Crochet Hook Tips Debate: What do you Prefer?

Fans are bringing up a great point about the tips of the crochet hooks. For some people, it’s not even about the comfort handle or material of the crochet hook. It’s all about the tips of the crochet hook.

Crochet Hook Differences

Hooks are manufactured differently. The shape of the tip matters to many crocheters. Leave a comment below telling us your favourite type.

Leave me a comment below telling me what you prefer in a crochet hook.

Molded Hooks are formed and the shape is part of the molding or casting procedure. They tend to be more open and less jagged.

Saw Cut Hooks are formed and then cut after the process. You can usually see the rounded saw marks in the neck of the hook. Unless the manufacturer refines the hook edge, they tend to be sharp at the hooking point.

Some resin hooks are also molded with a saw cut finish of being a sharp hooking point.

For me, I look for hooks that are like the gold one… molded. I prefer the tip to be more oval in shape instead of a semi circle. I find I can look away more often as the tipping point of the molded one tends to be more accurate when going into a stitch.

So let’s hear from you… What do you most prefer in the tips of your crochet hooks? Leave me a comment below. 


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I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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243 Responses to Crochet Hook Tips Debate: What do you Prefer?

  1. Vicki says:

    Learned with molded and quickly changed to saw cut. Was always losing the yarn with the molded ones. My all time favorite hooks are the older Susan Bates Quicksilvers that are coated metal. They have pointy tops and a slick coating that makes the stitches fly! Most of the painted aluminum hooks the color wears off and turns my hand colors. Plastic hooks are too flimsy and didn’t like bamboo either. Seems like most of the hook manufacturers are making molded hooks.

  2. Just a thought … I was reading through the posts and it seems that people are saying the Susan Bates hooks are saw cut AND molded. I really don’t think the picture does it justice. I had a hard time telling which one was which. As far as I know ALL Susan Bates hooks have the SAME style. Looking at the picture I think they are the MOLDED ones but others see them as the SAW CUT ones, so who is right?

    • Now that I have looked at the picture closer I have to say I mixed them up! I like the saw cut Susan Bates hooks and not the molded ones. The Susan Bates hooks have the thumb spot at the right place. The ones I got from my mom were the molded ones. Geesh, this is confusing! And I have been crocheting for 45 years! Just give me a Susan Bates hook and I’m happy!

  3. I prefer the molded ones. I only use Susan Bates hooks. I have tried the others and I ‘inherited’ my mom’s hooks when she died. They are all the saw cut ones and I just cannot get comfortable with them. The Susan Bates hooks have the indention for my thumb in the exact right place as well, where the saw cut ones (Boyes) have the thumb indentation in an awkward spot for me. I am not sure if the thumb thing is an issue for those who hold their hooks like a pencil, but I hold my underhanded and it is an issue, believe me. I’ve tried bamboo hooks, and ergonomic hooks, but they all had the saw cut (that is the majority of hooks, to be honest) so none of them worked. My son even brought me some really nice bamboo ones from Mongolia, still didn’t work right.

    • Now that I have looked at the picture closer I have to say I mixed them up! I like the saw cut Susan Bates hooks and not the molded ones. The Susan Bates hooks have the thumb spot at the right place. The ones I got from my mom were the molded ones. Geesh, this is confusing! And I have been crocheting for 45 years! Just give me a Susan Bates hook and I’m happy!

      • Edna says:

        Hi Sande
        I agree with you I like the Susan Bates. When I was learning to crochet I had trouble with my yarn getting chocked up on the neck of the Boye hook. I was about to quit when I found the Susan Bates hooks. When I learned I wanted to make doillys so I had to learn to us the Boye. I don’t think Susan makes steal hooks as I can’t find any. I did learn to use them with thread but not yarn. So I agree with you.

  4. Vicki T says:

    I prefer the saw cuts as well. Local stores tend to only carry Boye and Susan Bates hooks which is fine because I can’t begin to think about affording another brand. The Bates hooks, for me, don’t catch on the yarn when pulling through like the Boye hooks do. Funny how some of us are opposites on the exact same reasons.

  5. I enjoy vintage Susan Bates (saw cut) that’s all I use. I recently taught my sister to crochet and she could only crochet well with the Boye (molded) hooks. Love me some crochet so lets all just Crochet on…

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  7. janice says:

    Wanted to say i LOVE crochet crowd, you have taught me a lot!

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  9. A Warnke says:

    I did feel the difference one day but did not read about it on line until some years later. Most of my hooks were given to me at differing times. I have bought two of the three sets I own. I use whatever i pick up that gives me the gauge to get the job done. I do not crochet as much as I knit, tat, or loom knit though. When I come across a project I need to make. Then I do what that project needs.

  10. Kris Kat says:

    Don’t care…… just as long as I have a hook in my hand I’m all happy happy joy joy… although I do have to admit certain hooks work better with certain yarns….

  11. itsauntied says:

    I just noticed that my bamboo Tunisian hooks have the saw cut. I prefer molded for most of my work, but luckily I can and do use the saw cut for Tunisian crochet.

  12. Edie says:

    Wow I have been crocheting for nearly fifty years and never noticed that there were different types of hooks I can crochet for hours with any hook I pick up . I have both types in my stash and use them equally well. Still learning something after all these years!

  13. Molded…the yarn seems to glide better for me.

  14. Christina says:

    (Posting again as I think my post got lost 😦 )

    Moulded for sure. I used to use the saw hooks and it hurt my hands so much. Switched to Clover brand hooks and BAM pain gone. I can crochet for HOURS with a Clover hook. It’s so much so, I loathe to use anything else. Good thing I try to find patterns I can use/modify to where I can use them! They’re so lightweight it’s like I’m crocheting with my fingers!

  15. Sandra Roman says:

    Saw Cut – by Susan Bates is my preference. I always look for them in my stash of hooks and try to get that brand if I need a new hook.

  16. shelly says:

    I prefer the molded. I seem to split the yarn when I use the saw cut. Maybe it isn’t the hook, but the operator 🙂

  17. Charlene says:

    I prefer the saw Susan bates hooks….got rid of all the molded ones because I didn’t like how they felt when crocheting…shudder

  18. Vickiy says:

    I prefer the molded Susan Bates crochet needle. I glides through my material.

  19. Lisa Shott says:

    I don’t remember for sure which hook I use when I was learning to crochet, but I’m pretty sure it was the saw cut. The hooks that my mom gave me out of her stash when she taught me a few basic stitches consisted of both kinds. I have tried using both kinds and I prefer the saw cut. I think with the molded I was always dropping the stitch off the hook and I had trouble getting the hook to go between the right pieces of yarn. The saw cut is a little more pointed on the end and gets between the strands better and the hook tends to hold the yarn better for me.

  20. Pat says:

    I prefer the molded.

  21. aly says:

    Love the saw cut, like Susan Bates hooks, can’t stand Boye I split the yarn with those hooks more and my yarn doesn’t glide as nicely.

  22. Pauletta says:

    I prefer the Molded as it tends not to drop the stitch as easily. For me I cannot figure out how not to drop the stitch with the saw cut.

  23. Terry Tinsel says:

    I’m bi-hookual! Makes no difference to me. I suppose I would go for for the one that I needed to do the job/project, sometimes I use both types on a project if I have for example tight tension on tricky bits of the project where you need a pointed hook to get in to tight loops, if I had a preference I swing molded! 🙂

  24. rumblerose says:

    I prefer the Susan Bates cut throat. The molded throat of a Boye makes me split and drop stitches, even after 42 years of crocheting experience.

  25. I’m having difficulty identifying the types. The molded seems to be like the Boye thoats, and the cut look like the Susan Bates type. That being said, I prefer the Bates type as for some reason the Boye type causes me to split and drop stitches, even after 42 years of crocheting.

  26. Robin Orfe says:

    Saw cut over here!!!

  27. Birgit Norris says:

    I prefer the moulded hook but most off the ones size 7 mm and over are not. In the end I always get a nice result. Never let the small simple things spoil the enjoyment of a good hobby. 🙂

  28. Wilda says:

    I like the sa cut type as it “holds” onto the stitch until it is completed. I have tried the premolded type but it doesn’t hang onto the yarn, keeps falling off.

  29. Dawn Mitchell says:

    I prefer the molded. I find that my kind of gets stuck on the saw cut ones. The molded just seems to go into stitches more smoothly.

  30. tnmorgen says:

    I use both equally. The fine thread work seems better with saw-cut, and yarns seem better with molded. However, I like the control of the saw cut hooks. I crochet a bit loose, and this way I don’t lose the thread.

    • Della Hanna says:

      this is how I am. I use both. One grandma taught me to crochet and the other grandma taught me that susan bates hooks were better for reasons mentioned above. My grandfather used boye needles and so I got used to using both. I inherited my grandfather’s needles and some of my grandmother’s and great aunt’s needles. I also use crystal needles which are susan bates and I have used the susan bates plastic ones that are all white. Smaller needles tend to split yarn more so for smaller crochet I prefer susan bates saw cut needles.

  31. Ginger Baker says:

    I like the saw cut hook much better….I tend to crochet tight and it gives me more even stitches and I don’t seem to split the yarn as much either..

    • Jennifer says:

      Same here! I’ve only been crocheting for a year or so, so I’m still working on my gauge (knitter of 40 years tho). I like the pointy tip on the saw cut…it helps me get under stitches and feel them out better. I like the way the saw cut holds the yarn in and doesn’t split it as easily for me too!

      • itsauntied says:

        Jennifer, I’ve never seen a pointy tip on a saw cut hook, the ones I’ve seen have round tips.

    • Della Hanna says:

      agreed about split stitches

  32. Mary says:

    I like the molded type. I have accidentally bought the other type and when trying to use it it didn’t perform like I was used to and I either tossed it or gave it away. The molded hooks are easier to use when making several stitches in the same place. I guess it is whatever feels right for the one using it. When someone asks me to teach the to crochet, I first tell them to get a hook that feels comfortable to them because if it isn’t comfortable to use then it isn’t the right one.

  33. Anne H. says:

    I definitely prefer the molded hooks like Boye. Bates has that flat, saw cut area that just doesn’t allow the hook and yarn to glide.

  34. Bren B. says:

    I prefer the saw cut-which I assume is Susan Bates kind. I tried Boye-molded-& just couldn’t crochet with them. I gave them away!

  35. Laraine says:

    It’s funny the different preferences. I learned on the molded and have always used them. I once bought a saw cut to try and just couldn’t get comfortable with it. I say, what ever works for you is what you should stick with.

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