Free Pattern: Crochet Elf Striped Pixie Hat

Crochet Elf Hat! Pretty awesome photo prop too!

Classy Crochet

Hello all!  Here’s a free pattern for a crocheted striped elf hat.  You’ve probably seen these all over: long tails, Dr. Seuss-ian mojo, pompoms, babies in buckets, very Christmassy during the holidays, etc.  They’re really easy to make.  You just have to have patience during the tail part.  🙂

Free Pattern: Crochet Elf Stripe Pixie Hat | Classy Crochet

I make this hat from the bottom up.  Some people start at the skinny tail end and work their way down, but I found that it was easier to make the main hat part first and then decide how long I wanted the tail part to be.  I do use fpdc and bpdc here, so if you don’t know how to do them I’ve got tutorials or there’s always Google/YouTube.

(On a side note – WHAT did we crocheters do before YouTube?  Well, my 12 year old self will tell you.  I got really frustrated trying to learn how to crochet…

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9 Responses to Free Pattern: Crochet Elf Striped Pixie Hat

  1. Jen says:

    I usually start from the top down, I’ll have to try it this way! Love these hats. The Pom-Pom makers are life changing aren’t they?!

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  3. Yvette says:

    I remember being a child and having a hat similar to that, but the tail tapered more gradually. I adored it because I could use the length as a scarf as well. I’ve been looking for a free pattern for an adult to no avail (would love it if someone could direct me). I’ve come to the conclusion that I must figure it out myself. I’m not sure why the focus is so heavy on babies. Why not adults?

  4. Shruti says:

    I made a hat over the weekend using this pattern. Its so well written. The hat turned out really cute too!! Its a great photo prop for newbie shots!

  5. i believe that it is intended for posing newborns only for photos…

  6. sandra says:

    The little hat is darling BUT the long tail on it is a STRANGLING HAZARD!!! That could get wrapped around a baby’s neck too easily.

    I make the ear flap hats with the braids short enough to prevent a horrible accident.

  7. lynette walker says:

    CUte pattern where do you find it?

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