Crinkle Stitch Technique: For Crocheters

Crochet Crinkle Stitch

Take away the pesky train track look of crochet.

One of the stitches of crochet that I don’t think is taken that seriously with an effective design is the Crinkle Stitch Technique.

Crochet tends to look very train track like. Sometimes I believe that is what deters people from buying crochet crafts as the look is very standardized.

What are the advantages to the crinkle stitch?

  • The stitches are tighter and more compressed together.
  • Due to the DC and SC working in tandem with each other in this technique, the obvious rows of crochet disappear more into the background instead of being a dominant feature.
  • It’s easy and can make for warmer afghans, baby blankets and throws while using this stitch.
  • The stitch count is only 2. This means your starting chain should be an even number in order to accomplish this look.

Follow my video tutorial to show you exactly how to do this. It’s one of those ideas you can keep tucked into your brain for a ‘crochet day’ in the future.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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11 Responses to Crinkle Stitch Technique: For Crocheters

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  2. Dawn roll says:

    How do you make it

  3. Learned something new today. I was going to start my afghan last night but hadn’t decided on a stitch as yet. This will be perfect! I am putting this in my personal library as we speak.

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  5. Anne crofts says:

    I love it…it reminds me a bit of the waffle stitch… it will be even warmer than the waffle…simple, easy and warm… my grandson is already ‘swimming’ in blankets from gammie, but whats one more…lol

  6. I love the crinkle stitch. I use that stitch to crochet dish mats for my kids to replace the bath towel on counters. They love them! I also make dishcloths to match using the same stitch as well as other stitches. The closer stitch is more popular in my family for using in the kitchen.

  7. I made a teabag travel case for my mom using this stitch. It came out really cute.

  8. Loretta says:

    It’s does look like a nice Warm afghan to make. Maybe should show this pattern in a bright color, it may change some people thoughts on this stitch. What do you thing? Mikey

    • The gray is kind of dismal. I was on a kick back when this was filmed to keep the colours camera friendly. So I was avoiding brighter colours and etc. Since this, I invested in new equipment and etc and today it’s not a problem. 🙂 Live and learn right! 🙂

      • elizabeth says:

        I personally like grey, especially a darker grey. I just watched a couple videos and I was wondering, if when you are working a pattern in “stripes” of different colors, you have ever carried the yarn up the side instead of fastening off when changing colors. You have to be working an even number of rows, say 2. Work across and back, drop that color and add the new color, work across and back. Then, if you are only using 2, you drop the 2nd color and pick back up the first and so on. Works great with 2 colors, pretty good with 3 colors but 4 colors is a little much, I don’t recommend that many. The yarn that is carried up the side has to have slack in it that is equal to the height of the 2 rows of the next color. These are covered when the edging is put on. REALLY reducing the number of ends that have to be worked in. Seems to save time, but you do have to untwist the strands of yarn occasionally.

  9. KAREN LARA says:

    Yes Mikey.. I.have done many things in this pattern and EITHER side of your work is considered the “right” side….We Crochet Crowd fans and followers..just LOVEEEEEEEEE you Mikey..~!!!!

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