Crochet Geek with Teresa Richardson

Teresa Richardson

Teresa Richardson, The Crochet Geek and YouTube Celebrity

If you are familiar with YouTube, the name Crochet, Crochet Geek and TWJ1963 is the same person, meet Teresa Richardson of YouTube.

I admit, I perceived Teresa as a direct competitor to my vision in 2008 but realized there’s a lot more to YouTube and teaching people than trying to overtake an existing host. It’s easy to try to duplicate another YouTube Host in what you teach and their styling. Viewers are smart and don’t want a duplicate host, they are attracted to uniqueness and personal style. I learned my lesson that there is only one Teresa and I needed to develop my own style and personality.

Like many others who have followed crochet YouTube path, there are sometimes very strong opposition from newbie You Tube Hosts that have a mission to tarnish and destroy the achievements of successful YouTube Hosts that have managed to create new opportunities and pathways. Some hosts like to bypass the grunt work for instant success. This always leads to failure if this the objective and strategy. It’s the way of our society to conquer others and some days, speaking from first hand experience, it is exhausting and extremely upsetting.

By 2009, I got my head on straight and began to focus on my own teaching abilities, my own projects and headed full steam ahead. I unsubscribed from Teresa so I wasn’t tempted to know what she was doing or her methods. This action alone helped me find myself as a YouTube Hosts. When a viewer would come along and accuse me of something pertaining to competing with Teresa, I could, in good conscious, delete the email because I knew the truth and that was good enough for me.

Beth Ham, also a fabulous YouTube Host said once, “we are all like colleagues instead of competitors”. At the time it sounded a bit naive to me but she couldn’t have been more right. Sometimes, the easiest explanations and perceptions are the ones we ignore the most. We each bring something to the table, though our subject matter may be the same.

I classify Teresa as a crochet pioneer. She saw vision in teaching people on YouTube years ahead of the rest. If it weren’t for her, myself and many other hosts along the way probably wouldn’t be teaching 100’s of thousands of people today. Her ideas gave way to me when I was struggling within a small community to find my voice and purpose in life. It is a privilege to be teaching alongside Teresa on YouTube.

Teresa runs her YouTube Channel very differently than I do and I would classify her to have a more private life than I do. I intertwine my life with my videos and social media where she keeps it compartmentalized. That’s what separates us the most. We both love crochet and love to teach people, that’s where we are similar. Some days, I wish I was more compartmentalized but my YouTube life, regular life and private life are all the same thing.

Teresa and I went on to develop an online working friendship together. A relationship that I greatly value as a working YouTube Celebrity like herself. There are truly very few people who understand the pressures of being a celebrity and accountability to 1000’s of people on a daily level. She understands me. She helps me by listening and sharing a comforting word when I need it.

I would like to humbly thank Teresa for the pathway she created for us YouTube Hosts. She is understandably one of these best YouTube Hosts teaching crafting, specifically crochet, on YouTube.

Visit Teresa’s YouTube Channel

Has Teresa helped you with your crochet? Share your story by leaving a reply.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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15 Responses to Crochet Geek with Teresa Richardson

  1. livingxdeadxgrrl says:

    Mikey, I learned crochet from you. I did find Teresa and she has great videos.

    Another online teacher I found on youtube is “eliZZZa”. I have found that I really enjoy the tiny work of making doilies because the stich patterns change so much for intricate ones. She is really good for teaching doily making. Most of her videos are in German (I think) but she does have some English videos.

  2. Mikey, I started with you on you tube. You helped me re-learn stitches after 30+ years and helped me make almost all my booties, baby blankets and beanies. You gave me such an uplift with all my endeavors, be they top notch or just me. (Just finished my hardest project (tennis shoe booties, Know you call them something else but If I look it up, this won’t get sent.) I giggled with you throughout your tutorials. I must admit I am still having problems with the sole of booties matching, but that is just me.

    Clare helped so much with her calm way of showing me how to do it and what it should look like but I seemed to personally bond with her and looked for all her videos and worried about her when she had a cold. I cried along with her when she lost her dog. I used her tutorials for “Cat’s” one-piece wonders and am now finishing up my second sweater. (By the way Abigail is less than a month old.)

    I used Teresa’s tutorial for my baby dresses. You were great, Teresa!! I get more compliments on those little dresses. There are many other you tube tutorial wonderful people I’ve used and I always put “Like”. I know I should send in what I’ve done but I’m too embarrassed to send in all my accomplishments since my great granddaughter was born, because there are so many of you out there that absolutely exceed my expertise. Actually one of my granddaughters friend gave “Abigail” a brimmed hat that she had crocheted and I thought, I saw that pattern but never thought it would fit a newborn. The friend was excellent at crocheting and at first I was a bit envious but stuffed it and was grateful. These crocheted items I am making are gifts for all four of my grandchildren and my great grandchild to hopefully cherish. My daughter had one little sweater left that I crocheted her when she was born. I say God Bless you all and please continue.


  3. Conni says:

    I have been watching Teresa for years and there was a time when she was the only one online that even thought to help people and share her time which we all know is so precious and shares everything with everyone. I’m a huge fan and follower of hers. There are some others that share a few things but really concentrate on selling items I can get in vintage books or for free elsewhere online. I don’t believe anyone has stolen anything because Crochet has been around forever. Some things have changed but for the most part I see the same things my Grandmother did. THANK YOU Teresa and Thank You Mikey. You are both so kind and giving.

  4. Myssah Cromer says:

    I Watch Videos Done By Both Of You. You Are Both Great Teachers. Your Have Both Taught Me Alot aBout Crochet.

  5. cynthia says:

    There are many teachers out there, but Teresa is definitely a natural. I think she got the calling to teach us to crochet. I refer to her channel quite often. I think that you all have your own unique ways of teaching, and I’m grateful for you all…

  6. Crochet Geek,Teresa Richardson, is awesome – I love her tutorials and her personality.

  7. Maile Lakely says:

    I went to Teresa’s YouTube site to get back to the basics of crochet when I had to buy a crochet hook to bind off my new Knifty Knitter scarf. I had taught myself crochet way back in the early 70’s, but hadn’t done it since. She is so calm and unimposing, and her voice is clear and instructions are very good. I was also surfing to learn more KK info, and there was Mikey. Now you’re both a part of my cyber life. Thanks to you both!

  8. Zena Yuen says:

    I always wanted to learn how to crochet but I didn’t know anyone who knew how and also I didn’t have any money to take classes so I turned to youtube and I found a lot of confusing videos until,Teresa she was the first person I found on youtube who made learning how to crochet easy for me to follow. It’s because of her style of teaching that I gained confidence, and with every project I completed I also gained a sense of accomplishment, which for me as a person was a huge deal. It was the first time in my lfe that I gained self-worth. It’s also through her that I found MIckey who has helped me to further my education in crochet, and who taught me it’s okay to have my own style and to be creative and try different types of yarn which I would never of done before. So I want to say Thank you! To the both of you for being incredible teachers.

  9. Zoe From England says:

    I would never see the high profile crochet YT hosts as competitors, Beth is right, you are all colleagues and that’s how I look at all the crochet tutors on YT. I’ve subscribed to all of them as I get different benefits from each one.

  10. I have learned from Teresa very much. Just as I have from Beth and from you. I come to and approach each of you for very different, but same, reasons. Wanting to learn. I know that I can find the answer to any question I am having. Thank you very much and thank you for being gracious in your tribute to a ground breaking teacher.

  11. Chantal Cyr says:

    I kinda taught myself to crochet but that was literally the basic stitches, then I found Teresa and a whole new crochet world opened up! Thank you so much for sharing your crochet knowledge! It’s even helped me get through a few Christmases that would have been very dismal if I had not been able to make things and sell them to make a few extra dollars to spoil my kids a little 🙂

  12. Vero F says:

    I learned to crochet because of her! She makes it easy to understand. It’s been three years since I’ve learned and I still go back to her tutorials for recaps or to learn new stitches. In fact my very first project from her was the cookie tutorial, I still have it as a reminder of when I started the beautiful art of crocheting! 🙂 so Theresa if you’re reading this, Thank You from the bottom of my heart! And a huge thank you to ALL crochet youtube teachers who dedicate all their hard work to teaching us for free all the things we’ve learned till this day. Mikey you are one of my tops, I love your fondness for color and simplicities you have also taught me allot. It’s always a joy watching your videos I find myself cracking up in the middle of them because of something you said or did. Learning should always be fun and I love that you always throw in your charisma into what you teach! 😀

  13. Grace Roman says:

    Yes I’ve watched teresa’s tutorial before finding the crochet crowd,her tutorial are very easy to follow, she goes step by step just like mikey from the crochet crowd he is also a good instructor,I also like Yolanda Soto Lopez I have several projects from all these wonderful youtube crochet instructors, they are Amazing!!! Thank you all for all your dedication and hard work, As long as I have internet I will allways be watching your tutorials.

    • Leslie says:

      I believe Teresa’s videos were one of the first ones I saw. I taught myself how to crochet from books. It just isn’t the same. Without all you ladies who take the time to patiently explain and show us how to crochet, I don’t think I could have learned much more. I love you all for sharing your knowledge and techniques.

  14. I go to different crochet teachers for different things that I need when I get the urge to crochet a hat I definitely go to crochet geek channel she is great with hats and has so much variety, I go to another site to get help with amigurumi and I have mikey where I go for afghans and shawls

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