Gift It or Trash It?

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Here’s an opportunity to share your opinion…. NO OPINION IS WRONG… so let’s not be harping on anyone for their honesty.

Here’s the scenario:

You have worked on an afghan for a gift for Christmas and you are nearly done. But look at that…you’ve screwed up and accidentally skipped a stitch half way into the project. Christmas is just around the corner and this is going to ruin your night. You don’t have time to go back and frog this…

So what do you do?

  • Do you frog this and tell someone sorry your gift is going to be late?
  • Do you toss it in the unfinished pile and run to the store to buy a gift?
  • Do you gift it anyway and pretend you didn’t notice it?
  • Do you gift it and be honest you screwed up?
  • Do you toss the afghan in the stash bin and cancel Christmas?

There’s no wrong answer…

For me, I would be inclined to gift it if the error isn’t ‘too noticeable’. If it’s noticeable I would toss it into the stash bin and frog it for another occassion.

So now here’s the fun part… what would you do? Would you do something else other than what I suggested? I bet you might have done something like this before… share your dirty secrets! haha

Leave your comment below for us all to see. We may enjoy a giggle or two depending on your story.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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146 Responses to Gift It or Trash It?

  1. Tobie Braverman says:

    If I never gave anything I’ve made with a mistake in it, I’d never give anything at all. Go ahead and give it. Generally the only one who can find my mistakes is me. No one else seems to notice them (unless they are a maniac crocheter like me).

  2. Debbie Zotian says:

    The flaw shows it’s handmade, not machine made. Everything I make has some flaw in it. If the flaw is not bad, yes, I give it to the person. If it’s something horrid, I’ll buy something small and on the card say there’s something coming, but it’s taking longer than expected to finish. My friends and family know I love making things, so they know that sometimes it just takes longer than expected.

  3. Robin Hite says:

    I have messed up on a lot of my gifts, and a lot of times I just keep my mouth shut especially if it’s someone who has no knowledge of crochet stitches. My theory is what you don’t know isn’t going to hurt you.

  4. Pam Hoots says:

    Gift it and be honest about your personalization of the afghan!

  5. BlueRose says:

    Crocheting or knitting is very unique to each persons style. Some crochet loosely some tighter. If I make a mistake I can usually find it on the next row, because the pattern just will not fit right. If I do not find it till later on in the project it is usually easy to fix. I clip the yarn, and rip out only the part that needs fixing and by adding more or taking out stitches this is easy to fix in crocheting. In Knitting it is harder to fix.
    Most often I would go ahead and gift it anyway, no matter what. I put a lot of prayers into whatever I am making for others and I just can’t possibly throw those prayers out.
    I gift it and do not mention the flaws. Life is full of flaws but I try not to dwell on the flaws and just see what is good. The good shines out even past the mistakes. lol.

  6. Sherry says:

    I have done that more than once and hate to see it. If it is really noticeable, I will frog it and work overtime to get it finished. But if it is not that bad, I will go ahead and gift it. Most people appreciate the thought of you giving them something you made yourself, so really that is all that counts. (; Even though I have to say that it eats at me to give it with something wrong. I have been working on that, as like others have said, most everything that we buy or someone has made, has an error somewhere.

  7. If I make a noticeable mistake I will pull it out and fix it…even under the pressure of the holiday…if the mistake is not noticeable I will frog it and continue on to finish it…but it will get finished…

  8. Mary P says:

    If it isn’t a too terrible of a mistake or mistakes, I gift it anyway and tell the person about it later. They usually say they can’t see or find the mistakes anyway. I have also devised this way of thinking; If there are 5 mistakes, that I know of, then the crocheted item is now an original design. That’s how I make myself feel better. LOL!!

  9. Liriel Veladorn says:

    It’s not a flaw…It’s a Design Element! 🙂

  10. Alison Routley says:

    I hate leaving a mistake, but sometimes time is really tight and you can’t change the date of Christmas! A lot depends on how noticeable the error is. If it is minor, I’ll leave it, but if it is major, or compounding as the afghan grows, then I will frog it. If that means the gift is late,I give the gauge swatch or if I haven’t done one, then quickly do a gauge swatch and give that and a picture of the item to the intended recipient.

  11. Rachel Baker says:

    For me, it depends on what I am making and what the mistake is. If it’s that noticeable and looks bad, I will frog it and just stay up longer hoping to finish it in time, and if it isn’t, I’ll just give when it’s finished. If it’s not so bad, I’ll just give it anyway. The only time I will “trash” anything is if I really messed up and the yarn starts tangling and I’m getting myself all worked up and I just say “fudge it”

  12. Holly J Scott says:

    I agree with Margaret. I always make a mistake and I tell the person. Since no one that I gift to crochets/knits, they always say “it looks fine to me”. LOL

  13. Christina Rudnicky says:

    I have many times gifted items that I felt I should frog – however, I usually create an embellishment to cover up the error and make that part of the new “improved” design – so long as the mistake isn’t super obvious

  14. Gloria Benacci says:

    You should always have a mistake in your projects! If you didn’t make one accidentally, you should make one purposely.

  15. I’m super weird about mistakes.. I’d have to frog it. I’d know its a mistake and it would just bug me to death! Course it’d be late.. but I’d know I fixed it!

  16. I’m a fudger. I would fudge in a solution….I’m not perfect and don’t expect perfection and like one lady above said it makes it “me”. Anyone whose ever gotten a gift from me gets it with some sort of change in the pattern…..on purpose or not.

  17. Rosa B. says:

    If it;s not noticeable then I gift it , if it is to the point where the giftee notices it then I will frog it and start over or change my project to fit the time frame.

  18. Ginny says:

    I keep my mouth shut and gift it any way. The odds are that who ever I am giving it to wont notice that I missed a stitch and if it’s really noticeable I’d just make some flowers or something to sew on here and there so that it can’t be seen. The only afghans I have that aren’t finished are the ones I stopped working on because I got bored.

  19. Cheryl says:

    As I read over these replies, I thought to myself, why do so many replies say they always make mistakes in their work. If you can’t make something without mistakes, watch one of Mikey’s videos, practice, learn your craft.

    I also thought if I were buying a gift would I ignore mistakes in the item? No!

    I look at my work every couple of rows, if the pattern is complicated, every row.
    I have pride in my work, I won’t accept an creating an inferior product and I won’t gift something I’m not proud of.

    • janice says:

      I do look at my work often, but sometimes the “mistake” does not make itself obvious until further along. I do watch Mikey’s videos, I do practice, I am learning my craft, but with learning comes mistakes. I do frog if I catch a mistake, but I do not always catch them until I have finished. I am always proud of the effort that I put forth to make the item and do not consider it inferior if there are a couple of imperfections. After all I am not perfect and that does not make me inferior, it makes me unique. Thankfully the good Lord did not see fit to ‘trash’ me.j

    • Ginny says:

      Sometimes the mistakes are what makes a gift so much more special than if the pattern is followed through exactly to it’s conclusion. I have managed to make so many new and different things just because I made a mistake and instead of taking out all the hard work I put into it just to fix that one I made it into something else. My husband gets on my case because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my craft and I have started to see that he is right. Nothing is imperfect when it is made by hand and those who love you and appreciate the time you took to actually make them something aren’t going to care if it is missing a stitch or too.

  20. jujube1960 says:

    I am a perfectionist so sometimes it takes me longer to finish a product because I can’t stand knowing that there is a mistake. What makes it worse, I know the person I am giving the project to has no clue that there is a mistake. But I can’t help myself

  21. Rhea says:

    Just one stitch? I’d gift it anyway. I’ve discovered that if I see an error in stitching, most other folks don’t even notice it. I’d still gift it. 🙂

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