10 Responses to What Does Our Logo Mean?

  1. I thought the upside-down exclamation marks were crochet hooks

  2. Seems like this one is so well thought out…..

  3. Patti Blake says:

    something round to symbolize all of us around the world but maybe the circle could be a chainstitch and just as you have used our tools maybe some of the stitches could be used.

  4. elfie says:

    i really like the explination behind the logo, hope the next one is as inspired ….

  5. Listlia says:

    Personally, I love the colors that have been used for both Mikessmail and The Crochet Crowd. It not only represents ‘us’ as the many facets of the community but also the lively and vibrant work we all strive to do. There hasn’t been a single project that I have seen Mikey or any one with the Crowd do that hasn’t been fun and vivid. Color spices up our lives and when we crochet we use COLOR!

  6. Maureen says:

    Now we know “the rest of the story”. Thanks Mikey. Are you sure you want to update the logo though? I’m liking this one especially now after learning its back story and symbolism. Well no matter. Whatever you do, I want to say than you for giving us spot to claim as ours. I’ve learned so much, laughed a lot and enjoy reading the postings from the crew comments from The Crowd.

  7. Laraine says:

    I’m relatively new to The Crochet Crowd. Boy am I happy I found you! IMHO, what ever you three decide for your logo is fine with me. You guys are fantastic. Mikey, you are just too adorable for words. 🙂 ….and very helpful as always.

  8. Sharon Hanson says:

    I like the logo, and your explanation makes it even more perfect for our little “family” IF I were designing a new logo ( I wouldn’t. This one is great!), I might use a crocheted version of the Earth, as seen from space, to represent a global community, spinning on a crochet hook axis. But, like I said, the current logo is great!

  9. Karolin says:

    What about a background with a bunch of different stitches to symbolize the diversity of the group and those that follow it??

  10. Kathy says:

    awww I really like this logo!!

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