Fear: Real or Psychological, Share Your Thoughts

Fear, Dealing With It

Crocheting Takes My Mind Off Reality

Under my smile and excitement for crochet lies an undeniable fear. I used to listen to my grandmother comment about how bad life was getting.

The 6 o’clock news wasn’t an information session but an hour long real life horror story. I believe in many ways, her watching that at 6pm and then followed by the 11 pm news each day assisted her to be afraid to leave the house. It made her well-informed but then she would look at others with skepticism and judgement without founded knowledge.

Two reasons why I don’t have Real TV boils down to 2 things. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and not knowing what is happening around me doesn’t make me live life in fear. Maybe, just maybe I am more like my grandmother than I realize. The costs of TV Services is expensive. With 100’s of TV channels, why is there nothing to watch at times?

I watch two types of things on Netflix, dramas and documentaries. I am fascinated by USA Politics, though I am Canadian. Some may argue that what happens in the USA eventually trickles north into Canada and it’s great to have insight.

I’ve been watching too many documentaries lately about our current times and future projections. I have to say, I have yet to see a documentary that paints a pretty picture. With some many sharing their point of view, how do we really know what the truth is. As I finish each documentary it leads me to questions and observations.

I think for me, I listen to what makes sense. I know some politicians prefer you see left or right or liberal verses conservative points of view. Many times, each side has a valid argument that is worthy of debate. However, closed minds and party loyalty I think trumps sound reasoning.

From my vantage point of leading a huge community, I hear a lot of stories and see a lot of first hand people living their lives through Facebook. There’s a clear correlation of what I am seeing on documentaries to be a reality for 100’s of thousands of people. I hear about suffering, persecution, discrimination, and general life scenarios. Most of what I hear and the documentaries are riding on it is the financial hardship many are experiencing. I feel my heart bleeding with sorrow a lot and wishing I could do something more.

In speaking with Daniel this morning, I asked him about “Fear” and that I am feeling fear as each year goes on. “Are we meant to live our lives in constant fear?”

Daniel  reflected this morning saying that the Human Species has always lived in fear. The pre-historic days of watching out for bobcats or animals killing us. As we have evolved and our times have pushed forward for accelerated human development and the technology age, our fear has changed from real fear to psychological fear. Fearing the theories and predictions to come.

It’s the psychological fear that I have in my brain. Watching over my shoulder for something to happen, which may never have been a real fear in the first place. In many ways, I am doing what my grandmother did. The cycle has repeated itself.

So my questions for you:

  1. Should we be living with fear?
  2. Is it our destiny to be in constant fear?
  3. How do you turn down your fears so it doesn’t take over your life?
  4. Am I just imagining everything?

When my life comes to an end, I am hoping that answers for my questions will reveal themselves. I am sure once the cloak of world are lifted, I bet this earth is a very place that I have lived my life thinking it was. To me, that gives me fear just thinking about what I think to be true is actually the complete opposite to the truth.

I’m sure I am not alone in my thoughts, leave me your comments below sharing your points of view.


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48 Responses to Fear: Real or Psychological, Share Your Thoughts

  1. robbin groom says:

    I am 56, and you are not alone allot of people have the “Fight or Flight” feeling. The news is on 24/7 weather TV or Computer! I blame the media and advertising for all that is going on in the world today. Advertising puts an idea of something in your head and the media will not let it go! News is not news anymore , it is not all facts, its opinions with a spin as to how they want you to see it. And we wonder why people are the way they are? Too much information too fast, we are all now on over load. What can be done about it, is the million dollar question. I quess that is up to the individual, everyone is different. For me, I lose myself with crocheting and listening to old time radio shows on the computer. And when driving I listen to the 40’s music. It helps me relax and not think about the day or what is going on in the world.

  2. yayamama56 says:

    Mikey, I have a blog that I’ve never used…somehow my comment landed over there (? Pushed the reblog button?) I don’know how to get it back. In any event…its under yayamama56. I wanted to say more but I’m having a hard time with the itty-bitty phone keyboard & having to type blindly (view space on reply is super small) Next time I may reply on the comment section under the fb link to your blog post. 🙂 (alias Mary Doukakis)

  3. yayamama56 says:

    Reblogged this on yayamama56's Blog and commented:
    When the healthy fear escalates to phobia or full blown paranoia, the person may need to seek outside help. Phobias & paranoia are very scary for the person who has them…an analogy to this might be “the bad tooth”. The cavity gets worse & worse until it causes much pain. No home remedy will help. It needs to be pulled. How would one go about pulling their own tooth? Outside help is required…same with UNhealthy fear. Outside help is required. Everone has varying degrees of fear…a person is never alone in that aspect. Its how we deal with our fears that differs…

  4. Sandi says:

    Hi Mikey,
    Not quite sure how to answer you. I grew up in the late 40’s & 50″s on a farm. I am an only child & the animals were my friends. Also loved to eat, ’cause my mom & grandma were always cooking.
    News didn’t matter to me much, until I was in my 40″s. News is so depressing. Media never wants you to hear a good story & w/modern high-tech you’re bound to hear news.
    I love history & documentaries also. I’m going to watch Gettysbury. wonderful story of the civil war.
    Crochet & You are my stress reliever! Without crochet, I’d be in a padded cell (LOL)
    You have a great day,

  5. Debbie Trinker says:

    I tought I was the only one living with constant fear and always looking over my shoulder for the next crisis to happen. Well it did. I was diagnosed with Hep C after a blood transfusion in 1978 and it has reared it’s ugly head. I’m scared. Treatment will begin soon after my appt. next week (July 9) after all the blood work is in. I’ve worried for 35 years and now it has happened, but what good did all that worrying get me. Hard lesson to learn. Thank God for crochet and for your easy to follow tutorials that get my mind off my problem, even for a little while. Thank you for you what you do.

  6. Karen Thomas says:

    FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

  7. Rachel says:

    Personally, I think fear is something very natural. As we grow up we think we move from things like being afraid of the dark or strangers to more “adult” fears like losing our job unexpectedly. But the fact is, at their roots, most of our fears are the same: the fear of the unknown.

    Some things can make those fears more real for us. Watching the evening news can increase them since the news programs usually focus on the bad things. Likewise a lot of documentaries and movies are about things that might end okay, but are tragic events at the time.

    When I find myself starting to look at the world in a negative light, seeing the worries more than the good, I unplug for a bit. Instead of watching the news or listening to talk radio, I watch over-the-top dramas or plan a picnic with my kids or a lunch date to catch up with a friend. I take the time to remind myself that the unknown and the bad things in life will always be there, but the good things like friends and family are there, too. I also take time to look for things I can do to help.

  8. Patti Blake says:

    Well, to start with , I am a Christian. As such , your answers are as follows: Are we meant to live in fear? Probably, because if we live in fear all the time it keeps us from the joy in our lives and having a relationship with God, because if we believe in God we are told not to fear for He will care for us. Is it our destiny? Only if we allow this world to rob us of everything good. It is a choice, choose not to let it rule you. How do you turn down your fears? For myself, don’t watch the news. It is mostly for “shock effect” rather than truth now because journalism is about viewers and not the truth. Surround yourself with people and things that glorify the wonderful life and world that you have been given. If things do get truly bad, someone with let you know! Are you imagining everything? I don’t believe so. We are surrounded by nothing but the bad lately, you can’t help but fear. For me, my faith gets me through the garbage because whatever happens , I know I’ll be alright. My illness has taught me so much. What is important and what to cut loose. Know that what you have created here is a GOOD THING! And you did what you should, turn to people to hold you up! We are here and we all love you!

  9. Amy says:

    I think a healthy dose of fear is good. And necessary. It’s what keeps us from trying to beat the semi when pulling out of our lane, it’s what makes sure we swim with a buddy, it’s what makes us fasten our seat belts and wear life jackets. Some may say that’s all just common sense, but it’s based in fear of something bad happening and that should something happen, we’ve taken the precautions we can. The issue is where we cross over to an unhealthy fear. Not worrying about the seat belt because we refuse to drive, not wearing a life jacket on a boat because we don’t dare go in one. That’s where the fear line is crossed and it goes from a healthy fear that protects our lives to an unhealthy one where we’re not truly living.
    When I watch the news I try to remember two things:
    First: Good news doesn’t bring the viewers (or so the networks think). There are tons and tons of people doing good things in this world. Tons of people that help people in a million little ways all the time. It’s not news. But it is real and it is happening. Of course, we see it during disasters, but those little things are being done constantly. It’s just not always “newsworthy”.
    Second: At least here in the US our political system could not be more polarized than it is. We have Supreme Court rulings bearing out at 5 – 4. 4 – 5, etc. The days of 7 – 2 votes are over, which means at any one time pretty much half the country is unhappy. And we have NO unbiased news channels. Not one. All of them are skewed one way or the other. So whichever one is unhappy on that particular day is going to give you the grimmest possible take on the situation.
    The same is true for documentaries. I’ve yet to see a documentary that is about socially oriented topic that doesn’t have an underlying agenda.
    So what it comes down to is this: watch the news, watch the documentaries, but watch it with some perspective. See if you can spot the underlying agenda. Once you do, you can see where the extremes are and realize they’re trying to do nothing more than scare you. Because the government… both sides of it… wants nothing more to terrify you of the other side.
    Take it all for what it is, make your own decisions and assessments and don’t let it freeze you to a place of non-motion. Because your life is going to go by whether you’re living it or not.
    So live it. And wear your seat belt.

  10. Cheryl says:

    Mikey, until May, I was afraid to go out of the house. I don’t watch TV, but I do read the news online, some of it. My main fear, though? Someone might *see* me. I don’t fear the other people on the street, even after dark, but I do fear being *seen*. Logical? Not on your life! I know that, but it doesn’t help. In May, I found someone who was willing to look past *me* to what I could do and was willing to give me a chance to do something for someone else. Suddenly, I was *needed*. That helped me get out of the house on a daily basis. I still can’t handle crowds, but volunteering at the local food bank doesn’t usually have me meeting crowds. I meet clients one at a time for 2 hours in the afternoon and spent 3 hours in the morning hiding behind the computer, doing what I do best, computer work.

    Do we *have* to live in fear? A certain amount of fear is healthy. It keeps you out of dangerous situations. The hard part is realizing that the average person could care less about you. They’re busy with their own lives and their own fears. *lol* I can go to ‘work’ at the Food Bank, but I *still* have trouble going elsewhere on my own, but I’m getting better at it. One day at a time works for me.

  11. Betty Plemmons says:

    WOW!! Some great responses posted here!!! Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!!!

  12. sara says:

    I see fear being an important aspect of our humanity it is nessary to insure survival. But constant fear is actually not good for you, and could be a sign of a mental illness, after my little sister was killed I actually was in fear almost all the time and it built up till I started having anxiety and panic attacks. It took a good doctor and some medication to get my painic/fear under control again.

    So it depends I think having a base fear is healthy it stops you from doing stupid things like picking up a poisonis snake. Or durning a tornado it will drive you to safty. But if your scared just to leave your house because of your fear then you need to talk to someone about managing your fear.

  13. TheresaD says:

    FEAR…..Forget Everything And Run
    FEAR…Face Everything And Rejoice

  14. We overcome our fears, not by cowering in a corner, but by taking action. And to each their own. Some save for a rainy day, some chain themselves to endangered trees, some face their fears directly, like holding a spider. Some run for office or organize and participate in mass protest rallies. Some volunteer, some donate funds. And some dedicate their time and energy to teaching and empowering others with new and useful skills. Teaching crochet online and fostering a diverse community of people who enjoy the craft might not solve all the world’s problems, but it’s a contribution, however small it might seem, to making the world feel like a slightly less frightening and slightly more friendly place and that is an immense contribution and worthwhile pursuit.

  15. Kari Bailey says:

    INteresting question, I haven’t turned on my television in over 2 years and before that I watched infrequently for several years. I’ve unfriended people on face book for bringing to much political arguments. So, I live in ignorance as to what is going on around me.

    As for fear, I find solace in my Christian beliefs. I know that we are living in the last days and that Christ will soon be comeing to reclaim the Earth. I know things have to get worse before that will happen. I have faith that when he comes that evil will be conquered. I don’t know about other religions but that is what brings me peace. Staying here with my head buriad in the sand helps me to ignore the evil that is out there and whenever I do hear or see it I just remember what I know to be true.

  16. pat hamer says:

    I have few real fears… fears that would truly affect my day to day life. When I was little I feared nuclear war, The cold war was going on and we lived not far from an air base…every time I saw a B-52 fly overhead I worried it was the end.. Now that I am older, I figure whatever happens, happens.. I have suffered a couple of life threatening events… I think they have shaped me to make the most of every day and to not worry. If I live in fear I will miss living, and life is too short to waste it by living in fear.

  17. Robin Comfort says:

    Such a deep subject for the beginning of a brand new month. I agree with what I have read before me. I think that a measure of fear is healthy, it helps us to make choices that protect us or keep us from harm.

    I lived in the Middle East (Cairo, Egypt) during the build up and subsequent 1st Gulf War. Because we had limited world news, it just wasn’t available (until CNN made a deal and then we only got ‘news’ 4x per day) I didn’t spend my entire day watching and being afraid. After the wives and kids were evacuated to Switzerland just prior to the beginning of the action, I watched the BBC for about 4 hours. After I realized how exhausted it made me, I turned it off and decided that if the world was going to war, someone would tell me. On September 11, 2001 I didn’t see any news that morning, so someone told me about it.

    My son is now in the US Marine Corps (7+ years) and I am very selective of what I watch and hear. I protect my sensibilities from the ‘news cartels’ need to intensify every ‘story’. And EVERY time my son deploys I stop watching/listening to the ‘news’. My main source for news is the BBC on NPR. (Yes, I live in US).

    Hugs and I am glad that I found you and your community. Life is better when we put good stuff in and shield ourselves (with LOTS of YARN) from negative! Hook on!

  18. Notice my username is “Faith-Rest Mom” – which comes from a term my church used growing up which directly relates to this post – it’s a way of living that handles anxiety and fear. Everything I have to say comes from a Christian perspective. It is my understanding that you are Christian, so I hope it makes some connection for you.

    Should we be living with fear? We have no choice about encountering fear in our lives. God gave us emotions as part of our package of humanity. Then in the Bible, He says over and over “Fear not; be not afraid.” This indicates that we have a choice whether or not to remain in fear. So, yes, we do have to live with fear as a factor in our lives…now onto part 2, it doesn’t have to run/ruin our lives.

    Is it our destiny to be in constant fear? No. It isn’t our destiny to live in constant fear. Fear is a warning that something is or could become wrong. As a warning, we can then take steps to alter the situation or (harder) alter our perception of it. Since God says not to fear, it is not our spiritual destiny to be in constant fear. Being unable to shake off fear and anxiety may be the result of not taking control of your own thinking, but it also may be a symptom of a psychological problem that need professional help. ALSO – if you live somewhere where you are likely to be abused every single day, or hit by a stray bullet (or intentional bullet) every time you leave your house – you may be living with constant or near-constant reasonable fear.

    How do you turn down your fears so it doesn’t take over your life? I pray and I claim the promises of God from the Bible. I remember the serenity prayer and apply it. I choose not to live in energy-sucking, joy-destroying emotional turmoil (I wasn’t always this way; this is a long-story).

    Am I just imagining everything? NO! You are not just imagining things. There are scary things going on. And when there aren’t, Satan and his minions do their best to make our world a scary place for those who are vulnerable to fear. Also, there are very real psychological disorders called “phobias” that need professional help – they may be psychological, but they are not “all in your head” so to speak! For me, it’s about sorting out why I’m afraid and what to do about it. I have fears about our increasingly violent society, and since I can’t control what others do, I rest in the knowledge that God knows what is going on and is in control of what happens to me. (Again, this point has a long development). Then, I have fear over something like not being able to pay all our bills, and I CAN do some things about that, so I do (bye-bye daily energy drinks and hello ride sharing and such).

    You (or anyone) are welcome to contact me directly if you would like to hear more about the concept of “faith-rest” as it applies to helping me not live in fear; or if you would like more information on resources for dealing with uncontrollable anxiety and fear, I can point you in the right direction.

  19. Sandra says:

    Should we be living with fear? Fear equals life, a healthy fear means you do not put your hand in fire for fear of pain. Unhealthy fear equals you allow fear to rule you.
    Is it our destiny to be in constant fear? It is not destiny to be in constant fear, maybe just educated and heightened expectation of what could occur.
    How do you turn down your fears so it doesn’t take over your life? When you said you watch netflix instead of the TV news you did turn your fear down so it would not take over your life. I turn my fears down with positive self-talk.
    Am I just imagining everything? You are not just imagining everything. We have a lot more to fear these days between disease, financial problems, social unrest, bombings, terrorists, auto accidents, airplane accidents, serial killers, loss of life while being a fireman and on and on…….just a few of the things we see on the news daily.

  20. One can not fight thoughts with other thoughts. Fight thoughts with words! For example when fear is beginning to overtake you say some of the things suggested as ‘new thoughts’ here out loud. I replace mine with scriptures. Love you, Mikey and Dan<3

  21. Edie says:

    Catherine The Great out-rightly spoke on how fear keeps the masses under control. She promoted that theory and she used it to control her own people. It has been a no-brain to governing bodies for centuries: fear is a tool (politically, in the work-place, societal). Fear is also an illusion: it is a negative creation of the mind filled with speculation, assumption, ignorance (lack of knowledge), otherness. We can change how we focus of things, learn to live in the moment, never assume, be aware when you don’t actually know – learn what you can but understand that you might never know certain things for sure, acknowledge that we are all one – promote love.

  22. Laura campion says:

    As I lost my sight and then had a child, well fear engulfed me. For many years I didn’t leave the house much. I created my own online community – I was looming Laura – but I was continually attacked by another loomer. I didn’t feel safe anywhere. Eventually my faith helped me gain strength. And my standard poodle guide dog Sadie helped a lot. I am a firm believer in animals and crochet healing us. I started crocheting instead of looming and found that if I made other choices – Netflix over tv, that my fear lessened. I know that I will always have to experience fear but when it hits I work at keeping it in check. I love you Mikey and hope that our sharing comforts you.

  23. Amanda says:

    There is a common misconception that all fear is bad. Toddlers fear strangers and won’t just wonder off. As Daniel said fear of death (self preservation or fight or flight). Fear when used to enhance life is good. Fear that is debilitating and counter to our natural social tendencies is bad. Some fear is good, it keeps us instinctual and alive. Living in pure skepticism and fear of the unknown is not only detrimental to you, but to those who love you. As much bad that you see and hear about, is real, tangible evidence that the world is a scary place, but how can you enjoy life by simply seeing the bad. What about baby giggles, or cheesy grins, walking on the beach holding hands with your love? Seeing the bad, fearing, keeps you around to experience the good. It makes it that much sweeter!

  24. Ann Dennis says:

    Wow, deep thoughts, I think many people have them but aren’t as good at articulating them.
    We are not destined to live in constant fear. When people talk about the fight or flight response some times the way we are made up has us tend to do one or the other. Even our ancestors did not fear all the time and our bodies aren’t made to have a constant flow of adrenalin. We put on clothes to protect ourselves from the ‘danger’ of unfriendly climate, we built houses to protect ourselves from animals, other predators, pests, and weather. It seems to me that our greatest achievements have come from our efforts to manage fear. I also think that it is incumbent upon us to not only manage our fear to provide safety for ourselves but to have solid ground so we can help those who have not found a way to a safe haven. Just think our need to clothe ourselves and our families has lead mankind to invent things like crochet, knitting, weaving, animal husbandry etc. We can manage our fear or we can succumb to it. If we succumb we are useless to others.

  25. Laraine says:

    So many eloquent responses, I feel anything I say will be inadequate. But Mikey, there will always be some sort of fear lurking around each corner in our lives. Be the master of your life and take control the best you can. Live life and enjoy it to the fullest. You bring a light to my day with everything you post. ❤

  26. Very deep thoughts, Mikey. Fear can be either instinctual or psychological. An example of instinctual fear would be seeing a predatory animal (like a bear, bobcat, or lion) and getting the heck out of there. You instinctively fear that animal because you have a natural instinct to survive. An example of psychological fear would be a child being afraid of the dark, or someone who is afraid of clowns. Those fears are based on perception, not instinct. The child’s perception is that the boogeyman (i.e. the unknown) lives in the dark and will get them. The person who is afraid of clowns is usually also afraid of the unknown (i.e. we don’t know what’s under the makeup). So, in answer to your questions – 1) I think a healthy dose of instinctual fear is necessary for us to survive. This may include some perceptual fear, such as avoiding someone walking down the street with a knife in their hand. 2) I honestly don’t think it’s our destiny to be in constant fear of everything. There is too much beauty, love, and positivity in our world to constantly be in fear. I’ll skip to #4, because I want to address that first. No, I don’t feel that you’re imagining everything. I do feel that your perception of the evils of the world may be keeping you more fearful than you actually need to be. So back to #3, to turn down your fears so they don’t take over your life you need to change your perceptions. If there was a burglary in your neighborhood reported on the news, don’t automatically assume that your house will be broken into next. Change your perception/thinking to something more positive like ‘Most burglars don’t strike twice in the same neighborhood because it increases their chance of getting caught’. Fill your life and your mind with positive thoughts, positive people, and positive energy. Here in the U.S. I take the news with a grain of salt (when I watch or read it at all) because I know that most of it is for ratings. We live in a morbid society and people actually want to hear tragedy. As for the state of our world in the future, well, it will be whatever it will be. I tend to think of it in terms of “it’s out of my control so why worry about it”. I do my part with recycling, planting, etc. to help the environment, but I can’t control what other people do so it’s kind of pointless to worry about it. Just try to be positive and think positive!

  27. DeeDee Counter-Griffis says:

    Should we be living with fear?
    Here in North America there are things to be afraid of. But Every day I am thankful that I don’t need to fear that my children will starve today, or that they will die of a preventable disease. I think that no life is ever perfect, and the best we can do is usually good enough.

    Is it our destiny to be in constant fear? Well, yes and no. Fear is part of the human experience and without it you would not be safe. For example if we did not teach our children to fear walking in traffic, they would play in the street and be killed. The trick is to realize that we attract what we dwell on, and choose to put our fears aside (it is a conscious choice) and instead focus on what we love. Mikey you do this unknowingly- it is obvious that you invest a LOT of thought into the Crochet Crowd, and the result is visible in the real world.

    How do you turn down your fears so it doesn’t take over your life?
    See above- what you dwell on belongs to you- when the fears rise, reject the thoughts, tell yourself “I will worry about that later” and focus on what brings you joy. And if you have a day where they get you (happens to everyone once in a while) tomorrow is always a chance to try again.

    Am I just imagining everything? No. Dance anyway.

  28. sue shantz says:

    I believe that living in fear is wrong. It makes us a shell of what could be a great life, stopping us from doing many things. We should maybe be cautious. but not fearful. Think of the great things you have done when fear was not so strong in your life. Constant fear would limit EVERYTHING. from crocheting a new pattern to moving to a new city. I think if we are aware of the pitfalls we can overcome the fear and continue with our life. Unfortunately you are not imagining things. What is going on on this earth seems to be worse, whether it is the weather with the storms and heat, or the maniac down the street ready to kill everyone cause someone looked at him wrong. The best thing to do is to live a life that is as fear free as possible, enjoy each day and thank the Lord that we can enjoy it. I thank God that every day I find new things on my computer that I enjoy looking at and trying. I have spent much time recently viewing your videos, which give me the courage to try new patterns, lessening some of my fears. For this small favor I thank you!

  29. Patricia Ramirez says:

    What an interesting post, Mikey! I can tell you that my mother once told me “Tisha, I envy you because you are not afraid of anything.” At that particular moment, she was referring to my driving her to visit my oldest brother, who at that time was living on Governor’s Island in New York city. What she failed to notice was my white knuckled grip on the steering wheel and my wide-eyed fear of driving in a big city 🙂 I live just outside of Washington, DC and and am terrified every time I need to drive into the city, even if I am following a well known route. I cannot say that I am afraid of things that I do not know of. I have a disease that will one day kill me (HIV diagnosed 25+ years ago), but live my life like I always have. I have suffered financial woes but am not ridiculously frugal. Maybe I just have not experienced what might be my one true fear and therefore, I do not recognize it. My husband is terribly afraid of snakes and will not go places where he might come across one (silly in my mind, but that is his fear) I know of nothing that makes me react this way. I do not vote along my political party line – I vote according to what I believe will be best for me or my family even if it is for another political party.

  30. Madeline Orsini says:

    Mike, I will try to be brief.
    1. Yes, with all the goings on in the world today, anyone with 1/2 an ounce of common sense would be fearful. It doesn’t make it right that humankind should be living with fear. But how can they help but, under the present circumstances?
    2. I do think that all generations experienced the same thing. The world wasn’t half as crazy as it is now when my Mom got old yet she was very fearful, just like your grandmother, before she passed.
    3. I put my faith and trust in the Lord to help me quell my fear. I give the lord my problems to handle and I can’t take them back once I have given them away. 9 times out of 10, by the end of the day I am in a much better state, stress wise. I recently had a death at my home. I am still going through a lot of stuff over that. But I am not fearful of dying. I am fearful of the world around me. I just turned 70 and I hate being all alone. I don’t go out much anymore because I am fearful of being mugged, etc. I cannot move fast like I used to. I limp, etc.
    4. No, you are not imagining this. I identify with you in so many ways and I can relate to what your grandmother was feeling. I have gotten so I hate watching the news. Some nights I do not even watch it.

  31. Alice says:

    I hear ya.
    Like you, we don’t watch ‘tv’ in our house – just films and the odd children’s channel (we’re overrun with small boys 😉 ) And we buy some nature documentaries on DVD or rent them. I don’t watch the news. I don’t read the news. My father, were I still in touch with him, would be horrified. He gets the newspaper every morning, listens to the news on the radio, and watches it on tv. I have never known a man more insecure about life and himself, more driven and motivated by fear.
    I wrote something about it, but I don’t want to hijack your blog. I’ll send you a link privately, just in case you find it useful or interesting.
    Don’t hide behind your cushion! I’m so grateful for all you do for this community 🙂

  32. We were never meant to live in fear of anything…especially if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about religion either. Religion will steer you wrong even though that is not its true intent. I;m talking about a true relationship with the One that created us. He meant for us to have a life filled with love, not fear. He love us NO MATTER WHAT we do and only wants the best for us. He is the “Perfect Parent”.

  33. mawmom says:

    Mikey, I think knowledge is power and we have this knowledge to help us prepare the best we can so we aren’t afraid. To me it’s be prepared, be aware, be the best person I can and have faith that in the end when all is said and done the Lord will take care of me. I have a firm belief in an afterlife and that helps me to not be as afraid. I don’t watch TV either mostly because you’re right there is nothing on worth watching a good part of the time. Keep Calm and Keep Crocheting :O) Carin

  34. Rosa B. says:

    I fear many things but I refuse to let those limit my life experiences, as a mom with 3 kids I often wonder what the world will be like for them, it’s entirely different than when I was a kid that’s for sure, I’ve learned over the years that we can plan down to the minute of each day but that’s living in an unrealistic bubble, fear is always going to be there that goes hand in hand with any major change. I wake up each day positive and take on the day as it comes, if I let my fears take over I would be a hermit. I just remind myself that we cannot change and fix everything just make our lives the best we can.

  35. KAREN LARA says:

    Good morning Mikey……..well…my opinion is that “it is what it is”….don’t see the point to worry about things beyond our control….I just take life day by day……and…I feel I have “been here before”….so….like the old Patty Paige song goes….”Whatever will be….will be….”…”the future’s not ours to see”…..have a good day Mikey….keep all your thoughts on your amazing crochet projects and teaching so many people out there to do good things with a string and a hook…LOVE YA….

  36. Lynn says:

    I think a healthy fear is necessary but bordering on obsession keeps you from enjoying all the things this world has to offer

  37. I dont think we should live in fear, probably just because im a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. that kinda anwers bother 1st and 2nd question, i refuse to live in fear,, i have 2 daugthers age 7 and nearly 12, I try to let them explore life as much as possible,, would i let fear take over i wouldnt allow them to be more then 2 feet away from me, so again i refuse to let fear control me, and your last question i dont think you are imagining things but mikey in the end of the day it is you that choses the thoughts that live in your head and when your thoughts are something you rather not have you should steer them,, say no to thoughts you dont want to have and give a positive spin to things, learn to listen to the pure inner voice we all got it ,not the little nasty one that makes us doubt everything x

  38. Anny says:

    I don’t think anyone should live in fear, but I also don’t think people should live with the head in the sand either, just be aware of the danger and keep it over your left shoulder, and lead with your right. It works for me

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