Crochet Blind Folded Verses Boucle

A viewer writes:

Tips about Boucle

Boucle by Red Heart, Tips & Advice

“How does anyone use Boucle? I just can’t see my stitches!”

Fun Fact: Boucle is pronounced as Boo-Clay. Until only a few years ago I would call this Bewsel. Don’t ask me why I thought the name was said like that. People kept telling me about Boo-Clay and I am thinking I don’t see that on the shelf.

Boucle is a fun and fancy thick yarn. It exists in most yarn brands under different names but the yarn texture look is pretty much identical. Each yarn company has their preferred colour palette and etc.

Boucle’s texture can be an annoyance to some who aren’t familiar with crochet and knittng. Sometimes the fibres catch into your hook or needles and it can drive you insane.

I first tried boucle in 2008 where I tried to demonstrate making some double crochet. Like the fan wrote about not seeing the stitches, I was going through the same ordeal. I wasn’t able to operate it really well. This is definitely not a yarn for beginners who are just grabbing onto crochet for the first time. They need to see where they are going to understand crochet fully.

With boucle, I recommend larger than normal crochet hook sizes to prevent your yarn from being too tight. Tightness on boucle is the difference between easy crochet and crochet hooks that snag within the yarn fibers. Let’s face it, it’s not fun when your hook snags.

Due to the yarn being so thick, sometimes I think people choose too small of a hook not realizing that larger crochet hooks with this yarn is beneficial. The yarn expands outward to fill in gaps between stitches. You need to trust in this yarn to puff out properly.

In my opinion, Boucle is for experienced crocheters. Or at least beginners with lots of determination. It requires your finger touches to feel around for the stitches as it’s really difficult to see your stitches. For me, I can move my hands over a row using my finger tips, I can automatically feel where the stitches are. That requires experience. It’s like being blind folded and crocheting. This will help you be able to learn what to feel for. This will help you with other yarns where you can look up more often but you can keep your fingers busy crocheting without having to stare at your project as you crochet.

Using boucle for granny squares is really easy as you don’t need to target stitches, you just need to look for gaps. This makes it very simple and virtually any level of crocheter could do this without a problem.

With crochet hooks, I recommend a more rounded hook verses a saw cut hook. Less points in a hook make it less likely to snag onto the fibres as you crochet.

Boucle is fabulous, don’t get me wrong. It’s not regular yarn and so you will need to adjust your thinking and really listen to the ends of your fingertips. Once you get it, the world of crochet is your oyster!


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13 Responses to Crochet Blind Folded Verses Boucle

  1. Judi Gums says:

    I love Boucle yarns myself, but as you say they take getting use to and you must feel your way to the stitches and use larger hooks. Some Boucle’s are very think and with them I take two strands of yarn, one the Boucle and one the same color regular yarn, what a nice soft afgan it can make. JoAnn’s has a wonderful pounder Boucle, I have made several afghans out of it this way using three one pounder balls of each and work them together. The afghans are huge, love them.

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  4. Alethia Douglass says:

    I knit boucle yarns or used the double crochet stitch which is easy for me to “feel” the stitches.

  5. stitchknit says:

    Love your blog & your writing style…. And, think your advice re; boucle yarns is spot on. I have started providing yarn for my beginner classes, as the students tend to pick out something like the Homespun, since it is so soft! ACK! No way a beginner can make sense of this yarn, IMO.
    Personally, I find it much easier to knit with than crochet, but I’ll give it another go, especially after reading about the granny squares! Thanks for the push.

  6. I love Lion Brand Homespun, but I absolutely won’t try to crochet it with anything smaller than a size J hook! I’ve made several scarves with it and I have a stash of a teal-ish color that I’m saving for when I find the perfect thing to make for ME! 🙂

  7. Tina Lawson says:

    When I made a cape for my great neice out of this yarn, I fell in love with it. Like he said, you feel the stitches as you go. I’ve had more trouble with yarn where I can see the stitches easily. Give it a try. I think you will love it once you get the feel for using it.

  8. Marion says:

    TY, It does give me hope. I have made scarfs with homespun type before. The Boucle I bought is TINY/Thin (So pretty so I just HAD to get it) I will try doing a granny squares. You are always there to help us out. I won’t let this yarn go to waste.

  9. Sharon (Sweetnannie) Lanier says:

    I made my granddaughter a beautiful boucle afghan in April. She loves it. It’s such a soft, cuddly yarn. Yes, you don’t she the stitches, so I made a hdc puff throughout using the bigger hook. Then put flowers in the corner with different yarn. She loves it and carries it everywhere.

  10. Paula says:

    I find Pipsqueak yarns you have to utilize the same mentality. Not a fan of Boucle yarns but I love Pipsqueak…. 🙂

  11. KAREN LARA says:

    Mikey…2 yrs ago I ordered 12 skeins of that yarn cuz it was on sale online and I have used it all……….I made the most beautiful and softest scarves ever…gave 2 of them to both my cardiologist….they still talk about them….but you are right…they were hard to get used too but when i “got it”… was wonderful…and…you are right again about using a larger hook….it is a gorgeous yarn………xox

  12. I love boucle yarn for granny afghans. I’ve made a few lapghans and afghans with it. Being a giant granny square, I don’t have too much trouble with the stitches. The first time I tried to use boucle, I had a horrible time as I was using a too small hook and single crochet.

  13. Judy Bowring says:

    AHA! lightbulb moment, thank you Mikey! I have some Bernat Coordinates boucle that I was having trouble with and I tossed it back In to the closet. Now I can see a granny ripple using a larger hook on my to-do list!

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