Free Pattern Find: Crochet Baby Sandals

Really Nice Baby Sandals Crochet Pattern!

Crochet Cricket

Good Day!

It’s Monday again! Time for another free pattern find.

I included a link to a free basic baby bootie pattern in one of my recent posts. This page is no longer working. I have contacted the site with no luck in retrieving the free pattern BUT I did find this super cute free crochet baby sandal pattern. This pattern by Rhianna Lynn.


This pattern is found on This Lovely Blog.

They are so perfect for summer! Hope you guys have fun making these.



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9 Responses to Free Pattern Find: Crochet Baby Sandals

  1. sherri knight says:

    Would like a beginners easy pattern for baby booties

  2. Lori Kirkland says:

    My Niece has a friend that was going to have twins in Mid August so she asked me if I would make the gifts for her to take to the baby shower. I had found a pattern in the Crochet Today Magazine, I put my own spin on them but made 2 pairs of little sandals along with 2 afghans and 2 little headbands. The sets were of the same hue but not identical, they turned out really well. I found out today that the babies came a bit early and are 3.5 lbs, so tiny. When the gifts were given to the new mommy she was so pleased, said she was going to have their pictures made in them. I’m sure it will be a while before they will be able to wear the sandals, since the sandals are 5″ in length.

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  4. karen says:

    I made these little sandals two weekends ago, super easy and quick, and the most adorable little pair shoes!

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  7. Linda Williams says:

    I love this little sandals. I’m currently having the best time crocheting the high top booties and have made 4 pairs so far.I’m going to make little shoes for my church to sell on their market stall as they’re so quick to make.
    Love all your projects so a big thanks to you and the team.

  8. jibyjue says:

    thanks for sharing!! love theses 🙂

  9. Josefina Rodríguez says:


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