Where is My Limit? When is big too big?

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Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I like to keep my blog real and yesterday I had real moment of looking in the mirror at a changing room to purchase some new fresh shirts for this season’s crochet shows.

It’s no shock to anyone that I have gained weight. The bottom line is that I am not exercising or making proper food choices. In my relationship, Daniel and I are pretty easy going about our weight as our weight doesn’t define our happiness. Having said that, in public we do feel self conscious and sometimes… even in embarrassed.

In my 20’s, I had gained a lot of weight and lost over 80 lbs over a year and a half. I was at a size 40 waist and was able to knock myself back to 32″. I cannot physically get any skinnier than 32″.

Here I am today, 38″ waist and I am almost back to the same weight I was in my 20’s. This time, I have a few problems. I am extremely distracted, yes addicted too, by the Internet to get myself offline to go for a walk or do things that may be more constructive.

During my pant try ons yesterday, One of the 38″ didn’t fit and I had to go to 40″. I looked in the mirror as the size tag was clearly obvious. My heart sank and I thought… if I continue down this same path, I am going to be larger… when do I have to have a mental breakdown to wake up to change my life up to prevent myself from gaining more weight? I work all day, then crochet all night so I have topics of discussion and projects for my daily routine of my job. I’m in a viscous cycle.

To our sadness, there are some stores where both Diva Dan and I can no longer shop at. The sizes don’t go that high… Le Chateau is one of our favourite places but we can no longer fit into their clothes. Their sizing doesn’t go this high.

It got us thinking… “Where is the line!”. As we get bigger, the choices of the fashionable clothes become a memory as the styles in the larger men’s clothes becomes more generic and dare I say… boring as can be!

So the truth is… the answer is that I cannot expect the fashion industry to change. I have clothes that I cannot fit into anymore. I have fabulous clothes that would be suffice but I have gained too much weight to fit into them. The real answer is that I need to get serious about kicking off some weight.

My knees hurt more, I’m not as flexible and so forth. In fact, I’ve been noticing that comfort level with crochet is changing as my stomach is further out than before.

I find myself stressed a lot of the time to keep up with the pace of The Crochet Crowd. An idea that was merely a hobby has turned into a full time job. Seriously though, I could use several people to help me here at The Studio but obviously I don’t make enough money to support that idea. If money were no object, I am sure there would be a team of at least four of us here to keep up with the demand.

So I have to get real, get honest and so forth… The real situation happened when we got home yesterday. Though the size of shirts were suppose to fit, every shirt I bought that I tried on at home yesterday were too small! I was devastated to be quite frank with you.

So the answer is that the only person that needs to change is myself. If I want the clothes to be more fashionable, I have to take care of myself. If I want to feel better about myself, it’s me that has to change. I’m huge believer that was can control a portion of our life’s experiences, but it’s up to use to guide the path in the direction we need to go. Change starts right now… not at 6pm tonight, not tomorrow but immediately.

I need to get myself back on track. Rule Number 1… I honestly have to stop drinking Coke and Dr Pepper! It gives me an artificial high feeling to keep my energy going but this is where I fall down. Daniel guilts me with every pop I drink and I feel the guilt even when he’s not around. It puts me in a false happy place and I am really upset that I am so addicted to it. In the effort to put me in a false happy momentum, it’s in turn adding inches and 16 Tablespoons of Sugar with each drink. I quit pop in the my 20’s which helped me loose my 80 lbs… I have to seriously do this again to begin a better path for myself.

This is how I am feeling today! A bit down, overweight and as I say to Daniel, “I feel like a flub today!” Though Daniel and I know the right path… we have to put our thoughts into action and do this together. It’s the only way.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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87 Responses to Where is My Limit? When is big too big?

  1. abiding228 says:

    Hi Mikey,
    First, thanks for all you do for us here at The Crochet Crowd! Knowing how much work is involved with running the website, many of us would love to help in whatever way we can. Please let us know what we can do. And as you’ve read, many of us, me included, have some weight to lose. It’s been really hard to get motivated, especially with the winter dragging me down… I know what I need to do-it’s not about lack of knowledge re: eating right, exercise, etc. Ruth Parks mentioned a “Crochet Crowd Personal Challenge” and I think that would be a great idea. Any ideas how we can do that? I’m in and will help with it-if someone shows me how (ha-ha!) Pat

  2. Klayr Clark says:

    You could try chair marching. It’s super easy, when you sit in a chair, just march in place. I do it all the time when I’m at work, on the computer, and even crocheting! It really makes a difference!

    I’m rooting for you!

  3. Lorna Burke says:

    I believe that finding time is probably your biggest obstacle. Make the time. We will forgive you if you miss a tweet or two!! 🙂 Your health should come before everything!!! Do this for yourself! We appreciate that you do so much for us. You have to change your priorities just a little. I’m just a beginner and I can easily work with the projects you already have online. I can’t help much with what you do, but I am supportive. I’m going to start with walking again–just 30 minutes a day–rain or shine!!! You can do this!

  4. Angela W. says:

    Part of it is a lot of these companies are making their clothes smaller. it isn’t always necessarily that we have gained weight. It’s just like with things in the grocery store, the scale of the box or package shrinks but you still wind up paying the same amount or more for less.




  5. Stephanie Seaboyer says:

    We’re here for YOU Mikey!!! I’ve been on my weightloss journey for over a year and a half and it doesn’t happen over night. I Don’t have to tell you that since you’ve lost that 80 pounds in your 20’s and you can do it again. Like others here that have posted about excerise, smaller portions and even changing the pates they use. I’ve done all that and went and got a gym membership and it was the BEST thing on earth for myself to do and be a mother of 2 kids (3 &4) and I know with help from friends, family, Diva Dan and all who love you and the Crochet Crowd we’re here to help you reach your goal of loosing the weight. If you need advice for meals, workouts I’m here just look me up on your friends list on Facebook and send a message. If i could loose 90 pounds you can too!! xox From Nova Scotia!

  6. happycat13 says:

    Consider your body a temple. Healthy is beautiful, and healthy food awakens your taste buds. Drink at least 64 ounces/day. Think of all the cool crochet bottle covers…. Eat a variety of fruits, veggies, lean protein and let your creative side view your kitchen as your “lab”. I live by this, and it makes every meal/snack an experience. Never skip breakfast. Eat between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Then wait until the next morning to eat a scrumptious bowl of oatmeal. My recipe is as follows:

    1 c Old-fashioned steel-cut oatmeal
    1 tbs Safflower oil
    1/4 c walnuts
    1/4 c Blueberries, strawberries, peaches, or whatever the fruit of the season happens to be
    1 tbs honey
    cinnamon to taste

    Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Walk 20 minutes per day. Start your morning with a 10 minute meditation, followed by your “to do” list. Top 3 on the list being the most important. Think of the energy you will have over time after dumping the colas, more to crochet and whatever else you would like to do with your time. I just love your tutorials. You have the most awesomest personality and are a super teacher. What I am sharing is to keep you going to at least 100!! xxx

  7. Frieda Brandt says:

    You’re on the right track, Michael, eliminating sugary drinks. I think if you go a bit farther, and eliminate bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and other starchy veg, the weight will fall away. The low carb way of eating is so satisfying, and is the only way I’m able to lose and maintain. Good luck, and thanks so much for your crochet inspiration!

  8. Ruth Parks says:

    Hi Mikey, you are such a beautiful person, you have a real genuine heart. I am sitting here thinking and feeling the same as you. I too need to take a look at my lifestyle and make the choices to change the way I am feeling. I think you should start The Crochet Crowd Personal Challenge. We all have goals, and challenges and it would be a great way to help each other and give support and encouragement. I think your awesome no matter what size you are, but I also understand that you need to feel good within yourself. I look in the mirror lately and the answer for me is I have reached the limit and gone too far, I have to get this weight off. I put on a lot of weight after I finished treatment for cancer and now that I have been well for several years I have let myself go. I just want you to know that you are not alone and I will be thinking of you and Dan.

  9. Evelyn says:

    Been there done that. With the dr. Pepper and Coke you just have to think o them as black death.! With every one of them that you drink you run the risk of diabetes and early death, not to mention obesity. I had to kick the habit so every time I wanted on I drank some water and did some form of exercise, like 10 jumping jacks or 10 crunches, then drank some more cold water or ( iced coffed). You are an intelligent man, you can do this. Remember, small goals and just one foot in front of the other and you will reach your goal.

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  11. Jan Richards says:

    Forgot to mention — I’m in agreement with the “let us help you” remarks above. Please let us know if there’s something we can do to make your work life easier…

    Jan Richards

  12. Jan Richards says:

    You can do it, Mikey — I would recommend a book to you (althought it may mean you have to give up some crochet time…) It’s called Weight Loss Boss, by David Kirchoff (CEO of Weight Watchers). You may not be into the “group weight loss” that the WW model provides, but Jennifer Hudson is a perfect example of how it does work. I am a woman in my sixties — and yes, the older you get the more difficult it is to lose weight. I have struggled, yo-yo-ed and a month ago I got DAMN SERIOUS — I’m down six pounds this month (total weight loss 30 pounds) and I’m feeling so much better. My knees don’t hurt as much, my stomach doesn’t get upset as often. I do drink diet sodas (although they are a treat rather than a regular thing…) I have found that Crystal Light is a great substitute — and really counts as water. Lots of new, cool flavors (Margarita, Appletini, Mojito — you can pretend the alcohol kick!). We are all here for you…just take the first step. Stop drinking Coke and Dr. Pepper for TWO WEEKS and see what happens. Then add other changes a few at a time. Don’t go cold turkey and starve yourself. That’s not practical. You still have to live and your life is awesome. You’ve created a vital community here and we need you to stay healthy. HUGS…. Jan Richards

  13. MsKat says:

    There’s just one thing I must say-don’t let the size tag on any clothing item ever make you feel bad. If you must keep up with your size, and it is a good idea to do so, use a tape measure, measure yourself and keep a diary or something. Although it is more prevalent in women’s wear, I have a feeling it exists in menswear too: you cannot always believe the size you see on a garment. If you try to believe what you see on that garment tag you can drive yourself nuts, as well as making yourself feel bad when you have to ‘size up’. Just buy what fits, no matter what the tag says, and then don’t worry about what the tag says. I can literally go to a store, choose 10 different brands of a garment, say, jeans, and end up needing them in about 6 different sizes in order for all of them to fit, no matter what price point. There’s no base size guide in the fashion industry, and the consumer ends up feeling bad just because the size they think they wear doesn’t fit. If you just go by your actual measurements and weight, and what goal you want to set with them, you will save yourself some weight loss stress and discouragement. I wish you luck and send many hugs! xoxo

  14. Frankie Zacharias says:

    I agree with everyone else, there are a lot of us fans out here that are more than willing to help you out, if there are any parts of your job that can be farmed out to us make a list and let us volunteer, I think you will be amazed at the number of volunteers you will get. As for the weight, I’m fighting that battle myself, except I have a lot more than 80lbs to lose, lol. My biggest problem is the computer, I don’t crochet as much as I like too, sometimes I will go two weeks without picking up my crochet because I can’t get off the computer long enough, so I have to addiction to break, food and computer, but I have faith in all us and together we can do it. We should start a biggest lose club for the crochet crowd and keep each other motivated 🙂 love you Mikey, hang in there, 🙂

  15. Meg says:

    It’s cool that you share this personal stuff with us, Mikey. I recently discovered that 70% of the US population over the age of 20 is overweight. That’s bad, but what’s worse is I’m one of them. I’ve lost it twice (67 pounds the first time, 15 most recently); the challenge for me is keeping it off. I’ve realized, as you have, that my eating habits have to change. I’ve already made major changes, for example no refined carbs (I’m sugar sensitive), and added exercise every day (it’s a good break from the computer), but there’s always more to try and my age doesn’t help. I’ve heard the metabolism slows down as you get older and that seems to be part of my problem. I have a “milestone birthday” coming up next month; it’s much higher than your recent one but still… The pounds sneak on as the years do.

    It’s good that you’re doing this now, though, before it gets to the point where you feel like there are so many extra pounds that it’s not worth the effort. Plus you won’t be doing it alone, and the person you’re sharing it with lives with you, which will help with your meals and keeping each other on track. Just watch those trips – so many opportunities to “pig out”! 🙂

    I’ve been through this – especially the “clothes not fitting” part, there was a time when I had no idea what size I really was! – so feel free to share whatever you need. I wish you and Dan both much success.

  16. Diane says:

    Mikey, good for you. Making the choice to change your eating habits is where it all starts. I lost 25lbs with Weight Watchers Online this last year, and, er, need to get back on the ball and lose 25 more. It takes a lot of planning and self control, but once you get started you’ll feel so much better it’ll be worth it for you.
    We’re all pulling for you. We want you to be healthy and happy.

  17. Pierre Girard says:

    Got 45 pounds to loose personally!! I’ll be with you !!!

  18. Sandra says:

    Unfortunately, you are not alone Mikey and there are a lot of people who struggle with their weight, but if you have the will you will concur. I too have been struggling for many years and I am finally winning the battle and have lost 25 lbs. I will be attending classes that will help me make better food choices and hopefully I will get more information to help me out. The mind is a very powerful tool and once you set your mind to something you are half way there. Temptation is a difficult one to concur, but you need to be positive and change your eating habits and eating patterns. Go back to basics and avoid eating preserved foods your mind and body will reap the rewards.

  19. Gail says:

    I too have been extremely lazy about taking care of myself. And yes the clothes suck,as far a fashion goes. So if you want a long distance buddy to also take the journey… I’m needing help too. You do so much for all of us…we are here for you!

  20. Sue Kohler says:

    I totally agree with Barbara… We’re here for you Mikey. I have been fighting my weight for years and am finally winning largely because I have changed my thinking and eating habits. I started by buying smaller dinner plates! It’s a psychological thing…my smaller meal still looks like a huge plateful on the smaller plates :). I also try to cook more from scratch and cut out the “fast food” meals. As for exercise…headphones, my iPod and a playlist with good “shake your booty” music… I boogie around the house for a while each day and even sing if I feel like it. So far I’m winning this round and I’m down 20 lbs. The dog thinks I’ve lost it and hubby sometimes laughs but sometimes he joins me too. You CAN do it Mikey!!!!

  21. I know I have no real clue what all is entailed in running TCC, but I wonder if there are things that might be able to be “farmed” out to volunteers? Major industries even have people that do their jobs from other than the brick and mortar office. If there were a way to get some of the things that are able to be done by others off your plate, it might ease up some of the stress, and with the easing of the stress you might find the going easier in the journey toward a more healthy lifestyle. Again, not sure if it is something that could be done, but it might bear looking into and seeing if there is anyway to utilize what I am certain would be a large volunteer base.

  22. Mikey I think you need to ask us to help you. You do so much for us through the crochet crowd. It’s time we give back to you. Ask us members and I’m sure you will have an overwhelming response of support and encouragement from your fans. We can support each other in the “battle of the bulge”. I personally have struggled with this my whole life. I could use to drop 80 pounds myself. You can give up soda, you did it before. It might be a bit harder now that you are a few years older, but do not be discouraged by this. You didn’t pack on the pounds in one night, you are not going to take them off in one night. Try walking up and down the stairs in the house more. Every excuse to keep moving. Chase the cats if necessary. I realize you put in very long hours working on the website and keeping up with facebook & twitter. But right now your health is far more important. I also realize that winter is fast approaching and you have longer/colder winters than say here in the Midwest (St. Louis area). Find a way to get active. Take a brisk walk to get your energy up instead of hitting the “pop” as you call it. That way, you are working out, gaining energy, gathering your thoughts for whatever project you are working on and keeping away from the soda. I’m here for you, I’ll support you 150% to keep you encouraged.

  23. Laura says:

    I feel your pain. I too am extremely overweight and know I have to do something about it but have not yet. It does not help that my family keeps reminding me of that fact which only makes me feel worse.

  24. Nancy Rorye says:

    Mikey, as you can see there are a lot of people who can relate to what you are going through. I lost 40 lbs after I retired but then I just stayed there. I just decided last week that I need to lose the rest of it so I get up off my butt & get out walking. I am also watching what I eat but I do not consider it a diet. Cannot give up my diet pepsi caffeine free however I am now having at least 1 bottle of water in between each tin of pop. I know it will be a slow process however that is the best way to lose it & keep it off. By you deciding to get started that is the first & most important step. I wish I had listened to my doctor earlier and lost a few pounds before I became diabetic. Good luck on your journey to better health.

  25. Marilyn Denler says:

    Give up pop, diet and regular. I had the Whipple procedure for pancreatic cancer in Dec.2009. The doctors at Mayo Clinic in Rochester,Mn. Also removed my gall bladder and a couple of lymph nodes. They advised me to eat organic ( the pesticides used on foods aren’t good for bugs or humans!), stay free from sugars because cancers love sugars, cut caffeine intake. When I was waiting for one of my chemo treatments ( chemo–definitely not a treat!), I was reading in a health magazine that pancreatic cancer is on the rise and the doctors feel the consumption of sugared and diet pop is a contributing factor. Before I got cancer I was drinking 3 to 5 cans a day at work. I wish I knew then what I know now. Never gave a thought to what my body had to deal with by my addiction to pop. Now water flavored with organic lemon is my drink of choice! Choose a healthy eating lifestyle and it will be a big help to losing weight and gaining energy. Take life a day at a time and things don’t seem impossible to achieve. You can do what you set your mind to do and you have a whole crowd pulling for you! Wishing you the best!

  26. Good for you! Stay with it. Believe it or not, you will feel better/have more energy without the sodas and the weight than with them!

  27. Sandy Borth says:

    I know how you feel Mikey! We all seem to get caught up in our lives that we tend to forget to be healthy about things to keep us going. I need to lose some weight too so maybe all of us here can cheer each other on to stay healthy!!!! I had done a diet a couple of years ago with my son when I noticed he had some food sensitivities. We cut out wheat and cane sugar from our diet and I did lose some weight from doing that. Reminds me I need to get back on that diet =) another thing to watch for is how much salt you intake as salt make you retain water! I love the idea of you both going for a walk after diner. We started doing that with the kids to keep them active and get them ready for a good night sleep.

  28. Dena says:

    My husband and I are going through the same thing. He’s really having trouble getting onboard the change train!

  29. I feel your pain, I have recently (within the last year) gone from a size 3 to a size 10 and from an 8 to a 10 in little less than a month, I have always bounced back and forth mostly because of my thyroid, since seeing my specialist I have switched over to an auto-immune specific diet because we have found that my thyroid has been acting up causing me to go up in size. The biggest things i have noticed other than my weight going up my belly has also to a certain extent grown larger. I have cut out all sugary drinks, in fact we bought a soda stream machine and I drink mostly concentrated fruit juices about 1 tbsp per cup of fizzy water (unsweetened)and green tea lots of green tea as well as laid off the cookies… the cookies hurt because my Mr makes the most amazing cookies, more salads and an additional walk including the hour I walk back and forth for work each day, its a constant battle over what I crave and what I know I have to eat to be healthy, Hang in there you have lots of folks pulling for you, you can do it, just set yourself one small goal at a time and don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work!

  30. Laraine says:

    Mikey, I lost 77 pounds in about a year and I am a lot older than you. So it can be done at any age. 🙂 Stay away from soda, sweetened and diet. The diet stuff is bad for your health. Fresh foods, fruits, vegetables. Get a pressure cooker if you don’t have one. You can cook veggies much quicker and it retains most of the goodness. If you have grain foods, like breads, and cereals. Try WHOLE grain. Avoid pasta and white breads. (I know, it sucks) Always read the amount of calories from fat on packages. Try to keep to low amounts. If you like legumes, they are a great form of protein and filling. Oatmeal is a good breakfast staple. You just have to find recipes that will make your meals taste good. Fats, sugars, carbs are the culprit, but doing a fat free diet to me is ridiculous. Stay hydrated! Love you Mikey no matter what, but you will feel better both physically and mentally if you lose weight.

  31. i feel the same way right now. since i got married 4.5 years ago i have gone up and down +/- 30lbs. between weight watchers, having a baby, weight watchers again, excersizing (which i hate), then not excersizing, then my hubby was out of work for a while so that was stressful and we had less money (less healthy food options). i am in a bad, lazy cycle of eating too much sugar and not being active enough. i do the same as you. work all day and come home and take care of my 3 year old unitl he goes to sleep(which is usually 9pm) then i work on crochet projects. i tell myself there is no time to work out, but i know that’s an excuse. i need a reality check too. i’m almost back up to my limit, and something needs to be done! I need summer to be over so i can kick my iced capp habit 😉

  32. Don says:

    Mikey good for you that is the first step. Now, walk walk walk. You have done it before in the past, so you know what to do. Take Daniel. Also if you need help with your website and Facebook, ask for it. Volunteers, everyone isn’t looking for money. More interns for a couples of hours a day, so you can get outside and walk, or join a gym. You will feel much better. I put on a few pounds since I quit smoking, will be 7 months on the 14th. I still drink diet soda, one can a night. I drink a lot of water, a few bottles a day, but it works. 🙂 Take time for yourself. Put your energy that you have for yarn bombing a bike, to taking time for yourself. 🙂

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