I will be filming a 5 part Video Series on our journey with Isagenix. We are going to tell it like it is. Part 1 will be opening up the package and preparing for this. Part 2 will be a week later on it and seeing what our challenges have been and go to the end.

We are going to commit to this program and see if our results are typical to what others are seeing! It will only help us if we are accountable to a week review on YouTube.


This blog is not a paid advertisement. The video series will be filming is not a paid advertisement. We will not be receiving any monetization from sales of Isagenix in anyway. We are doing this for our own health as we need to do something.

I know some of you may dispute Daniel and I going on this cleanse. I will level with you, on our current path we are already classified as obese, with diabetes and health issues directly ahead of us. I am not joking that if I don’t do something, based on family history… a heart attack for me is very likely. Daniel’s family members died off starting in the 40 year age area and no one survived beyond 65 years of age. He’s the last surviving member of his family. We didn’t make this decision lightly and we both need to bring our health into priority. Life for us is moving so fast that we are struggling to make good choices.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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22 Responses to I’m Struggling with Weight Gain and Energy, I’m going to try Isagenix

  1. Nancy Rorye says:

    I hope that this will be successful for you however please have a food plan ready for when the programme ends. You cannot stay on this forever. I also used to work long days & eat poorly with little to no exercise. I then retired & lost 40 lb. Amazing what lack of stress will do. Since then I stayed about the same even though I had more to lose. I recently decided to make an effort at losing more weight (after your last blog) & have lost an additional 10 lb. I am not forbidding myself any food however I do try to watch what I am eating. I restrict myself to a donut at Timmy’s only once a week. If I totally restricted it, then I would binge. Good luck & make sure you see the doctor. Being out of breath, could be a blood pressure concern. We need you around so we can handle you working a few less hours.

  2. Ruth D says:

    Best of luck in your adventure. Everyone should make sure they do their research and check with your doctor before trying anything like this. Isagenix is primarily vitamins, supplements, and herbs but since they are combined together, anyone who has a cronic illness or takes any meds regardless of if they are pharmaceutical or herbal should probably stay very far away from this. In my case, it would literally kill me since it would interfere with the meds and herbs I take on a daily basis.

  3. Debra Evangelisto says:

    I have been on Isagenix since June and have lost 25 Pounds and over 60 inches off my body. I feel better than I have in years, and it is quite literally the best thing I have ever done for myself. My energy is through the roof. Isagenix is not a gimmick, or a diet. It is a LIFESTYLE. You need to make the change, and the sky’s the limit. You will ROCK THIS, Mikey! I’m here for any support you need or want!

  4. michele maks says:

    Bravo! Both Tammy and Kimberly McAlindin are walking advertisements for this program. Do keep us informed! Will be joining you myself.

  5. I think you can do very well with Isagenix. Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced positive results with their industry-leading weight loss system. It is actually a 30 cleanse that detoxifies your body down to the cellular level. Weight loss is one of the side effects of this! (along with more mental clarity, increased energy, and lots of other benefits!) You can learn more at my blog if you are interested. All products are 100% natural and are scientifically backed (not to mention the 1000’s of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists, professional atheletes, and personal trainers who have joined). http://www.lifeisbetterwithisagenix.com

  6. Gillian Walker says:

    Have been overweight all my life I can tell you it’s an expensive way to lose something that you will only regain once you start eating normally again. It takes the same time to make a healthy smoothie as it does to make one of there shakes. It is all natural, has vitamins and minerals and many other things that the body needs. Heres one that is about 300 cals, take on blend and 3 mins to make. 1 Banana broken into pieces, 2 tablespoons of oats, 1 teaspoon of honey. handful of berries, 3 tablespoons of yogurt. pop it in the blender as wizz for 30 seconds until smooth. It will fill you up, and give you energy. I use a nurti-bullet as it is easy clean up and you drink it out of the cup you make it in. The only way to lose weight is to change your eating habits completely.
    This is only a suggestion but use the money take you are going to spend on this program to take on some part time help with you blog and website, this relieves the pressures and gives you some extra time for yourselves, allowing you to take a walk in the evening with daniel or cook a meal and take you time eating it so that you enjoy it. After all if I remember correctly you make this life style change a few years ago as you were not happy working so long. Now you seem to be doing the same again. You have gotten to a stage where you are so successful you need to have some help or you will drown in your own success. I do know what I am talking about as I have been self-employed most of my life

  7. Lisa Lee says:

    Mikey, inactivity causes weight gain, stress causes weight gain, hormonal changes cause weight gain, certain meds cause weight gain….Have you thought of wearing a pedometer to see how many steps you take during a day? Let’s face it, crocheting is a sit-down activity, You and Daniel could really do yourselves a favor and set a time everyday where you walk together. Think of the conversation and intimacy that would develop. You might even use it as a “no work talk” time and just relax and breathe the fresh air. I need to take my own advice! Seriously, maybe a yoga class or gym membership where you leave all work behind… We Love You!

  8. My cousin is an Isagenix consultant here in Australia and she and her partner have had amazing results from the program both in health and weight lose! I haven’t been brave enough to try the cleanse completely yet but I have been using the shakes and the protein bars (which are really yummy) and have lost 4 kilos (about 9 pounds I think) in 3 weeks. One great side affect for me has been that I haven’t been craving sweet things like I used to. Good luck to you both I look forward to seeing your progress and hopefully inspiring a bit more progress in myself!

  9. Famy says:

    Have you heard of this man http://www.thegabrielmethod.com/ He has changed the way I think about food and dieting.

  10. Diane McDonald says:

    Good luck Mikey. I know you’ve put some serious thought into this and I’m proud of you for wanting to be healthier. I hope this helps you make the lifestyle changes you need for a long and happy life.

  11. Maria says:

    I wish you lots of luck Mikey and if you need support just give a shout. I have been a yo-yo dieter my entire life but the last couple of years have really been the worst for me. My mother fell ill with cancer and I am her only caregiver so the stress has led to horrible weight gain that I just couldn’t lose. About 3 weeks ago I started a kind of cleanse diet. I cut out ALL sugar and bad carbs including starchy vegies, yeast and wheat products, dairy (except yogurt with live cultures), fruit (because its sugar), anything fermented and caffeine. I cook with Olive Oil or coconut oil, butter, lots of herbs and lemon. I take a daily probiotic. Yes honestly there is a ton of food to eat! The important thing is I feel better, have more energy, less headaches and I have dropped over 10 lbs. and I am not hungry! I don’t miss the sugar anymore and cravings are gone, same with caffeine. Eventually I will allow myself some indulgence (like dark chocolate) but in real moderation. As others have said stress can do horrible things to us and we exacerbate that by eating foods that are making us even more sick, like sugary processed “food” that has so much chemicals its not really food anymore. You should give it a try even for just a week and see how you feel. Cut out any sugar and processed stuff (read labels for hidden sugar), caffeine and carbs. Eat fresh foods and drink herbal tea for that morning ‘fix’. I will bet you will see a difference.

  12. Marilyn Denler says:

    Best wishes as you start this program. Working it together should be a big plus in helping you achieve your goals! I had surgery back in Dec. ’09 for pancreatic cancer. I was drinking a lot of pop during the week at work which I know now was a big mistake! My son has been a real help in realizing the value of organic foods, the importance of staying away from GMO junk. It’s crazy how much of the so called food in the grocery store isn’t fit to eat. But if you pick organic fruits and veggies ( which taste so much better), you’ll go a long way to better health,more energy, and seeing your goals become reality! Pulling for you both!

    Sent from my iPad


  13. Meg says:

    Wow, there’s a lot I could say about this but it’s late. Just a few thoughts:
    – It sounds like your eating issues are (at least partly) related to your stress level. Finding ways to destress may help, like maybe more free time spent doing things you & Dan enjoy, more regular exercise (I go out *every single day*, which I can tell you isn’t always easy here in rainy PA – but I do it), stepping away from your job periodically (hard I know since you’re self-employed, but I think it’s do-able with planning)…
    – I’ve never done a cleanse but I know people who have and it seems like a good way to start a dietary or lifestyle change. I have also known people who lost a lot of weight on shake diets – only to gain it back when they went back to regular food. Please, if you are going to do something like that, especially replacing more than one meal a day – *be careful*. It might be a good idea to check it out with your doc or a nutritionist first (doctors don’t know much about nutrition, they don’t get any training in it, but your doc could tell you whether your health is good enough for a particular program; nutritionists *do* have that training).
    – I’ve been on weight loss programs twice and most of my research for those found the experts saying “slow and steady” is better than “fast” – for one thing, it’s safer, and for another, it’s a better way to “wean” yourself into a new way of eating – you have more time to get used to it and not want to change back once you’ve lost the weight. So, I would suggest you focus more on getting started rather than on how fast you can lose the extra pounds. They *will* come off, if you keep with it.
    – I think you just turned 40, didn’t you? I believe metabolism slows down as we get older; part of your issue may be that you’re consuming more calories than you need for your age. There’s a calculation for that somewhere (BMR, I think it’s called); even if you don’t want to count calories it’s interesting to note that age is one of the numbers used in the calculation.
    – If you seem to have trouble saying no to sweet things (like donuts, cookies, and candy) or carbs (like bread and pasta) please consider checking out “Potatoes Not Prozac” by Kathleen DesMaisons. She runs a recovery program for people who are sugar-sensitive (aka “sugar addicts”). (If you don’t have this problem feel free to ignore this suggestion.)
    – I’m glad you and Dan are going to be doing this together. Besides making meals easier – one person doesn’t have to eat different food from the other – you’ll be able to support each other through all the other changes. That’s important. You’re lucky to have each other.

    Well, that was a lot after all. I really do wish you success with this (trust me, I know what this is like; I’ve been there 🙂 ). And I’ll be sending a few positive thoughts your way.

  14. Cheryl goodsell says:

    Mikey, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I suggest you talk to your doctor before trying a weight loss product.

    I lost 56 pounds with a weight loss support group called TOPS, and have kept it off for 8 years. It is an international program with chapters in Canada. Their website is http://www.tops.org.

    Good luck to you both, however you choose to get to a healthy weight.

  15. I wish the best to both of you, even though I am someone who isn’t a fan of medication to resolve problems such as exhaustion and weight problems. I think it’s all in the diet, and what you eat that makes the difference, as well as the lifestyle. You are convinced that it is impossible to eat properly but actually it is possible, if you do some research, and buy produce at the right grocery stores. Seems like you have a very stressful lifestyle, and don’t have much time for yourself and your well being, I am very sorry about that, and I know it’s hard to juggle 14 hours of work and taking care of yourself! Like I said, I wish you the best and that this will work for you, even though it is not the path I would take, we all have different ways to handle these kind of problems 🙂

  16. ChristI says:

    Hey Mikey, I feel the same way. We all struggle with our weight. Please if you do this keep us informed. I have been fighting my weight for nearly 15 years. I tried everything. Once I lost 4 dress sizes from going to the gym 4 days a week and waking 2 times every day for a mile each, walking the kids to school for drop off and pick up, and working at Walmart as a floor associate which means I had to walk the whole store 6-10 times a night. My excersise stopped when I quit work and went back to school for my last 7 credits to get my high school diploma and then going to a community college. I soon realized I gained it all back. Since then its been going up very fast. I tried that new pill out garcinia but didn’t really lose anything. I recently started Dailyburn.com. I do 1hour or yoga every morning after the kids head to the bus stop, I choose yoga because any other program would wake the neighbors down stairs. I physically feel so much better, my migranes have decressed and my bad knee and back feel so much better. They have over 85 programs to choose from. Its free for 30 days then $10 a month. I have been doing it for 2 months and lost 10lbs then I slowed down to 2 days a week due to kids and work. I stared again this month and lost 6lbs already. I don’t like to exercise but I must for my health. My weight is like a bouncy ball. Makes me so mad, I think I’m doing so well then my weekly weight in comes and its either the same or more. I eat 1/2 cup of egg beaters which is 2 eggs scrambled, 1 cup of fresh spinach leaves scrambled in with the eggs, and 1 strip of bacon for breakfast, a small salad for lunch and small portion of chicken and vegetables for dinner. I have not had chocolate in 3 months and coffee in 2 weeks. I’m dying here trying to do everything I can and I see hardly any results that actually stay instead of going up and down. If this works for you and Dan, please let me know at this pointI will try anything. Thank you Mikey for sharing with us. I wish you both the best.

  17. Janice says:

    I have done Isagenix and lost weight extremely fast and felt great! (after the first couple of days). The problem is, I didn’t change my eating habits and left the Isagenix program, then gained all of the weight back. I’m now on a diet for Candida. I stay firmly on it. I eat stir-fries every day. I love them! They are so quick and easy to make! I can usually have a healthy meal thrown together in 20 minutes! So what I am saying is do the month cleanse but have a diet to start as soon as you go off Isagenix. And yes, walking is a great idea but you need something else for our wonderfully warm, Canadian winters! lol Good luck, my friends!

  18. Celeste Dunn says:

    Mikey, I’ve fought with weight gain all my life. My sons are extremely conscious of GMO foods. Each summer we grow our own veggies and we no longer eat at many fast food places, though mostly in protest of their business practices. I understand that this is a big decision for you & I wish you the best of luck.

  19. Julie says:

    Hi there Mikey! I know what it’s like to struggle with weight… In the end it’s your choice, but I had tried everything to lose weight. I found simple exercise and portion control and accountability was best. I ate what I wanted, but just took care of portions, and made small changes by adding exercise and small goals (regarding food and exercise). This is more of a long term, permanent way of life, and not a short term fix. I lost 40 pounds and it was slow, but I felt great and so proud of myself (I HATED exercise before!). I would lose more, but am now expecting a baby for March, so am slowly seeing the scale increase again. Although I know it’s for a reason, it’s still hard. I know what it’s like. Good luck, and think of long term results and best health (and please be careful regarding “research” regarding products- make sure to see who funded it, and how it was performed…).

  20. Angela says:

    Good Luck! I have the same problem. Lucky for me, my husband’s health insurance covers nutritional counseling if your BMI is in the obese range. It’s been four months and I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m aware of my junk food triggers, eat healthier snacks and prepare healthier meals.

  21. Karen Corwin says:

    Best of luck to you both. If it doesn’t work try Weight Watchers. It works for me.
    Also, go to the local dog shelter and pick up a new friend for life. You will be forced to exercise more by taking the pup for lots of walks and potty breaks.

  22. Cynthia S says:

    Wishing you good results and lots of support!

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